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About Başar Onur Mesci_2013 3rd Quarter


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About Başar Onur Mesci_2013 3rd Quarter

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About Başar Onur Mesci_2013 3rd Quarter

  2. 2. Table of Contents 2 PART-I Brief Summary Business Development Associate in Statkraft Energy Projects Implementation & Business Development Manager in SurEnergy Contract Works in London, Libya & Istanbul Project Manager in Halcrow Group Work Experience in RWE Group, Hazinedaroğlu and Boğaziçi University PART-II Professional Development Courses & Seminars Attended Education & Qualifications Personal Details
  3. 3. Brief Summary Self-motivated and resourceful “Energy Projects; Business Development and Implementation Associate, Engineering Consultancy Roles” with European, African & Asian engineering and management experience. Have been involved in many energy & engineering projects world-wide. An impressive academic background having been one of a select group of students selected from 1.5 million (in 0,1%) to complete a Civil Engineering graduation at one of Turkey‟s most renowned universities, Bogazici University. Earned reputation as a strong team builder with superior technical / analytical qualities, cemented by strong interpersonal communication and man management skills. Proficient in the use of: Windograph, Primavera, NetCad, MSProject, ERP, SAP, ETABS, Microsoft Office / Windows, Auto-Cad 2012, EpaNet, StruMap GE, Dreamviewer CS5.5, 3D Sketch Up, Eagle and OST applications. 3 • Bid preparation • Business economics • Energy projects design phase • JV & MoU agreements • Construction contracts • Contract administration • EC funds management grants • Intelligence gathering • Buyer/Supplier Contracts • NPV, IRR, Profitability Analysis • Hydro (Dams), Wind, Solar P. Projects • Quality control • Marketing strategies • Business Model design • Energy Calculations PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES
  4. 4. Business Development Associate My role mainly covers some of these duties listed below; Quick engineering review and evaluation of projects based on raw data, strategic fit and location. Investment Analysis such as; PROFITABILTY IRR NPV CAPEX OPEX PRODUCTION & ENERGY YIELD MODELS 3D MODELS Picking up the highest potential projects for shortlisting. NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) are being prepared or controlled and for outsource consultancy procurement, specifications are identified. Developing EK3-A or feasibility report which covers; Site Visits, Climate & Hydrology, Right Optimization, Geology, Exporopration, EIA, Alternatives Supporting R&D Projects in Statkraft 4 My profession is in;  new markets implantation  technical review and profitability analysis of big scale installed capacity hydro & solar energy projects. 2012 - NOW
  5. 5. Energy Projects Implementation & Business Development Manager All Business Development and Projects Implementation strategies are being developed & managed during the tender winning, pre-designing, bidding and constructing by my leadership. Implementation and construction of the projects are being managed, controlled by the team under my leadership. All International supplier & contractor draft agreements were prepared. 5 TEPEHAN HEPP - EBRD Financed Location: Malatya/Turkey Stream: Şiro Stream Rainfall Area: 270km Q25: 222 m³/s Highest water level: 1025m Water Channel: 2960m Water Tunnel: 4696m Penstock Length: 1800m Net Head: 141m Turbine Type: Francis x2 Project Q: 13,50 mᶟ/s Power Capacity: 16,58MW Planned Construction Period (inc. turbines erection): 24Months Total Energy: 54GWh Project Value: $ 40.000.000 YAKACIK HEPP - Greenfield Location: Hatay/Turkey Stream: Yakacık Stream Rainfall Area: 102km² Q25: 105 m³/s Water Channel: 500m Water Tunnel: 3400m Penstock Length: 950m Net Head: 202m Turbine Type: Fx2, Px1 Project Q: 6,20 mᶟ/s Power Capacity: 11,41MW Total Energy: 30GWh Planned Construction Period: 18Months Project Value: $ 30.000.000 AKSU HEPP - Türkiye Finans Financed Location: Malatya/Turkey Stream: Aksu Stream Rainfall Area: 50km² Q25: 45m³/s Water Channel: 5923m Penstock Length: 363m Net Head: 212m Turbine Type: Pelton x1 Project Q: 3,20 mᶟ/s Power Capacity: 5,77MW Total Energy: 24GWh Project Value: $ 8.000.000 Planned Construction Period: 9Months MENGEL HEPP - Greenfield 2011 - 2012
  6. 6. Energy Projects Implementation & Business Development Manager 6 ELMALI WIND FARM We have been chosen as the preferred bidder for the 9MW Elmalı WPP Project in Turkey, Mersin Taşucu; which the tender was done by TEİAŞ & the licence was obtained by us. Wind measurement mast has been installed in May 2011 and 8 months data collection is completed. Call for Proposals is sent to the producers and turbines’ tendering stage is on-going. The investment of the project is being planned to take place in May 2012. Coordination is taking place with Lahmeyer for the Bankable Report and Micrositting. KURTINI WIND FARM 14MW Elmalı WPP Project in Turkey, Mersin Taşucu; which the tender was done by TEİAŞ & we have won the tender. Mast had been installed in November 2011 and data collection is still in progress. The investment of the project is being planned to take place in the forthcoming year. Coordination is taking place with Lahmeyer for the Bankable Report. 2011 - 2012
  7. 7. Contract Works; London Preparing Devecikonagi Dam & HEPP’s Design Review Report (Q Design=120 m³/s, Power= 28,88MW) MWH was leading a consortium of companies to provide Technical, Financial and Environmental consultancy services for European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the Mid-Size Sustainable Energy Financing Facility. MWH Team was assessing the eligibility of Devecikonagi Hydro Electric Power Project to be financed through the financing facility. In order to assess the eligibility of the project from a dam design and safety point; the sub consultants we were referred to the world bank guideline “OP 4.37 – Design and Safety of Dams” for large dams. The services were performed are as follows: A review of the original designs and calculations were undertaken; Site visit to review the design and construction status with professionals involved was undertaken; A review of any modifications to the existing dam which represent changed conditions from original construction were presented; Dam Design Review (DDR), Dam Assessment Table (DAT), Reports Assessment Table (RAT) were all prepared and submitted to the MWH. 7 2011 - 2012
  8. 8. Business Development Specialist / Project Manager Primarily accountable for business development & engineering designs; supporting energy projects with associated operations – bidding, attracting new customers and penetrating existing markets, presenting the firm, tendering for the projects; offering suggestions, managing risk assessments and planning while maintaining awareness as to how projects will interact with existing structures alongside project cost estimating and scheduling. Key project highlights, include: √ National Grid London Cable Tunnels, London √ VTI (Victoria Transport Interchange) Culvert, London √ Crane Valley Sewer Settlement Observation Works, Uxbridge √ Catford Raw Water Main Diversion, London √ Victoria Station Upgrade, London √ EDF Cable Tunnels, London √ TW PR09 Capital Maintenance Programme √ Manea STW √ Thames Water’s Database Development √ Camberley Catchment Flooding Investigation √ PR09 Sewer Ancillaries Survey, London √ Ras Laffen Port Expansion, Qatar 8 2007 - 2010
  9. 9. Internships RWE Group - Thames Water Utilities Ltd., Reading  Supported Northern Ireland bid activities and development, including technical evaluations, alongside general engineering works;  Coordinated development works for simple network model(s) for a utility-based project;  Led commercial project activities, bids and associated technical approaches;  Oversaw day-to-day planning activities and project-based financial monitoring. Hazinedaroglu Construction Company, Istanbul, Turkey  Constructed a wastewater system as part of the Istanbul Tarabya Wastewater Tunnel and Collector project, including a 2m diameter 8.8 km long main tunnel constructed by a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), branch tunnels, tunnel shafts, wastewater channel constructed by pipe- jacking method, wastewater collector lines and testing chimneys.;  Supported the Istanbul Light Rapid Transits System project, encompassing: light rapid transits system of a total length of 18km. BOĞAZİÇİ UNI., FINAL PROJECT / STRUCTURE (STADIUM)  Supported the design of a 20,000 seated football stadium and a 5-storey car lot with steel framed roof, modelling the main carrying elements of the reinforced concrete parts of the stadium while studying the architectural plan of the stadium and car park building. 9
  10. 10. Professional Development √ Project Analysing and Feasbility Report Writing Lecture, Deloitte Academy, Istanbul 2013 √ Executive Coaching Seminar, The University of Sheffield, Greece 2013 √ 5th International Strategic People Management Wworkshop on “Taking the „i‟ Out of Crisis: Leadership & Learning”, City Collage, Greece 2013 √ International Green Building Summit, TGBC, 2012 √ Renewable Energy Projects‟ Arbitration and EU Competetion Law, SurEnergy, 2011 √ Effective Presentation Techniques, Halcrow Group Ltd., 2010 √ Freelancer; Founder Member of MES Construction International LTD and developer owner of online construction equipment , 2010 √ See Outfalls Pipe Materials, Characteristics and Design, Halcrow Group Ltd., 2009 √ Mega Projects, Thames Tideway Tunnel Design, 2008 √ Traffict Management Act, Halcrow Group Ltd., 2008 √ New Technologies in Geotech, Ground Investigations, Association of Geotechnical Specialists, 2008 √ City and Guilds: Confined Spaces, Component Person Level 2 (CP2), 2007 √ Health and Safety on Site, 2005 √ Founder Member and Board Member, Amasya Civil Society Support Association √ Professional Sailing Licence and member of the award-winning Bogazici University sailing team. 10
  11. 11. Education & Qualifications Executive MBA _ Postgraduate University of Sheffield 2011–cont’d Civil Engineering _ Bsc. (GPA: 2.88/4) Boğazici University 2001 - 2007 Level 7_Strategic Management and Leadership Charted Management Institute (CMI, United Kingdom) 2011–cont’d Basic Principles of Being a Scientist (GPA: 4.98/5) Çorum Science High School 1998 - 2000 Middle School Education with English Amasya Anatolian High School 1995 - 1998 GCSE / A-Level Equivalents Mehmet Varinli Primary School 1989 - 1995 11 Nationality Driving Licence Languages Turkish (Having long-term UK Business Visas) British / Turkish English, Turkish PERSONAL DETAILS
  12. 12. THANK YOU Thanks for taking your time... Kind Regards, Başar