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Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs


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Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR

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Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs

  1. 1. SAAB MARFIN MBALabor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HRLabor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  2. 2. SAAB MARFIN MBAIndustry profile:The pharmaceutical industry was buffeted by significant scientific, medical,political, and market forces between 1960 and 1980. Approaches to drugdiscovery and early-stage testing changed as medical advances made itpossible to identify compounds that block specific physiological processesPharmaceutical manufacturers have long operated on the boundary between, onthe one hand, acting as free-market inventors and sellers of drugs, and on theother, serving the public interest by providing an essential health service.Thanks to this unique market position, the industry has played a leading role inglobalization, developed innovative scientific advances in a wide range ofmedical fields, and pioneered academic-industrial research collaborations.Since 2001 the pharmaceuticals has grown rapidly into a $600million companywhich employs almost 2,000 people offering a full range of pharmaceuticalservices to Pharma, biotech and virtual organizations. They work in the fields ofdrug discovery, research and development, patient diagnostics, clinical trials fornew drugs, formulation and packaging of drugs and the commercialization ofpharmaceutical product. These services have grown to the point where we nowoffer an unparalleled range of pharmaceutical services on a global scale."The Indian Pharmaceutical industry, valued at $46.2 billion has been witnessingAttractive growth rate of 15% to 20% consistently over the past decade.(StrategistQuarterly 1998). This growth was build by Indias large population, increasingallocation of income to healthcare spending and exports. Exports which Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  3. 3. SAAB MARFIN MBAcurrently accounts for 20% of the production value has grown by a compoundannual growth rate of 34% in the past few years due to competitive priceadvantages from Indias low labor and other input costThe Indian market for pharmaceutical products stands at an enormous $58.8billion. The big 10 companies account for over 30% of that, take away 45marketer and average sales dont even come any where near the $2.5 millionmarks, thats how fragmented its is some 50,000 brands from over 20,000companies growing fast enough to embraces rainy day Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  4. 4. SAAB MARFIN MBACompany profilea) Brief information of the firm:Name of the Firm: Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd.Established: 1992Founder: Gautam Ostwal (C.E.O)Type of Industry: S.S.IPhone no: 0836-2252007, 235060Source of Finance: Punjab National BankProducts: Pharmaceuticals and FormulationAddress: R.S. NO. 59/3A, Chalmatti - 581 204.Dist: DharwadState: KarnatakaOffice: Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  5. 5. SAAB MARFIN MBA New Cotton Market Hubli.Company Background:Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd was started in the year 1992 the company since havedeveloped more than 200 pharmaceutical formulations in form of tablets,capsules, oral liquids and dry syrups.As per revised Schedule M the manufacturing premises has been renovated andconstructed in month December 2005 and completed in first week of February2006. Dedicated manufacturing sections for Beta-lactum group of productshave been developed and all the facilities are provided as per norms of revisedSchedule M.The manufacturing facility of General sections i.e., Tablets, Capsules, andLiquid Orals and the manufacturing facility for Beta-lactum group of productsi.e. For Tablets, Capsules, and Dry Syrups are segregated and developed as perrevised norms of Schedule M.The firm has a plot area approx, up to 89,418.73 sq ft. out of which approx8,000.00 sq ft. is built up area & about 81,418.73 sq ft is left as surroundingarea, for road and garden and equipped with technically sophisticated facilitiesas per WHO norms to manufacture complete range of Pharmaceuticalformulations of Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Orals both in General & Beta-lactumDepartments Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  6. 6. SAAB MARFIN MBAElegant Drugs Pvt. Ltd. managed with efficient and experienced man power withinstalled manufacturing capacity of:17.28 Crores of Tablets8.64 Crores of Capsules34.56 Lakhs Liters of Liquids14 Lakhs Bottles of OralsNature of business:Elegant enjoys the reputation of being the registered Supplier of Drugs &Medicines to most of the renowned Central, State and Semi-GovernmentInstitutions and Hospitals of our country.Elegant lays great emphasis on timely delivery of drugs within given timeframes. Safeguarding the competitive interests of customers with the highestprofessional integrity has built up a partnership of trust to satisfy the needs ofcustomers, they are working to enhance and strengthen the researchcapabilities as well as to expand their manufacturing facilities.Vision:The company has an aim to reach the optimum level in the field ofmanufacturing and marketing quality pharmaceutical formulations. Themanagement endeavors in future to expand to global markets.Quality policy:We at Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd aim to provide satisfaction our customers indomestic and export market, by fully meeting their requirements in terms of Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  7. 7. SAAB MARFIN MBAquality, cost and delivery. We will create a company, committed to quality bybringing about involvement of all employees at all levels, for continualimprovement in quality.Single unique product:Product refers to unique product like single cartoon of Brand-X medicine. Eg:the paracetmol tablet manufactured by elegant as Brand name ELEMOL basethis brand is registered with elegant. So nobody else in India can manufacturethis product.Batch Numbers:For each and every production manufacturing pharmaceuticals productionbatch no is assigned by production department. It will be in serial no andassigned as per SOP. As each and every batch is analyzed by quality controldepartment .The control number or analytical number will be issued by qualitydepartment along with certificate of analysis and release orderSize and color:Color of tablet will be as per the product approvals or permission received fromdrugs control department.Size: If tablet in house specification Eg: 8mm diameter tablet, 10mm diametertablet, 12.5mm diameter tablet, elongated tablet etc.Size and colour of capsule is choice of manufacturer Eg: 00size of capsule, Sizeand colour of capsule is choice of manufacturer Eg: 00size of capsule, Zerocapsule, size 1, 2, 3 etcBrand Name:A Brand is the name, term, symbol, sign, design, or a combination of them,intended to Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  8. 8. SAAB MARFIN MBAIdentify the good or services of one seller or group of seller and to differentiatethemfrom those of competitors.Generic:Generic products are the products manufactured on the generic name. Genericname is the chemical of the materialsTypes of products manufactured by the company 1. Antibiotics 2. Antidiarrhoels 3. Antibacterial 4. Antiemetic 5. Analgesics 6. Antiulcer 7. Sedative 8. Anti Inflammatory 9. Antidiabetic 10. Vitamin Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  9. 9. SAAB MARFIN MBA List of domestic and exports products: Tablets Capsules Syrups/Dry Syrups1 Acarbose Tablets 50 mg 1 Celecoxib Capsules 100 1 Albendazole2 Acarbose Tablets 100 mg mg Suspension3 Atorvastatin Tablets 10 mg 2 Celecoxib Capsules 200 2 Salbutamol &4 Albendazole Tablets 400 mg Bromhexine Syrupmg 3 Ampicillin & Cloxacillin 3 Cefixime for Oral5 Riboflavine Tablets 5 mg Capsules Suspension6 Salbutamol & Bromhexine 4 Tramadol 4 Anticold SuspensionTablets HydrochlorideCapsules 5 Trimethoprim &7 B complex with Vit C Tablets 100 mg Sulphamethoxazole8 Ambroxol Hydrochloride 5 Tramadol Hydrochloride SuspensionTablets Capsules 150 mg 6 Cough Syrup Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  10. 10. SAAB MARFIN MBA 15 mg 6 Tramadol Hydrochloride 7 Cough Expectorant9 Ambroxol Hydrochloride Capsules 200 mg 8 Ofloxacin Suspension Tablets 30 mg 7 Piroxicam Capsules 20 9 Cefadroxil Suspension10 Citalopram Tablets 10 mg mg 10 Ampicillin for Oral11 Citalopram Tablets 20 mg 8 Cloxacillin Capsules 20 Suspension12 Citalopram Tablets 40 mg mg 11 Roxthiromycin13 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 9 B Complex Forte with Suspension Tablets 4 mg Vitamin C Capsules 12 Amoxycillin for Oral14 Clarithromycin Tabets USP 10 Haemetenic Capsules Suspension 11 Cefadroxil Capsules 13 Amoxycillin & 500 mg 500 mg Clavulanate for Oral15 Clopidogrel Tablets 75 mg 12 Ampicillin Capsules 250 Suspension16 Paracetamol & CPM Tablet mg 14 Amoxycillin &17 Amlodepine Tablets 2.5 mg 13 Ampicillin Capsules 500 Clavulanate for Oral18 Amlodepine Tablets 5 mg mg Suspension19 Amlodepine Tablets 7.5 mg 14 Amoxycillin Capsules 15 Erythromycin Oral20 Amlodepine Tablets 10 mg 250 mg Suspension21 Tinidazole Tablets 500 mg 15 Amoxycillin Capsules 16 Metronidazole &22 Carvidelol Tablets 3.125 500 mg Furazolidonemg 16 Amoxycillin & Suspension23 Carvidelol Tablets 6.25 mg Cloxacillin Capsules 17 Azithromycin24 Sulphadiazine Tablets 500 17 Amoxycillin, Cloxacillin Suspensionmg and Lactic Acid Bacillus25 Sulphadimidine Tablets 500 Capsulesmg 18 Omeprazole Capsules26 Glibenclamide Tablets 5 mg 20 mg27 Glibenclamide Tablets 10 19 Omeprazole &mg Domperidone Capsules28 Nalidixic Acid Tablets 500 20 Cephalexin Capsulesmg 250 mg Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  11. 11. SAAB MARFIN MBA29 Ibuprofen & Paracetamol 21 Cephalexin Capsules Tablets 500 mg30 Ciprofloxacin Tablets 250 22 Rifampicin Capsulesmg 450 mg31 Ciprofloxacin Tablets 500 23 Ramipril Capsules 2.5mg mg32 Ciprofloxacin & Tinidazole 24 Ramipril Capsules 5 mg Tablets33 Cisapride Tablets 10 mg34 Cetirizine HydrochlorideTablets 10 mg35 Anticold Tablets36 Anticold Plus Tablets37 Trimethoprim & Sulphamethoxazole TabletsSS38 Trimethoprim & Sulphamethoxazole TabletsDS39 Trimethoprim & Sulphamethoxazole TabletsKid40 Doxycycline Tablets 100mg41 Aspirin & ParacetamolTablets42 B Complex with Vit CTablets43 Ofloxacin Tablets 100 mg44 Ofloxacin Tablets 200 mg Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  12. 12. SAAB MARFIN MBA45 Ofloxacin Tablets 400 mg46 Diclofenac Tablets 50 mg47 Diclofenac & Paracetamol Tablets48 Fluconazole Tablets 50 mg49 Fluconazole Tablets 100mg50 Fluconazole Tablets 150mg51 Fluconazole Tablets 200mg52 Cefadroxil DispersibleTablets 125 mg53 Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 250 mg54 Ketoconazole Tablets 200mg55 Ampicillin DispersibleTablets 125 mg56 Paracetamol Tablets 500mg57 Paracetamol Tablets 650mg58 Aluminium HydroxideTablets 500 mg59 Roxithromycin Tablets 150mg60 Roxithromycin Tablets 50mg61 Cefixime Tablets USP 100 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  13. 13. SAAB MARFIN MBAmg62 Cefixime Tablets USP 200mg63 Mebendazole Tablets 100mg64 Metformine Tablets 500 mg65 Ethambutol Hcl Tablets 400mg66 Ethambutol Hcl Tablets 800mg67 Amoxycillin & Clavulanate Tablets68 Amoxycillin Dispersible Tablets 125 mg69 Amoxycillin DispersibleTablets 250 mg70 Atenolol Tablets 50 mg71 Atenolol Tablets 100 mg72 Norfloxacin Tablets 200 mg73 Norfloxacin Tablets 400 mg74 Norfloxacin Tablets 800 mg74 Norfloxacin & TinidazoleTablets 75 Norfloxacin &Metronidazole Tablets76 Cephalexin DispersibleTablets 125 mg77 Cephalexin DispersibleTablets 250 mg78 Cephalexin DispersibleTablets 500 mg Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  14. 14. SAAB MARFIN MBA77 Serratiopeptidase Tablets 5mg78 Serratiopeptidase Tablets 10 mg79 Serratiopeptidase Tablets 20 mg80 Erythromycin Tablets 250mg81 Sparfloxacin Tablets 100mg82 Sparfloxacin Tablets 200mg83 Fexofenadine Tablets 120mg84 Fexofenadine Tablets 180mg85 Cefuroxime Tablets 250mg86 Cefuroxime Tablets 500mg87 Pioglitazone Tablets 15 mg88 Pioglitazone Tablets 30 mg89 Glimepiride Tablets 1 mg90 Glimepiride Tablets 2 mg91 Glimepiride Tablets 3 mg92 Glimepiride Tablets 4 mg93 Granisetron Tablets 1 mg94 Granisetron Tablets 2 mg95 Enalapril Maleate Tablets2.5 mg 96 Enalapril Maleate Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  15. 15. SAAB MARFIN MBATablets 5 mg97 Loratidine Tablets 10 mg98 Levofloxacin Tablets 250mg99 Levofloxacin Tablets 500mg100 Losartan PotassiumTablets 25 mg101 Losartan PotassiumTablets 50 mg102 Mefloquine Tablets 250mg103 Meloxicam Tablets 7.5 mg104 Meloxicam Tablets 15 mg105 Imipramine Tablets 50 mg106 Imipramine Tablets 200mg107 Mosapride Citrate Tablets 2.5 mg108 Mosapride Citrate Tablets5 mg 109 Nifedipine Tablets10 mg110 Nimesulide DispersibleTablets 50 mg111 Nimesulide Tablets 50mg112 Nimesulide DispersibleTablets 100 mg Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  16. 16. SAAB MARFIN MBA113 Nimesulide Tablets 100mg114 Nimesulide & Paracetamol Tablets115 Gatifloxacin Tablets 200mg116 Gatifloxacin Tablets 400mg117 Olanzapine Tablets 2.5mg118 Olanzapine Tablets 5 mg119 Olanzapine Tablets 10 mg120 Pantoprazole Tablets 20mg121 Pantoprazole Tablets 40mg122 Calcium with Vit D3 Tablets 500123 Calcium with Vit D3Tablets 625124 Theophylline Tablets 400mg125 Theophylline Tablets 600mg126 Esomeprazole Tablets 20mg 127 Esomeprazole Tablets40 mg 128 Ornidazole Tablets500 mg129 Rabeprazole SodiumTablets 15 mg Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  17. 17. SAAB MARFIN MBA130 Rabeprazole SodiumTablets 30 mg131 Isosorbide MononitrateTablets 20 mg132 Isosorbide MononitrateTablets 40 mg133 Rosiglitazone Tablets 2mg134 Rosiglitazone Tablets 4mg135 Rosiglitazone Tablets 8mg136 Salbutamol Tablets 2 mg137 Salbutamol Tablets 4 mg138 Salbutamol &Theophylline Tablets139 Secnidazole Tablets 500mg140 Secnidazole Tablets 1000mg 141 Simvastatin Tablets 10mg142 Simvastatin Tablets 20 mg143 Artesunate Tablets 50 mg144 Ticlopidine Hcl Tablets250 mg 145 Ranitidine Tablets150 mg146 Ranitidine Tablets 300 mg147 Gliclazide Tablets 40 mg148 Gliclazide Tablets 80 mg149 Gliclazide & Metformine Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  18. 18. SAAB MARFIN MBA TabletsFast moving products:Tablet:CONSOLE-ED-2.5 ECOLDEach uncoated tablet containsAmoldipine Besylate BP Each uncoated tablet containsEquivalent to Amoldipine 5mg Chlorpheniramine Maleate I.P 4mg Caffeine(Anhydrous) I.P5mg Phenylephrine Hydrocholoride I.P 5mg paracetamol I.P 400mgCapsule:EDOXY-100 EMOX-500Each hard gelatin capsule contains Each capsule containsDoxycycline Hydrochloride I.P Amoxycylline Trihydrate I.PEquivalent to Doxycycline 100mg Equivalent to Amoxycillin 500mgDry Syrups:EMOX DRY SYRUP ELECILLIAN DRY SYRUP For Oral Suspension I.PFor oral suspension Each 5ml of reconstitutedEach 5ml of reconstituted Suspense containsSuspense contains Amphicillin trihydrate I.P Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  19. 19. SAAB MARFIN MBAAmphicillin trihydrate I.P Equivalent to ampicillin 125mgEquivalent to ampicillin 125mg Each 5ml contains Paracetamol I.P 125mgArea of operation:The elegant drugs supply the products to local areas, government hospitals,and private hospitals. It has also expanded its services to the other countrieslike Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam & Nigeria. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  20. 20. SAAB MARFIN MBAList of top authorities:Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd. is expertise by experienced technocrats.Mr. Gautam S. Oswal : CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERMr. Bharat B.Oswal : CHAIRMANMr. Rajashekhar C. Pattanshetty: MANAGING DIRECTORMr. Ramesh B. Oswal: FINANCE MANAGERMr. Vinod P. Oswal: PURCHASE MANAGERMr. Jeetendra .M. Oswal: MARKETING EXECUTIVEMr. Arun G. Pawar: PLANT MANAGERMr. S. B. Takked: QUALITY CONTROL MANAGERMr. Abdul S. Guthal : PRODUCTION EXECUTIVEMr. Karuna Vijay: PRODUCTION CHEMISTMr. Vishwanth S. Chinnadakai: STORES INCHARGEMr. Kumbar : STORES ASSISTANT Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  21. 21. SAAB MARFIN MBAQuality management:The total management is quality conscious and has formed quality policieskeeping in a mind the constructive effect of quality products which payspermanent growth of the business in the long run.This proves the fact that….1. Quality assurance is active & efficient2. Production department is operated by highly trained experienced andqualified technocrats.3. General Manager visits the unit frequently to solve the problems if any andvisualizes the quality aspects by taking personal rounds of all the departments.He also takes into account for requirement of space for the development andnew construction also comes into existence as and when required with hisefforts. He assesses the capacity of unit and suggests the management for theaddition of new products.4. Production department, quality control department, Administrationdepartment. And stores department work with team spirit to achieve desiredgoal of production Quality and quantity.5. Products are designed and developed in such a way that it takes account ofCGMP and to obey good stability.6. Production and quality control operations are clearly specified in written form. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  22. 22. SAAB MARFIN MBA7. Departmental heads are well aware of their responsibilities which are clarifiedin systems and procedures (Job description column).8. a. Raw materials are analyzed as per pharmacopoeias as well as in housestandards. b. Bulk sample analysis is carried out by Q. C. during the processing stages. c. In process control is carried out by Q. C. as well as by production deptseparately d. Calibration and validation is carried out by production department with the Help of Q. C. and maintenance staff. e. The finished products are correctly processed and checked by productionand Q. C. according to the defined procedures and specifications. f. After the certification by Q. C. and production authorities, the product isreleased for dispatch. g. There is a procedure of self inspection and quality audit once in six monthswhich regularly appraises the effectiveness and applicability of qualityassurance system. 9. All manufacturing procedures are clearly defined and systematicallyreviewed.10. Critical steps of manufacturing processes are supervised by production andQ. C Head11. All necessary facilities are provided in production which includes,a) Qualified and trained personnel Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  23. 23. SAAB MARFIN MBAb) Adequate space.c) Suitable equipments.d) Correct materials and packaging.e) Approved procedures and instructionsf) Suitable storage.g) Adequate personnel12. Instructions and procedures are described in clear and simple language.13. Operators are trained to carry out process correctly.14. Stage wise records are maintained.15. Manufacturing records can trace history of the batch.16. Complaints from market are examined and defects are investigated withappropriate measures if required, including recalls of materials Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  24. 24. SAAB MARFIN MBACUSTOMER PROFILE OF Elegant Drugs:Domestic customer:Government medical stores State and central government institutions likerailway hospitals, state government etc. Distribution of products throughdoctors that is marketing as progangda come distribution.Export marketCombida Canopus combida LtdVietnam CanopusNigeriaMyanmarSri Lanka Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  25. 25. SAAB MARFIN MBAFuture Growth and Prospectus: Globalization, more exports and collaboration with foreign countries to improve overall turnover facilities. More investment in RND, RND formulation and labs. Focus on talent acquisition, motivation, reward management and retention. Strong growth is expected in domestic market. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  26. 26. SAAB MARFIN MBAOrganization structure Managing directorDirector C.E.O Finance Manufacturing manager unit Purchase Factory QC Manager Manager Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  27. 27. SAAB MARFIN MBA Stores Maintenance Production shift chemistRESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITIES OF KEY PERSONNEL: C.E.O. To formulate future strategic plan & policy decisions. To chair meetings relating to the future policies Participate in finalization of the budget for all activities To nominate MR & authorized contract M.D Is responsible for implementation of QSM Ensure complete understanding of quality policy & quality objectives in the whole organization Is in charge of complete maintenance and housekeeping of the factory Organize work force when necessary Is responsible for meeting complete Health policy requirements of the workers Participates with FM and QC manger training programmed for the workers Is to conduct self inspection audits in the factory with the management team at regular intervals Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  28. 28. SAAB MARFIN MBAMaintains stores & stock registersVerify the Purchase Request and received items as per Purchase OrderTo initiate purchase when the stocks finishedTo initiate the sundry purchase requirementsSupervise the quality system PLANT MANAGERSupervises the quality systemAllocates responsibilities and authorities to group needsTo review meetings with group heads and MR of QSM periodicallyCoordinate with the departments for smooth functioning of Group as awholeMake the employees turnover reports and appraise the higher authorityParticipate in product design process activitiesManage time, Resources and schedule within the manufacturing unitTo plan for weekly production plans & to be submitted to chairman onevery MondayTo arrange for daily production report to the chairmanResponsible for all activities carried out in production deptTo issue all requisition for raw materialsTo ensure all operations running strictly as per master cardTo ensure stores & stocks of materials for day to day productionTo maintain all records as per drug and excise rules & regulationsTo report for achievements and deviation regularly as per requirementInitiate to conduct interviews for the requirement of new candidates.Conducts management reviews of the quality system Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  29. 29. SAAB MARFIN MBA To develop the policy guidelines for the employees Motivate the relation between the management and the employees by bringing the popular policies Finalization of loans & advance salaries to the factory employees Purchase/Marketing Manager 1 Take decisions on matters relating to contracts & agreements with theclients 2 Interact with client as and when necessary 3 Review Proposals & Contracts 4 Provide resources during the progress of contract 5 Is to conduct self inspection audits in the factory along with the management team every quarterly 6Contributes in analyzing customer complaints and assists in resolvingthem 7Invites quotations from vendors Q.C Manager Coordinates all quality related activities in the Organization Is responsible for monitoring of all products raw material, in process and Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  30. 30. SAAB MARFIN MBAfinished Goods stage.Is also responsible for signing all release notes irrespective of analysis byinternal or external lab.Conducts analysis on products at all stages and record itEnsure adherence to Master cards (Quality plans)Ensure usage of laboratory practicesIt responsible for calibration of all equipments in the laboratoryHas sole authority to release or reject raw materials and finished productsIs responsible for preservation of samples of all products and theirrecords as per the drug rulesMaintains library of all external referral document for analysisTo arrange for routine Q.C. activitiesTo authorize written procedures and documents of Q.CTo approve and monitor analysis carried out in-houseTo check and calibrate all the equipments in Q.C. Shift ChemistIs responsible for all production activitiesIs responsible for getting raw material issued from the storesIs then to coordinate issue of batch no for the particular batchInspects cleaning of machines and initiates production processRecords all activities in the batch manufacturing recordIs all responsible for calibration of all measuring equipment in productionareaNotes down in process testing of products in BMR and is present therewhile the testing is carried outEnsure healthy work environment & discipline amongst workersReports of any deviations or abnormalities to the Factory manger. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  31. 31. SAAB MARFIN MBA Assistant Shift ChemistIs responsible for all production activitiesInspects cleaning of machines and initiates production processRecords all activities in the batch manufacturing record bookEnsure adherence to the Production plan Master cards and any otherproductNotes down in process testing of products in BMR and is present therewhile the testing is carried out.Ensure healthy work environment & discipline amongst workersAssign task to workersSupervises workers at all timesReports status to FM. QC AssistantConducts analysis on products at all stages and record itEnsures adherence to Master cards (quality plans)Ensures usage of good laboratory practicesEnsures that equipment is calibrated before usageResponsible for maintenance upkeep, and housekeeping of the lab. Maintenance OperatorEnsures upkeep of all equipmentMaintains all equipment as per the maintenance planEnsures no breakdown results in loss of productionMaintains critical spares of machine Stores Keeper (BSR) Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  32. 32. SAAB MARFIN MBA Ensures only products with a release note are stored in BSR Maintains inventory and stocks of BSR On receipt of orders verbal or written from the marketing manager organizes all excise, sales and other related documents Ensure products are duly packed before dispatch Follows FIFO and ensure no expired product leaves BSR Also is responsible to maintain products at required room condition. Departmentalization: PRODUCTION DEPARTMENTDrug manufacturing for overseas markets is a highly competitive field and onlythe very best can survive. It takes a strong infrastructure with a great deal ofmanufacturing expertise to bring out the finest quality finished formulations.We have a long track record of manufacturing pharmaceutical dosage forms forworldwide pharmaceutical markets and we are proud to be able to provide highquality products that can improve the health and quality of life of many peopleacross the India at reasonable pricesWe have a very good manufacturing infrastructure consisting of modern GMPCertified facilities. We use state-of-the-art equipment and have a team of Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  33. 33. SAAB MARFIN MBAqualified professionals who ensure that every product that rolls out of ourfactory will meet WHO and other world class standards. This allows us to bringout the finest quality finished formulations to cater to your every need. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  34. 34. SAAB MARFIN MBAFlow chart of tablet preparation Weighing Sieving Mixing andpaste making Granulation Tablet compress QA2 Lubrication QA1 Dry sizingDrying Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  35. 35. SAAB MARFIN MBA Coating solution QA3 preparation QA4 Tablet checking Coating andpolishing CoatedTablet checking Tablet striping QA5 Tablet packing Final release QA1: Water content, QA2: Bulk assay, Bulk density, weight variations appearance, colour and shape, QA3: Hardness, Physical parameters, Assay, Friability identification Manufacturing process of capsule and packing Stage1: Dispensing of raw materials as per requirement of batch using B.MR. It consists Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  36. 36. SAAB MARFIN MBAof ingredients like the main drugs, Excepients, Hard Gelatin Capsule Shells sizeas per mentioned in the B.M.R.STAGE 2:Sieving of all ingredients (Raw Materials).STAGE 3:Mixing of all sieved ingredients as per specification given in the batchmanufacturing record.STAGE 4:Mixed sample will be collected by Q.C dept for analysis.STAGE 5: Capsule Filling: Setting of capsule filling machine for the requirement size of capsule. The empty capsule is put in loading machine and the capsule is separated by the plate (cap and bottom) by rotating the plate for twice/thrice. Machine can take 5-6kg of powder, after that the capsule will be filled and cap is installed by the automatic machine, after that the capsule are weighed. The weight of capsule should be for 20 capsules it must be 6.30gm-6.50gm, if weigh is less than this it will be rejected.STAGE 5: Capsule Wiping: All filled capsule will handed over to capsule wiping dept, there Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  37. 37. SAAB MARFIN MBA capsule inspection and wiping will be done with capsule wiping machine. Samples will be collected by Q.C dept for analysis (80-100 capsules from each batch).STAGE 5: Capsule Blister Packing:After the release of Q.C dept available polished capsule will be issued for blisterpacking. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  38. 38. SAAB MARFIN MBABlister packing of capsule will be done by blister packing machinesimultaneously secondary packing will be carried out on the conveyor Belt. Allthe packed cartoons will be packed in a shipper as per the requirement Flowchart of capsule preparation Weighing Sieving lubrication QA1 Filling Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  39. 39. SAAB MARFIN MBA QA2 Capsule packing Capsule inspection and wiping QA3 Final product release QA1: Bulk density, water content QA2: Complete testing as per STD procedure, QA3: Assay detection of pathogen, dissolution.Manufacturing process of liquid orals : Dissolve the preservative separately and add sugar syrup. Add the solution of sweetening agent like sibtole, glycerine etc. Add buffering agent if needed. Add flavour’s and colours and mix for required time set up the volume and Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  40. 40. SAAB MARFIN MBA mix for fixed time according to master formula. Filter the product with help of filter platter Collect the liquid for testing then connect the storage tank to the filling machine. Set up the volume of syringe required to fill per bottle. Start filling and put the pp cap then seal. Take the bottle for visual inspection fitted with black and white tiles. Discard the rejected bottle and send selected bottle for labeling cartooning and final packing.Flow chart of liquid orals Weighing Preparation of sugar syrup mixing QA1 Checking Volume making Filtration QA2 Labeling QA3 Packing Transfer to BSR DistributionQA1: Ph check, Clarity if necessary.QA2: Bulk analysisQA3: Pack finishes analysis QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENTWe believe its a challenge to be a manufacturer of finished pharmaceuticalformulations. In our quest for perfection, we have left no stone unturned right Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  41. 41. SAAB MARFIN MBAfrom the selection of the finest raw material, using state-of-the-art technologyand processes to bringing out the finished formulations. Helping us producethe finest quality pharmaceutical products.All our products are manufactured as per the regulations and guidelines of theWorld Health Organizations Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO - GMP). Weimplement this through our quality management system that is based onplanning, implementation and control with independent controls that guaranteesafety and reliability ensuring that only the finest quality pharmaceuticalproducts rollout of our facility.Our credentials include an ISO 9001: 2000 certification from the OrionRegistrar USA who is internationally accredited by the United States ANSI-RABNAP, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), and the Dutch Council forAccreditation (RvA). Each of these national accreditation bodies are recognizedthroughout the world for Quality and Environmental Programs. This establishesfirmly that we are manufacturer of finished pharmaceutical formulations of highquality.The above initiatives are backed by an independent unit that analysis evaluatesand reports the status of quality control and quality assurance. They giveaccurate and accountable results that help us produce the finest qualitypharmaceutical products always.In a nutshell, the factors that have made us successful in drug manufacturingfor overseas markets are: High quality products Flexible responsive service Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  42. 42. SAAB MARFIN MBA On-time delivery Competitive pricing. Excellent compliance record Efficient technical transfers Modern GMP Certified facilities FDA approved site Regulatory support. Efficient inventory coverageOrganization of quality control department consists of Q.C managers, chemist,and executive lab assistants. Marketing DepartmentA marketing program in order to be successful must have a right mixture of Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  43. 43. SAAB MARFIN MBAmarketing Mix, not to mention market research, a quality product, an extensivedistribution network. Acceptability, strong dose of promotion coupled with aright price. A unique feature of the Pharmaceutical market is that it is one ofthe most fragmented markets in the country. Marketing Strategy of Company Their core marketing strategy is to supply to government institutions. The state government gives tender notice (Ad’s) in newspaper. The Elegant Drugs are going to apply for tender (Open tender) through quotation (rate contract). If the price bided by Elegant Drugs is lower than others they will get the contract. and Usually this contract will be for 2-3 years They have even appointed distributors in states who distribute product on behalf of Elegant Drugs; the distributor promotes the product ethically. The company also distributes the product through contact with doctors, and through the mails for other countries distributors. The company also participates in tenders of other states like Andrapradesh, Rajasthan, and Punjab etc. They also have sales agency called noble Health care which is run by the one of their family member, who distributes the product in local areas. Packing DepartmentPharmaceutical products are typically susceptible to the damaging effects ofmoisture. As such, it is imperative to use the right pharmaceutical packaging Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  44. 44. SAAB MARFIN MBAproducts, whether they are being transported or simply stored. The companydoes not go for the packing of products until Q.C and Q.A department releasesthe finished products. Packing and marking are most important stages withregard to recognition of company’s product. As their will be label entached tothe shippers, which consists of name and address of the company, name of theproduct , batch no, manufacturing date, expiry date, with brand name andgeneric name Application of 7’s Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  45. 45. SAAB MARFIN MBA SKILL The skill refers to capabilities and competencies that exist within thecompany. What it does best, distinctive competences – what the company doesbest, ways of expanding or shifting competences. A skill captures a company’scrucial attributes or capabilities. Company’s each divisions having ISO 9002 certificate and it has adoptedexcellent quality policies and all modern safety and security measures all thelevels. All the manufacturing process is computerized and latest facilities andtechnologies. The organization provides both on the job and off the job training for itsstaff officers, technical assistance for every month. There will be 2 to 3speakers , who speaks regarding good manufacturing practices, technicalaspects for technical people .The trainee is been tested for every month byissuing question papers of 100 marks , the different questions papers areformulated for different level employees. After setting the question it is beencirculated to employees and then evaluation is carried out. STYLE The leadership approach of top management and the organization’soverall operating approach; also the way in which the organization’s employeespresent themselves to the outside world, to suppliers and customers. Style is pattern of actions that are more decisive than words. People maylisten to what managers say, but they believe what managers do. Theappropriate style is participative, allowing people to collaborative and supportseach other, take calculated risk and innovative improvements. It will not workfor the management to say that it is the organization’s policyTo encourage participation and innovation, if at the same time they also punish Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  46. 46. SAAB MARFIN MBAthose who make mistakes.The management style of functioning is PARTICIPATIVE production unit, ElegantDrugs. Any issue of significance is discussed with members of managementrepresentatives and workmen to find an amicable solution. Besides these, anypolicy implementation is done after threadbare discussion among variousgroups of employees. In case of any confusion, reservation stroke of any issues,matter is referred to corporate office for guidelines. STRATEGY Actions, a company plans in response to or anticipation of changes in itsexternal environment. The Strategies of the company are developed on thebasis of an analysis of external and internal environment. Consequently thevalues, preferences, attitude towards risks have been carefully examined whileformulating strategies. Business strategy is the choice of direction and the action and thecompany adopts to achieve its objectives. It integrates the vision and directionof the company so as to achieve its objectives and goals in a competitivesituation The company is having a long term objective to develop the entirespectrum of manufacturing of tablets , capsule, dry syrup and syrup and thestrategies also includes exporting the products and services to severalcountries in the world and provide qualitative products and services. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  47. 47. SAAB MARFIN MBA Finance DepartmentThe company is having good personnel with plenty of knowledge & experiencein finance department. The finance consists of Chief of Accounts, Asst.Accountant & Accountant. The finance department performs its activities as perthe instructions of Director Finance & Chief of Accounts. SOURCES OF FUNDSSince funds can be obtained from different sources therefore their procurementis always considered as a complex problem by business concerns. Fundsprocured from different sources have different characteristics in terms of risk,cost and control. SHARE CAPITALFunds raised by issue of shares are the best source of procurement of fundsfrom the point of view of the company. Because the company will not going toface any problem of repayment of share capital until & unless the company isunder liquidation.However, equity share capital is usually the most expensive source of funds.This is because the dividend expectations of shareholders are normally higherthan prevalent interest rate and also because dividends are an appropriation ofprofit and are not allowed as expense under the Income Tax Act.M/s. Elegant Drugs Pvt. Ltd. is a small scale industry. The company raisedfunds of Rs. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  48. 48. SAAB MARFIN MBA20, 00,000/- by issue of 2000 fully paid Equity shares of Rs.1, 000/- each. DEBENTURESProcurement of funds by issue of Debentures is comparatively cheaper since theinterest is paid out of profits before tax. However debentures entail a highdegree of risk as they have to be repaid as per the terms of agreement andinterest payment have to be made whether or not the company makes profits.M/s. Elegant Drugs Pvt. Ltd. is not having any funds procured in the form ofdebentures as the same are to be repaid on expiry of lock in period or validityof debenturesTerms & Conditions of Term Loan for purchase of Machineries:1. Estimations of Machineries: Before applying for term loan for the purchase of machineries anestimation is to be attached with the loan application form.2. Quotations from different suppliers: Quotations are to be collected from different vendors or suppliers forproposed machinery purchases. Quotations collected from various vendors orsuppliers are to be submitted to the bank along with application for term loan.3. Performa Invoice of machineries: Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  49. 49. SAAB MARFIN MBA Performa Invoices are to be collected from different suppliers or vendorsfor proposed machinery purchase. Performa Invoices collected from varioussuppliers or vendors are to be submitted to the bank along with application forterm loan.4. Rate of Interest: The rate of interest will be 13% to 14% p.a.5. Margin Money: To avail the term loan facility for the purchase of machineries certainpercentage of margin money is to be paid by the borrower. Presently 25% ofcost of the machinery is to be paid as margin money by the borrower.6. Board Resolution: Public & private limited companies has to pass an resolution in boardmeeting by the board of directors & the copy of the board resolution is to besubmitted to the bank.7. Agreement under Bond: The company has to execute a agreement under bond for the purpose ofterm loans.8. Processing & Documentation Charges: The bank will charge certain percentage of term loan amount asprocessing & documentation charges for purchase of proposed machineries.9. Disbursement of Term Loan: After completion of the entire formalities bank will sanction the amountof loan for purchase of machineries on the basis of estimation, quotations &Performa invoices. The term loan sanctioned is going to be disbursed to theconcerned vendor or supplier as per the Performa invoices directly by way of Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  50. 50. SAAB MARFIN MBAdemand drafts. If the company has not paid the margin money earlier & thesame is debited to the company’s bank account.10. Registration of Charges: The term loan is normally provided against hypothecation machineries inthe name of bank. The machineries so hypothecated are to be registered underthe Companies Act. with the registrar of companies. After registration ofcharges under the Companies Act., a copy of registration is to be submitted tothe bank. Before signing the agreement of term loan the proposal is going to beverified by the management of the company. It is the responsibility of thefinance manager to explain the implications on the company activities to themanagement. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  51. 51. SAAB MARFIN MBA ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt gives me immense pleasure and a great sense of fulfillment to thank all thosewho have helped me in completion of my summer internship programme.I am very thankful to shri jeetu ostwal (marketing executive) and “ElegantDrugs Pvt Ltd” Hubli, for giving me an opportunity to carry out my summerinternship programme.I also take opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Sumukh HungundPlacement Coordinator BVB College Of Engineering & TechnologyDepartment Of Management Studies Hubli, for their whole heartedencouragement and valuable guidance.I would like to thank internal guide Azhar Shaik for his constant guidance andsupport during my summer internship programme.I also express my thanks to all employees of the Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd. for theirkind help and co-operation during my summer internship programme.Chinnu.S.Kalyani Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  52. 52. SAAB MARFIN MBA INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY Need for the studyThe objective of this project is to co-ordinate the theoretical aspect learntin the curriculum with the practical situation. This summer internshipprogramme has given the much needed exposure for the study to the realorganizational culture.In MBA course, the student study theoretical aspects of major functionalareas of an organization and in summer internship programme thestudents need to observe the application of these theories in theorganization. This study covers the Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd. Scope of the study Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  53. 53. SAAB MARFIN MBA The scope of the project study was initially limited to the staff of the Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd. During the course of project it was felt necessary to include labors of the company and was further limited to them only as they were the main source behind our study. As the plant working conditions are to be studied, the workers of the company were selected, it was further found and decided that the labors should only be highlighted and targeted to get the required information. Objectives of the study To analyze whether the labors are provided and furnished with the primary requisites so they are satisfied in the organization. To assess whether the labors are catered with the statutory and non statutory allowances. Defined by the company. To examine the level of job satisfaction. Sources of methodology Type of data In this study, primary as well as secondary data collection methods areused. Sources of data Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  54. 54. SAAB MARFIN MBA The primaries such as questionnaires are used to get the required information. The labors of the Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd are been directly contacted and the required information is sought by interviewing them personally i.e., structured questionnaires are used to get the core matter of the study. The data related to company profile, financially indices and other quantitative information is collected by the way of secondary data collection method i.e., through the website and other previous document of the HR and administrative department. Method of extent of selection of small(source) of data The source of primary data is selected on the basis of sample. Minimum of 50 labors have been contacted personally & the information is sought out.. Techniques of data collectionThe primary data is collected by canvassing the structured questionnaires tothe labors of the company. System of Presentation & Data AnalysisThe so for collected primary data is presented in a tabular form with the help ofgraphs the descriptive analysis is made. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  55. 55. SAAB MARFIN MBA RESEARCH ON LABOUR WELFARE MEASURES IntroductionLand, labor, capital &organization are the factors of production among which.Labor occupies a pivotal place in the Economic Development of a Nation. Toutilize the labor force to the maximum level, certain welfare measures areneeded. Various welfare measures are in practice &new measures spring upquite often. Government & other agencies are advocating & striving for newmeasures in these days. Studies related to labor welfare are important inbringing about their right& privileges, of employees in the organization. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  56. 56. SAAB MARFIN MBA Definition of Labor Welfare Measures:The oxford dictionary defines Labor Welfare Measures as “Efforts to make worthliving for workers.” The report of the committee on Labor Welfare in 1969,defined Labor Welfare as such services, facilities &amenities as, “Adequatecanteen, rest &recreation, sanitary & medical facilities, arrangement of travel to& from work & for the accommodation of the workers employed at a distancefrom their homes &such other services, amenities & facilities including socialmeasures, so as to contribute an improvement in the condition under whichworkers are employed.” Classification of labor welfare measures The welfare measure may be classified along two basis, viz., Financialor Non financial. Here are presented the two classifications of welfare measures.Financial Non-Financial 1. Canteen 1. Bonus 2. Shelter, lunch room 2. Gratuity 3. First-aid service 3. House rent allowances 4. Welfare officers 4. Medical allowances 5. Leave benefit 5. Local traveling 6. Suggestion box schemes allowances 7. Sports and Games 6. Scholarship for awards 8. Safety Committee Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  57. 57. SAAB MARFIN MBA 7. Education allowances 9. Vehicle shed 8. Group insurance 10. Drinking water 9. Festival advance 11. Library 10. Meritorious 12. Auditorium service award 11. Pension benefit Bibliography :1. K. Aswathappa, Human Resource Management2. Company documents3. old project www.elegantdrugs.com5.Business research methods, zigmund. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  58. 58. SAAB MARFIN MBALabor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  59. 59. SAAB MARFIN MBA IndexLabor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  61. 61. SAAB MARFIN MBA 1. It was found that most of the workers are not having primary educationin the organization. 2. Most of the workers who are educated are studied up to 12 & furtherthey have completed ITI course. 3. It was found that company is providing all necessary facilities & good working conditions to workers 4. All most all the workers of the company are satisfied. 5. There is a good cooperation & cohesiveness within the workers & there isa good relation between the top management & the workers. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  62. 62. SAAB MARFIN MBA SuggestionsIt’s known fact that Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd is one of the top among Pharmacompanies which provides almost all facilities to its employee. But still it hasnot noticed some if the problems. So I would like to give some suggestionswhich ware the result of my survey undertaken.[Questionnaire& personalinterview.]1. As most of the workers are partially uneducated, the company should provide some education & training programme.2. The organizations should conduct induction training programmes at least twice in a year to the workers whose performance is bad.3. Around 40% of the workers are below SSLC & illiterate. Such workers may not understand the objectives & policies of the organizations. Therefore minimum qualification must be fixed by the company for appointing new employee. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  63. 63. SAAB MARFIN MBA QUESTIONNAIRERespected Sir/Madam,I Miss.Chinnu.S.Kalyani student of BVB College Of Engineering & TechnologyDepartment of Management Studies Hubli. Carrying on a Project entitled “LaborWelfare Measures at Elegant Drugs Pvt Ltd Chalmatti, I request you to help meby filling the enclosed questionnaire. I assure you that all the informationprovided by you will be kept confidential. Section: IPersonal ProfileEmployee code:Designation:Age:a) 18-30 years [ ] b) 30-40 years [ ] c) 40-50 years [ ] d)50-60 years [ ]Marital Statusa) Married [ ] b) Unmarried [ ] Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  64. 64. SAAB MARFIN MBA Section:IIStudy Profile1. Elegant Drugs is working towards its employee welfareStrongly agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly agree/Nor disagree disagree2.As an employee of Elegant Drugs, are you satisfied with the basic workingconditions provided by the organization? Yes No3 Financial and non financial benefits are must for an employee for hisdedicated work, are you catered with the same? Yes No4. How are the recreational facilities in the organization?Very good Good Average Satisfactory Bad5.Family pension, Bonus, Meritorious awards are given to meVery good Good Average Satisfactory Bad6.To increase the performance of the employee’s regular training is providedStrongly agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly agree/Nor disagree disagree Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  65. 65. SAAB MARFIN MBA7.Safety is given highest priority in your organizationStrongly agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly agree/Nor disagree disagree8. What is your opinion about the grievance handling procedure?Very good Good Average Satisfactory Bad9. What is your opinion about intensity of disciplinary action in the organization?High Medium Low10. All these welfare measures provided to the employees have increasedproductivityStrongly agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly agree/Nor disagree disagree Thank you. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  66. 66. SAAB MARFIN MBA Section I Data analysis and presentation 1. Age: Age group No of workers 18-30 years 24 30-40 years 15 40-50 years 8 50-60 years 3 Total 502 Marital Status: Number Married 37 Unmarried 13 Total 50 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  67. 67. SAAB MARFIN MBA Section:II1. Elegant Drugs is working towards its employee welfare Numbers Strongly agree 11 Agree 29 Neither agree nor 9 disagree Disagree 1 Strongly disagree 0 Total 50 2. As an employee of Elegant Drugs, are you satisfied with the basic workingconditions provided by the organization? Numbers Yes 40 No 10 Total 50 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  68. 68. SAAB MARFIN MBA3 Financial and non financial benefits are must for an employee for hisdedicated work, are you catered with the same? Numbers Yes 35 No 15 Total 504. How are the recreational facilities in the organization? Numbers Very good 17 Good 22 Average 11 Satisfactory 0 Bad 0 Total 50 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  69. 69. SAAB MARFIN MBA5. Family pension, Bonus, Meritorious awards are given to me Numbers Very good 12 Good 20 Average 18 Satisfactory 0 Bad 0 Total 506. To increase the performance of the employee’s regular training is provided Numbers Strongly agree 9 Agree 26 Neither agree nor 15 disagree Disagree 0 Strongly disagree 0 Total 50 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  70. 70. SAAB MARFIN MBA7. Safety is given highest priority in your organization Numbers Strongly agree 8 Agree 21 Neither agree nor 3 disagree Disagree 0 Strongly disagree 0 Total 328. What is your opinion about the grievance handling procedure? Numbers Very good 13 Good 24 Average 13 Satisfactory 0 Bad 0 Total 50 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  71. 71. SAAB MARFIN MBA9. What is your opinion about intensity of disciplinary action in the organization? Numbers High 18 Medium 25 Low 7 Total 5010. All these welfare measures provided to the employees have increasedproductivity Numbers Strongly agree 14 Agree 24 Neither agree nor 10 disagree Disagree 2 Strongly disagree 0 Total 50 Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR
  72. 72. SAAB MARFIN MBAExecutive summaryYet to type. Labor welfare measures of Elegant Drugs MBA HR