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TDT39 Oppstartsmøte septemer 2016


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Info til nye studenter som skal ta faget høsten 2016.
Information to new students taking the course in autumn 2016.

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TDT39 Oppstartsmøte septemer 2016

  1. 1. TDT39 Empirical Research Methodology Babak Farshchian Adjunct associate professor, IDI, NTNU Senior Scientist, SINTEF ICT Name, title of the presentation
  2. 2. What is TDT39? The course is for students who are interested in research in 'real world' settings. You will learn methods for exploring how and why various information/computer systems are designed, implemented and used. Two variants: •IT3010 - Full course mandatory for master of science (Spring term) •TDT39 - Select course for master of techn. (Autumn) •You cannot take both courses!
  3. 3. The thinking man You Other researchers Your research Practice Rigor Relevance
  4. 4. Figure 3.1 in: B. J. Oates, Researching Information Systems and Computing. London: Sage Publications, 2006. The framework
  5. 5. The book Briony J. Oates, Researching Information Systems and Computing. London: Sage Publications, 2006.
  6. 6. An ex-student of the course
  7. 7. An ex-student of the course
  8. 8. Course deliverable • Your research plan for your master thesis. – Version 1.0 ready by end of September. • A template will be provided for the plan, along with some example plans. See the web pages. • The template is based on the book. • Contents: – Purpose: Why you want to do this research? What is the relevance? – Contributions: What new knowledge will you produce? – Research method: What research strategy/method will you use? – Participants: Who do you need for your research? What resources do you need? – Research paradigm: Is this a positivitst, interpretivist, or critical research project? – Deliverable: What is the form of the final deliverable?
  9. 9. Meetings • We will have 2-3 meetings (to be announced on the web pages). – First one approx. end of September to prepare version 1.0 of the plan. – Opportunity to discuss questions. – Opportunity to present your research plan.
  10. 10. What I can do for you • I can answer questions related to the book and to the research plan. • What I cannot do: – I cannot answer questions related to your research project. • Ask your supervisor. – I cannot be available all the time. • Prepare to wait for emails to be answred!
  11. 11. The role of your supervisor • The deliverable from TDT39, the research plan, is your plan for your thesis. • Your supervisor needs to be involved. • You need to agree with your supervisor about the content of the plan. • If you are not doing your master thesis this year please let me know!
  12. 12. Course staff • Teacher: Babak Farshchian • Room: 106 IT building ITV • Availability: Wednesdays, and on email • See course web pages for more information: (Shared with course IT3010).