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It careers

  1. 1. Disclaimer:This presentation is prepared by trainees ofbaabtra as a part of mentoring program. This is not officialdocument of baabtra –Mentoring PartnerBaabtra-Mentoring Partner is the mentoring division of baabte System Technologies Pvt .Ltd
  2. 2. DIFFERENTIT CAREERS Ashwin Anand V Facebook
  3. 3. Introduction• IT is an area where people are judged largely by howmuch they know. If money and a high job position areimportant to you, you can quickly raise your level bytelling your manager that you want harder tasks and moreresponsibility.• We can increase our knowledge  learn a new programming language take a certification such a Microsoft, Linux Professional Institute, or Cisco study to be a Scrum Master or another type of project manager.
  4. 4. Basic requirement that you need to work on anIT field:• Appearance and attitude is very important• Be courteous, helpful, and respectful to others• Have your own mind and your own opinions
  5. 5. Some popular IT jobsCTO (Chief Technical Officer), CIO (Chief InformationOfficer): Respect : Very High Qualities: Business savvy, technical mindset, good people skills Average Salary: $150,000 Dress: Business suit and very clean Fun Factor: Only fun if you are a workaholic or on a power trip. Notes: These jobs are highly competitive and usually political, so your chances are low. Sorry.
  6. 6. Enterprise ArchitectRespect: HighQualities: Good technical, business, and design skillsSalary: $100,000Dress: Clean and presentable with collared shirt and pantsFun Factor: Fun job because you get to talk to all otherdepartmentsNotes: Responsible for all solutions that work; not responsiblefor ones that dont work
  7. 7. IT ManagerRespect: Medium-HighQualities: Detail oriented, punctual, critical, supportiveSalary: $70,000Dress: Business CasualFun Factor: Can be fun but often very stressedNotes: They always seem to be workingTechnical WriterRespect: MediumQualities: Excellent writing skills, good technical mindSalary: $50,000Dress: Business CasualFun Factor: Writers are often good at telling stories
  8. 8. Graphic DesignerRespect: Low-MediumQualities: Excellent drawing and illustration skills, good color matchingand artistic qualitiesSalary: $50,000Dress: CasualFun Factor: Generally fun people and sometimes a bit moodyNotes: Not as square as the rest of the IT department. All gooddesigners seem to have tattoos, piercings, and a fashion sense.
  9. 9. Software DeveloperRespect: MediumQualities: Creative, persistent, insatiable thirst for knowledgeSalary: $70,000Dress: Casual Dress is normally the rule (t-shirt and jeans)Fun Factor: If you dont have fun being a developer then you have the wrongjob; other people might not understand your sense of humor though ;)Notes: Companies have a lot of developers compared to other positionslisted. Therefore your chances of becoming a developer are good if you havethe skills and more importantly the desire.
  10. 10. Project ManagerRespect: MediumQualities: Cooperation, leadership, and organization skillsSalary: $60,000Dress: Business Casual (collared shirt and nice jeans or pants)Fun factor: This tends to be a high stress position with long hours. If that soundsfun then go for it!Database Developer / Database AdministratorRespect: Medium-HighQualities: Detail-oriented, high business knowledgeSalary: $80,000Dress: Business CasualFun Factor: If processing giant data sets excite you, then this job is for you.
  11. 11. IT Security ManagerRespect: HighQualities: Military outlook on life, defensive, pro-activeSalary: $70,000Dress: Smart, clean dress is very importantFun Factor: Are you kidding me? This guy is basically a cop!System AdministratorRespect: Medium-HighQualities: God complex, often eat fast food and drink a lot of sodaSalary: $75,000Dress: If they were allowed to, they would probably dress as World of War craftcharacters!Fun Factor: Sys.admins can be patronizing; but they can be fun as well, especiallyafter they have a few beers. They are often eager to show others that they are just"normal people". But this is not usually true.
  12. 12. Software TesterRespect: Low-MediumQualities: Detail-oriented, persistent, curiousSalary: $40,000Dress: Same as developersFun Factor: They are normally seen hanging out with developers, trying to talkabout bugs.Notes: Testers play a vital role in software development that cannot beunderstated.IT Support EngineerRespect: Low (except when someone needs help fixing their computer, then itsreally high)Qualities: Must be good at dealing with technically incompetent peopleSalary: $35,000Dress: CasualFun Factor: Often an endless source of funny stories about technicallyincompetent end-usersNotes: Do not kill the end-users!
  13. 13. Android Development Careers The demand for new Android apps and developmentsupport is constantly growing as more companies require thetechnology to leverage Android apps and offer their products andservices with it. Android is a free, open source, mobile platform operatingsystem that was introduced, with the help of Google, by the OpenHandset Alliance in November of 2007. This trend drives the demand for application developers ofall kinds who are interested in joining the rapidly growing marketand making money every time someone downloads their creation.The Android brand is showing no signs of slowing down as moreAndroid smart phones are being activated every day.
  14. 14. Working in Android Development Android applications are written using the Java programminglanguage so developers in this market need to be thoroughly versed inthe language. Since all it takes is the programming know-how, the Androidsoftware development kit (SDK) and a few plug-ins, just about anyonecan develop apps for the operating system. From games andentertainment, to organizational and work based solutions, there is a needfor a wide range of Android apps and the brilliant developers who providethem. If you’re interested in applying your development skills to thebooming Android app market, Onward Search will match your skills andambitions to opportunities that fit your personal experience andprofessional goals. Start working with Onward today to develop and fortifyyour Android Development career.
  15. 15. Android Developer Job Responsibilities This is a list of responsibilities commonly associated with Android Development jobs. •Java programming •Experience developing and publishing apps •Understanding of the mobile app marketplace
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