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Standard control in

  1. 1. Disclaimer: This presentation is prepared by trainees ofbaabtra as a part of mentoring program. This is not officialdocument of baabtra –Mentoring PartnerBaabtra-Mentoring Partner is the mentoring division of baabte System Technologies Pvt .Ltd
  2. 2. ARUN KUMAR K Standard controls
  3. 3. What is ASP.NET• server-side Web application frameworkdesigned for Web development
  4. 4. Standard controls In ASP.NET
  5. 5. Standard controls In ASP.NET• AdRotator controlused to display graphics that are linked to other pages.• Bulleted List controlcreates an unordered or ordered (numbered) list of items, which render asHTML UL or OL elements, respectively.• Button controlenables users to post a page to the server & to trigger an event on a page.
  6. 6. Standard controls In ASP.NET• Calendar controldisplay selectable dates in a calendar & data associated with specific dates.• CheckBox controlenables users to specify yes/no (true/false) choices for individual items.• CheckBoxList controlenables users to specify yes/no (true/false) choices for items in a list.
  7. 7. Standard controls In ASP.NET• ContentPlaceholder controlused to define a region of the Master Page rendering that can besubstituted with content from a page associated to the Master Page.• DropDownList controlenables users to select a single item from a predefined drop-down list.• FileUpload controlenables you to give users a way to send files from their computers to theserver.• HiddenField controlgives you a way to store information in the page without displaying it.
  8. 8. Standard controls In ASP.NET• HyperLink controlcreates links that enable users to move from page to page in anapplication.• Image controlenables you to display images on an ASP.NET web page and manage theseimages in your own code.• ImageButton controldisplays an image and responds to mouse clicks on the image.• ImageMap controlenables you to create an image that has individual regions, called hotspots
  9. 9. Standard controls In ASP.NET• Label controllets you programmatically set text in an ASP.NET web page• LinkButton controldisplays a hyperlink-style button that contains client-side script to postform data back to the server• ListBox controlenables users to select one or more items from a predefined list.• Literal controlis used as a container for other content on the page.• Localize controllets you display localized text in a specific area on your page.
  10. 10. Standard controls In ASP.NET• MultiView controlact as containers for other controls and markup, and enable you to easilypresent alternative views of information.• Panel controlprovides a container control in an ASP.NET web page that you can use as aparent for static text and for other controls.• PlaceHolder controllets you place an empty container control in the page and thendynamically add child elements to it at run time.• RadioButton controlenable users to select from a small set of mutually exclusive, predefinedchoices.
  11. 11. Standard controls In ASP.NET• RadioButtonList controlenable users to select from a small set of mutually exclusive, predefinedchoices.• Substitution controllets you create areas on the page that can be updated dynamically andthen integrated into a cached page.• Table controlenables you to create tables that you can program in server code• TextBox controlenables users to type information into an ASP.NET web page, includingtext, numbers, and dates.
  12. 12. Standard controls In ASP.NET• View controlact as containers for other controls and markup, and enable you to easilypresent alternative views of information.• Wizard controlsimplifies many of the tasks that are associated with building a series offorms to collect user input.• XML controlused to display the contents of an XML document, either withoutformatting or by using XSL transformations
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