Consumer behaviour2 ppt @ bec doms 2009 bagalkot mba


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Consumer behaviour2 ppt @ bec doms 2009 bagalkot mba

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Consumer behaviour2 ppt @ bec doms 2009 bagalkot mba

  1. 1. Consumer BehaviourDefine consumer behavior and explain its nature/features.Explain the factors influencing consumerbehaviour.Explain the steps in consumer buying decisionprocess.
  2. 2. Introduction Consumer psychology needs a special attentionin the present highly competitive and consumer- oriented marketing system. Consumer is the cause & purpose of all production and marketing activities.
  3. 3. Meaning of Consumer/Buyer BehaviorConsumer is the most important person in business. Hisattitude, behavior, needs and reactions play an importantrole in regard to marketing plans and policies ofcompanies. Companies study the behaviours of consumers constantlyfor their benefits.Consumer behavior is comparatively new area within thescope of business management.The purpose of study of consumer behavior is tounderstand human actions and reactions (consumerbehaviour) in the best possible manner.
  4. 4. Definition of Consumer/Buyer behaviourConsumer behavior is the process whereby individualsdecide what, when, where, how and from whom topurchase goods and services.Walters and PaulBuyer behaviour is all psychological, social andphysical behaviour of potential customers as theybecome aware of, evaluate, purchase, consume and tellothers about the products and services.Webster
  5. 5. Types of Buyers1. Friendly/co-operative buyer. 1. Impatient buyer.2. Timid/reserved/shy buyer. 2. Bargain buyer.3. Silent buyer. 3. Impulsive buyer.4. Undecided buyer. 4. Over-cautious buyer.5. Price or quality conscious 5. Slow-thinking buyer buyer. 6. Rude/ill-mannered6. Argumentative buyer. buyer.7. Suspicious buyer. 7. Clever/intelligent buyer.
  6. 6. Factors influencing buyer behaviourSocial factors.-Family, roles and status, ref. groupsEconomic factors.-size of family, disposable Pincome propensity to consume, consumer credit, dis. incomeCultural factors.-sub culture, soc. Class (wealth, income)Personal factors.-age, occ., life style, personalityPhysiological factors.-basic needsPsychological factors.-motivation, perception, learning,beliefs, attitude
  7. 7. Decisions taken by the buyer while purchasingNeed recognition Information search Evaluation of Purchase decision alternatives Post-purchase Behaviour
  8. 8. Buying Motives of Consumer/Customers1. Fear. 1. Curiosity.2. Profit/Gain. 2. Admiration.3. Vanity. 3. Jealousy.4. Pride. 4. Patronage.5. Fashion. 5. Comfort and6. Love and Affection. Convenience. 6. Health.
  9. 9. Types of Buyer behaviourComplex buying behaviour.Dissonance-reducing buying behaviour.Habitual buying behaviour.Variety-seeking buying behaviour.
  10. 10. Importance of consumer/buyer behaviour in marketing management Study of consumer behaviour has specialimportance in the present competitve marketing management system. Understanding buyer/consumer behaviour is very important for successful marketing.
  11. 11. Meaning & Importance of Buyer/Consumer PsychologyKnowledgeAttitudes & EmotionsImagesIntentionsBuying Motives
  12. 12. Steps in Selling/Buying ProcessProspecting.Pre-approach.Attention.Interest.Desire.Action.