Orgniziation study of dharwad milk union MINI PROJECT PPT


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Orgniziation study of dharwad milk union MINI PROJECT PPT

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Orgniziation study of dharwad milk union MINI PROJECT PPT

  1. 1. Organization study of Dharwad Milk Union 5/3/2013 1
  2. 2. 1.Introduction . 2.Company profile. 3.Objectives of the DMU. 4.Quqlity objectives. 5.Vision and mission. 6.Products . 7.Organization structure. 8.Departments. 9.Infrastructer facility. 10.SWOT analysis. 11.Findings and conclusion, recommendation. 5/3/2013 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY • Dharwad Milk Union (DMU) came into existence on 3-3-1986 DMU was established under co-operative act on 3-3-1986 at Dharwad. • Establishment: • The Dharwad Milk Union is Co-operative society among the 13 establishments, under KMF. • features of Dharwad Milk Union: • To educate the villagers about milk and its quality. • To make 'Nandini' as a part of daily life. • To provide good quality of cattle feed, fodder, veterinary aid seeds, etc., to the villagers. • To see that the DCS's are carrying out their activities properly and in an efficient manner. • To see that the milk is brought from DCS's to the chilling centers in the prescribed time. • To look the accounts of the DCS's supervise the purchase process and market the milk and milk products. 5/3/2013 3
  4. 4. Company Profile: COMPANY NAME : Dharwad Co-operative Milk Producers Union Lakkammanahalli Industrial Area. P.B Road Dharwad-580004 TYPE OF OWNERSHIP : Co-Operative Unit . TEL-NO : 0836-2467643,2461876,2468380. RAW MATERIAL :Milk 80,000LPD Water5 to 6 lack ltrs/day Coal 4 to 5 tone. CAPACITY OF PLANT :1,20,OOOLtr’s / Day 12 Tonne milk powder, 10 T Butter, 6 T Ghee. FINISHED PRODUCTS : Milk, Butter, Ghee, Gurtz, Pedha, Milk powder, Ice creams, Curd, Lassi, Khova. TOTAL INVEST : 7 Crore Rs. 5/3/2013 4
  5. 5. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. 1. Shri B N Arabgond. Chairman 2. Dr M N Venkatramu. M Director 3. Shri N S Asuti. Director. 4. Shri G M Morbad. Director. 5. Shri H G Hiregoudar. Director. 6. Shri S M Hadagali. Director. 7. Shri R N Davagi. Director. 8. Shri U M Hegade. Director. 9. Shri G G Hegade. Director. 10. Govt Dept Officers. 4 Members 11. Govt Nominated. 3 Members 5/3/2013 5
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES OF THE DMU • Providing hygienic and good quality of milk to the consumers. • To build the economic strength of the milk producers in villagers. • To eliminate middlemen's in the business so that the milk producers receive their appropriate share of bread. • To educate the villagers about the adulteration of milk and its harmful effect on the body. • To see that every citizen becomes healthy by consuming good quality of milk. • To make villagers self-viable and build self image. 5/3/2013 6
  7. 7. DMU QUALITY OBJECTS AND QUALITY POLICY: Quality Objects: •To develop the quality consciousness among all the producers or employees of the union. •To implement the cost reduction in each stage of collection processing and distribution. •Make every one aware of the every conservation in dairy. •To maximize the customers complaints and achieve customer satisfaction. •To set goals or targets at all levels to achieve continuous improvement. 5/3/2013 7
  8. 8. VISION AND MISSION • Vision: • Total quality • Honesty • Discipline • Cleanliness • Sincerity and dedication • Respecting each other's, opinions, ideas & feelings. • Mission: • Dharwad Milk Union is committed to provide maximum possible price for the milk supplied by its members and provide necessary inputs to enhance milk production while ensuring economic viability of the Union. • It is also committed to provide quality milk products to consumers and emerge as one of the top most milk union of the co-operative dairy industry in the country. • At DMU we Endeavor to satisfy the taste and nutritional requirements of the customers. Through excellence in marketing by DMU committed team, DMU are committed to offering quality products that provide best value for money. 5/3/2013 8
  9. 9. PRODUCTS 5/3/2013 9
  10. 10. ORGANIZATION STRUCURE: BOARD of president Directors (8 members) Ex officers (5 members) Procurement Dept Transport Product president director Quality control Marketing dept F.G.S& stores Administrative dept M.I.S Finance dept Accounts & purchase Security dept Govt nominees (3 members) 5/3/2013 10
  11. 11. DEPARTMENTS PURCHASE DEPARTMENT: • The main work of this department is to purchase various materials required by different department. QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT: • There is a separate laboratory for this. Quality control is very essential as to maintain the freshness of the milk. • There are many tests conducted here. The packed milk we get will have undergone 3 quality tests HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT: • Human resource department is employing the people developing the resources utilizing maintaining and the compensating there services in tune with the organizational requirement with a view to contribute to the goals of organization. 5/3/2013 11
  12. 12. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: • This department is to follow up production schedule as per plan and to maintain close and co- ordinate relationship with other department and ensures to upgrade the technical efficiency of production. PROCUREMENT AND INPUT DEPARTMENT: • Procurement and input department is play a vital role in the DMU. In any any milk union this department handles the procurement of the milk required amt to the production process. 5/3/2013 12
  13. 13. STORES DEPARTMENT: • The stores department in DMU follows the Cordex System (Coded Control System) FINANCE DEPARTMENT: • This Department is responsible for keeping all the inward and outward flow of money of union. MARKETING DEPARTMENT: • Marketing Department is very important part of Organization marketing of milk and its products is the greatest responsibility to all the products before loosing its quality 5/3/2013 13
  14. 14. INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES: Infrastructure facilities in DMU, they have these won chilling center and they can distribute milk with the capacity of covering the 11 routes and the capacity is 1, 00,000 LPD. Other facilities like: •Security facilities •Canteen facilities •Shift: Three shift per day. •Manual punching card and computer entries will be there 5/3/2013 14
  15. 15. SWOT ANALYSIS • Strength: • Nandini enjoys good brand image. • It has large procurement system. • Huge infrastructure for processing. • Competitive prices for all products. • Wide distribution network leads to regular and timely supply. • Weaknesses: • Lack of flexibility in deciding about its operation. • Perishable commodity. • Lack of professional manpower. • Lacking quality consistency because of seasonal changes in the supply of milk. • Inadequate sales promotional activity. • Less buffelo milk. 5/3/2013 15
  16. 16. Opportunities: • There is a phenomenal scope for innovation in product development. • packing and presentation. • Steps to taken to introduce value added products like shrikhands, ice- creams. • Yet another aspect can be the addition of infant foods and nutritionals. • Increasing market demand for milk and milk products. • Addition of buffalo milk will improve market share. Threats: • Increase of competitor's milk vendors in organized sector. • Flexibility in commission structure by competitors may attract the distributors. • No entry barriers for private players. • Low level of consumer awareness in Dharwad and surrounding areas. 5/3/2013 16
  17. 17. FINDINGS,CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS FINDINGS: • Dharwad milk union is serving rural region by way of procuring milk through poor farmers through its formed societies and paying them fair returns. • Dharwad milk union is equipped with fully automatic systems which ensure total quality maintenance. • Through the use of advanced technology. • The advertisement in local newspaper and local television is very low. • Pricing strategies of Nandini is appreciated by its customers SUGGESTIONS • Organization should try to improve the packaging of the product to prevent leakage. • Dharwad milk union must adopt professionalism in its all-working departments. • The company should provide some attractive schemes for the regular consumers as well as retail sellers. • Offers performance awards annually to encourage employees, agents and dealers. 5/3/2013 17
  18. 18. 5/3/2013 18