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BABICI.RAK Development Team


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Get involved in one of Australia's most dynamic junior sports development programs.

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BABICI.RAK Development Team

  1. 1. An Australian youth road cyclingdevelopment team.C YCLING TA LE N T E NGIN E E RINGSUPPORT OPPORTUNITY2 012 > 1 September 2011
  3. 3. ...and it’s thanks to the parents, clubs, development squads and the cycling community that continues to embrace a sport so taxing on the body as well as the resources. Cycling is as much a passion as it is a sport. It’s through this passion that champions emerge from defying theWelcome to RAK, gruelling intensity attributed to the sport of cycling. A victory in any cycling event is fuelled purely by aan independent sense of achievement. So, it is this utopic moment of achievement that inspires kids to pursue cycling astalent engineering a career. Unlike mainstream sports, cyclingpowerhouse. is funded mainly by parents and communities and the occasional junior development team. Introducing RAK (Real Aussie Kids) Cycling Talent Engineering, an Australian youth development team established to create future Australian road cycling champions.
  4. 4. The Real Aussie Kids Development Program (RAK) was the initiative of Businessman, David Morton and Olympian & Cycle Coach, Graham Seers, who saw a need to assist promising young cyclists who may have been overlooked by the State Cycling bodies, or, for financial reasons, may not have otherwise been able to fulfill their ambitions in the sport. RAK is a non-profit organisation based in NSW that was set up in 2003. It gives talented junior cyclistsWhere RAK began access to professional training and elite racing at a state, national and international level.and where it is The aim of the program is to move junior cyclists into the feeder system to professional cycling by instilling in young athletes an understanding ofheaded. the disciplines, commitment and independence required to pursue a career at an elite level in cycling. The goal is not simply to focus on racing but also to experience the broader aspects of living the life of a professional athlete, personal organisation, self discipline, independence, living in a team environment, dealing with the media and importantly, to provide for life after the sport through ensuring academic and personal development as part of their credentials.
  5. 5. T H E R E I S N O B E T T E R T I M E TO G E T I N V O LV E D I N C Y C L I N GImage Rights / Sirotti
  6. 6. RAK is in the business RAK does this throughof harnessing the athletic an engineering process potential of Aussie kids that refines latent talent into seasoned cycling into athletic results. professionals.
  7. 7. Coaching Mentoring Counseling Education Training Equipment ConsumablesSo what does Sustenance Travelit take to turn Accommodation Apparelkids into pro’s? Licensing Race Fees Insurances Accessories Entertainment Inspiration Lucky they are just kids!
  8. 8. In previous years 10-15 riders are selected annually to participate in the RAK Program. In 2012 we will be selecting between 4-6 athletes aged between 15-17, who may not currently be the best in their age groups, but display potential and commitment to their sport. RAK members usually remain in the program until they reach the U23 age category. Riders are provided with coaching advice,Getting with training camps, assistance with bikes and equipment, team uniforms, various information and skills seminars (eg. public speaking,the program. diet advice, sports psychology, core strength training etc.), assistance with travel expenses.How RAK does it. Team members are required to fulfill training and racing commitments, maintain academic achievement and participate in community service activities throughout the year. The Program includes both domestic and international components. The centre point of the program calendar is the annual six week overseas training camp, traditionally based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA. RAK has a two tiered rider program allowing for development of riders at their relative level.
  10. 10. RAK operates autonomously and is funded by private enterprise and the cycling industry. Every year that RAK operates, it produces results in the form of state and national level achievements and has developed international talent from its humble operation. For the 2012 season, RAK is seeking expressionsHow to support of interest from industry partners who are willing to help drive the commitment to cultivating Australian and world champions.RAK and future Through a structured / tiered support program, RAK is offering supporters the exciting opportunity to be part of something meaningful.Australian The following page provides a support matrix that can deliver appropriate brand awareness acrosschampions. the RAK livery and involves the supporters throughout the season. Through your support, RAK will be able to grow its talent base and include Australia’s best coaching and mentoring resources.
  11. 11. B D C B BA Primary Supporter - 45% AB Major Supporter - 30% C DC Supporter - 15%D Supporter - 10% A sL Legacy - Morton Enterprises L B B C D C D ARAK are exposed to a national audiencewhen competing at state and national C Dlevel races. Through the support of apparel B Bpartner Babici, your brand awareness willfeature to scale as indicated on the abovematrix.Whilst RAK serves as a talent feed topro-continental and next tier professionalranks, your brand will be highly visibleamongst key industry bodies and futurecommercial partners in the domestic andinternational market.
  12. 12. RAK strives for as much racetime as possible, giving the team and its supporters maximum exposure to competitive racing and media coverage through the domestic and international events. With RAK’s legacy of top placing and wins, supporters are exposed to significant brand awareness and coverage. Proposed Event Schedule 2012Being involved Mandatory Events NSW Hill Climb Championships, Bathurst April Blayney to Bathurst Aprilin RAK exposes Mersey Valley Selection Race, Tasmania April Optional Events Australian Mountain Climb, Mt Buffalo March/Aprilsupporters to Australian School Cycling Cup Canberra Tour Cronulla Criterium / Series March May Decembermajor race Junior Canberra Tour July Glen Innes to Inverell October Goulburn to City Septembercoverage. Selection Events Oceania Track Championships, New Zealand Oceania Road Championships, New Zealand November 2011 March Junior World Track Championships, NZ August Junior Road Championships, Netherlands September Colorado Training Camp June – July
  13. 13. The RAK team members are managed by their responsibilities of upholding a professional standard through their attitude and behaviour. Each team member is retained through their acceptance of the RAK code of conduct commitment, which ensures the teamRAK riders are members respect their personal commitments to schooling, family, training, racing and supporters.groomed into RAK team members are in the limelight and RAK understands that despite the pressure to train hard and retain a strict guideline towardsprofessional RAK’s goals, the team members are still kids with a lifetime of learning and understanding ahead of them. It is through this delicate balance that RAK team management have formulatedconduct from a program that inspires kids to be their best. As ambassadors to the team and its supporters,day one. the RAK team members are privy to the commercial expectations of supporters’ brands, products and exposure. Each team member is responsible for wearing, using and protecting the brands and products supplied by RAK supporters.
  14. 14. Richard Lang (RAK 2007) – In 2009 Richard won several major Tom Palmer (RAK 2008) – Tom joined RAK’s major sponsor, national classics and Tour Stages in Australia’s National Road Drapac Porsche Cycling in 2009, having won 3 Junior World Track Series, including the Sydney to Goulburn, and stages in the Tour Championships in the previous two years. Tom is also a member of Tasmania and Tour of Gippsland, he has also won numerous of the National High Performance Track Team with his sights set Sprint Jerseys in 2009. Richard was selected to take up a on the 2012 Olympics. Tom is riding the 2011 as part of the contract with the Australian Institute of Sport in 2010. He is Drapac Professional Cycling Team. currently studying Business at the University of Sydney. For the 2011 season Richard has been riding with Team Jayco AIS Dale Scarfe (RAK 2005-2007) –In 2010 Dale secured a position in a Dutch Team, Wielerploeg de Mol and spent six months living Lauren Kitchen (RAK 2007-2008) – Lauren has attended two in Dordrecht, Holland, experiencing the excitement and demands Junior Word Championships and is now a member of the NSW of European racing. He has returned to Australia and is part of the Institute of Sport and the National Women’s Road Team. Lauren team in 2011. competed throughout the USA and Europe in 2010. Lauren is alsoA few studying Town Planning at the University of NSW. For the 2011 Lachlan Morton (RAK Graduate 2009) – After being spotted by season Lauren is a member of Team Jayco AIS. John Vaughters from Team Garmin at the USA Junior Nationals in 2008, Lachlan has been on their radar every since. He spent the Sarah Kent (RAK 2008) – Sarah is a member of the AIS Women’s 2010 season riding with the Holowsko Partners Team ( a feeder Endurance Program and has competed extensively throughout team for Garmin) with great success. He achieved wins in thesuccess Europe in 2009. Sarah won a gold medal and two silver medals at the Junior World Track Championships and followed it up with a Bronze in the World Track Cycling Championships in Poland in 2010. Sarah is also studying at University. U19 Tour de L’Abitibi in Canada as well as finishing in the top ten of the Tour of Utah (open). In 2011 he continues to make his mark riding with the Chipotle Development Team, with success in the Tour Langkawi 6th GC, Tour of Gila 3rd GC and taking the Youngstories Rider Jersey in the BMC Cascade Cycling Classic, Oregon USA. Chris Jory (RAK 2005-2006) – Chris joined the Italian Continen- tal Team, MG Kvis Norda Pacific in 2009 and spent the year living Sam Spokes (RAK Graduate 2010) – After competing in the and Racing in Italy, where he competed in the Baby Giro d Italia, Junior World Road Championships last year, Sam continued on infrom RAK. among other notable races. He hoped to return to Europe again in Europe being offered a ride with a junior Belgium Team. In 2011 2010 to build on the solid results he achieved this year. In 2011 Sam has returned to Europe riding with EPC Quickstep in Belgium. he is part of the road team. Ethan Kimmance (RAK Graduate 2010) – Ethan is currently Brendan Brooks (RAK 2004-2005) – Brendan spent 2009 riding for the Isorex junior team based in Gavere, south of Gent in helping as manager and rider for a new cycling team with the Belgium. backing of sponsors. With some very talented riders from all over Australia and New Zealand, Shortis Tri and Cycle Avanti Plus is making it’s mark on the Australian cycling scene, with some solid results in the National Road Series.
  15. 15. Introducing the JARED TRIGGS (17 yrs) Living in Sydney, Jared is completing Year 12 JACK BECKINSALE (17 yrs) Living in Sydney, Jack is completing Year 12 NATHAN BRADSHAW (15 yrs) Living in Sydney, Nathan is in Year 10. As the TOM APTHORPE (16 yrs) From Inverell, Tom is in Year 10. Tom is a new development BEN FOX (17 yrs) Living in Inverell, Ben is in Year 11. Ben is a first year U19 rider and will2011 RAK team. this year. Jared is the over 2 years through youngest rider rider in the team this be looking to Jack & Jared old man of the team, the Pathways System venturing to Colorado year and will work with to help him step up into the this being his 4th year. to allow him time to in 2010, Nathan gained Nathan in the the U17 next age category. He had a Whilst he is continuing combine cycling and valuable racing and age category. Tom won very successful season in his passion for cycling, school work. training experience. Silver in the 2009 U15 Colorado in 2010, winning he is very focussed on Moving to U23 Junior Men U17 Road Nationals. several races. doing well in the HSC Junior Men U17 Junior Men U19 Moving to U23
  16. 16. RAK is on a mission to excel at every event in the 2012 schedule. RAK’s history to date has been exceptional and it is through these results that puts RAK team members in a highly desirable position to be fed into a pro-continental or pro- recruitment program. The following mediums will be utilised to promote the results of RAK:What exposure 1. RAK website 2. RAK social media (Facebook, Twitter)will supporters 3. RAK newsletters (Digital) 4. Race results and coverage 5. Local mediareceive from being 6. Published media (Magazine) 7. Shared online media (Cycling NSW, Aus etc) 8. Televisioninvolved with RAK? 9. Radio 10. Word of mouth Whilst RAK team members are busy training to WIN races, team management are committed to leveraging the team program, results and news. It is through this salient media strategy that supporters will benefit from exposure and brand awareness.
  17. 17. IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THISImage Rights / Sirotti
  18. 18. To be involved in RAK, please contact:RAK team manager - Gary Bradshaw0408 678