Buyer's journey


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Buyer's journey

  1. 1. The Buyer’s Journey — Strategic Decision Maker Purpose em Answers needed to progress to next stage cosyst ustomer E Into C A Awareness Move Loosening of Status Quo Advertising and social media Why should I change? Exte r R Reputation Triggnal What could happen if I do nothing? Social & search er ase How will things change? Purch D Demand Generation Marketing: early, mid and late L Commit to Change A What triggers would force me to need to solve this issue? L Lead Nurture R How is the issue impacting my industry? Sales enablement How are my competitors addressing the issue? Status Quo D What do I need to know to think strategically about D Education solving the problem? Loosening of What are the best practices? Status Quo Content Inter Explore Options Make the Selection Triggnal er What are the possible solutions, options and alternatives? Interest Bu Va What do I need to know to think strategically Social media Re sin lid about solving the problem? as es Commit to Change Thought leadership on s How are my peers doing this? Traditional media Advocate R Compare SolutionsDiscover Education Business case development Search L Education Outbound Commit to a Solution Social media Decide Discover What are the best practices? Events Justify the Decision Whos got expertise to add most value to the project? R Who are the thought leaders? Criteria Consider Analyst reports Education R Reviews Step Back Search What risks would make me falter? D Education Email/Newsletters D Explore Whose disagreement could cost me the decision toConsider move forward? Options Evaluation Which stakeholders objectives might not get addressed Business case development by an option? Step Back What if my end-users wont adopt the solution? Detailed product information Vendor comparisons How will I realign the business process the solution a ects? R Implementation thought leadership R Implementation scenarios Justify the Decision Decide D Why should I trust your company? Selection Compare e Beyond the initial project budget, whats the TCO? Validation nc e Solutions c ha th ion Whats the ROI and how long will it take? Customer how-to st in at Service assurance La to jo vers How are people/companies nding success with this choice? n How will this choice a ect my professional status? Commit to a Solution co SatisfactionAdvocate Thought leadership D Make the Selection Solution upsell Thought leadership Service assurance Solution upsell Service assurance ©BNJ Research, 2011. All Rights Reserved.