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System software vs application software


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System software vs application software

  1. 1. Disclaimer: This presentation is prepared by trainees ofbaabtra as a part of mentoring program. This is not officialdocument of baabtra –Mentoring PartnerBaabtra-Mentoring Partner is the mentoring division of baabte System Technologies Pvt .Ltd
  3. 3. OVERVIEW OF SOFTWARE• SOFTWARESThey are sets of machine readableinstructions that directs a computer’sprocessor to perform specific tasks to come upwith the desired result.• Two major kinds of software– System Software– Application Software
  4. 4. SYSTEM SOFTWARE• A collection of programs• Enables the application software to interactwith the hardware• Operates in the background and controls itscomputer’s hardware• Examples: Operating System, DeviceDrivers, Servers, Utility software etc.
  5. 5. APPLICATION SOFTWARE• End-user software• Two major categories• General purpose• Special purpose• Examples: enterprise software, officesuites, graphics software and mediaplayers.
  6. 6. General Purpose And Special PurposeApplication Software• General Purpose Software are designed toperform common information processing jobsfor end users but not in support of a specificpurpose. Example: MS office, VLC mediaplayer• Special Purpose Software are designed toperform highly specific tasks. Example: ERPsoftware, CAD software, Games.
  7. 7. Application Software Vs System Software
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