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  1. 1. • Our main product is our Music video. We all decided as a group that our video will be fun, energetic and exciting I am proud to say that we have achieved these targets. When we completed our music video i.e. the editing and making sure the lip synching was accurate we then focused on the Digipak and Magazine Advert.• While producing the Digipak and Magazine advert we wanted to make sure that we kept the theme throughout the video which is just having fun and being energetic.
  2. 2. • With our Digipak and Magazine advert we wanted to make sure they looked professional and similar to real bands Digipak and advert. Our Digipak and advert look quite similar, we decided to use the same type of font so that there’s a link between the Digipak and advert. We took images from the music video that are also included in the Digipak and to show the consistency we have made in all of our products. On our Digipak we continued the focus on London as most of our pictures are based in London. I feel the combination of our products has worked really well especially with the Digipak and Magazine advert being very effective, it advertises to the public to watch our Music video. Overall I feel we have done a good job and made sure we have included all the basics to making a successful product.