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Short Sales Made Easy for Real Estate Agents


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If you are a real estate agent struggling to sell houses over leveraged, stop in at and see what we are all about. Our contact information is at the top of the first page.

Let us do the heavy lifting while you make your full commission!!!

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Short Sales Made Easy for Real Estate Agents

  2. 2. Introduction • Babs Wagner and Ken Addy of Area Homeowner Solutions have a proven system which brings homeowners in foreclosure requiring a short-sale to sell their home together with you, the realtor, to assist in the sale of their home. • AHS brings leads to you on a continuous basis. We assist in marketing to buyers, and once an offer is made, we provide and submit the entire short-sale package. Through our proven system, we then negotiates the short-sale with the loss mitigation representative. • Best of all, realtors do not pay our fee.
  3. 3. Benefits of working with Area Homeowner Solutions • More leads provided to you on a regular, consistent basis. More leads = more listings! • We make the short-sale process easy and routine. • It is predicted that 54% of all homes sold in the next 24 months will require a short-sale. You will now be able to play an important role in these sales with ease. • You don’t have to call us for updates, and best of all, the homeowner does not have to constantly call you and take up your valuable time!. All parties will be automatically notified by email of any updates!!!
  4. 4. Our services • When a house is over-debted, homeowners need help to sell that house. Why struggle with short-sales and tie up all your time when we can do that for you? • Our service allows you do what you do best – sell homes!!! We help you easily CLOSE MORE DEALS We both help the Smooth, homeowner turn-key out of a bad transactions situation AHS provides professional, reliable service
  5. 5. We do the Heavy Lifting • Area Homeowner Solutions helps you easily close deals you may have once considered cumbersome. Custom Research Service Real Estate Agent AHS Shortsales Find the Leads & Market to Owners X X Explain process to Homeowners X Find a Buyer through price reductions X X Obtain the Short Sale Packages X Help Homeowner Complete Packages X X NEGOTIATE SHORT SALES X Prepare packages for BPO Agents X
  6. 6. Benefits of our System GET PAID MARKETING LEADS
  7. 7. Typical Lender Timelines (for each step in the shortsale process) • Get authorization on file with lender 2 days • Compile short sale documents 7-14 days • Get short sale package on file with lender 3-7 days • Short sale package assigned to negotiator 10-14 days • Get BPO/Appraisal ordered 14-21 days • Schedule BPO/Appraisal with agent 5-10 days • Time for BPO/Appraisal to get to negotiator 21-28 days • Negotiate/obtain approval from negotiator 15-20 days • Total: 77-104 days
  8. 8. Next Steps • Log into • Create your secure Agent Account • Enter any existing properties requiring a short-sale into your Agent Account for us to handle for you • Download lender-specific short sale package from your Agent Account • Have homeowner complete the required documents and give them access to their property on our website. • Upload completed documents into your Agent Account for us to review and process • Meet with BPO Agent and present package we have prepared • Collect commission at closing!! • GET MORE LEADS FROM US AND DO IT AGAIN!!!
  9. 9. Contact information Area Homeowner Solutions • • Babs Wagner 466-7127 • Ken Addy 258-5351