Hiring in startups - What you should know.


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This PPT explains the basic things you should consider while hiring for a startup.

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Hiring in startups - What you should know.

  1. 1. Hiring in Start Ups
  2. 2. Contents • Process • Start up problems and process • Steps
  3. 3. Process • Normal Way – Go through resumes • (Collecting from Naukri.com or other sites) • Visit job fairs – Call the candidate for interview – Test and 2 or 3 rounds of interview including machine test – HR interview and select
  4. 4. Startup Problems • Not enough budget • One or two projects in Hand • Not enough person to do interview and even the founder doesn’t have enough knowledge to judge a person.
  5. 5. Start up process • What you should not do? – Talk to friends if they are willing to work and they don’t have a job we ask them to come – No machine test normally even if there is a machine test, if they score min we hire them as we give only less salary. – We are afraid to ask for commitment
  6. 6. Steps – What you must follow while hiring in start ups? • • • • List out your activities See what kind of qualification is required Recruitment Selection
  7. 7. Listing our activities • Write down everything – Opening office – Technical work – Marketing – Meeting with client etc.
  8. 8. Qualification requirement • Btech – Better output but maximum 1 year. • BCA – Always thinks about MCA or higher degree. • MCA – Better choice. They don’t usually think for going to higher studies • Poly – Going for MCA, Btech – But their ambitions are relatively lower.
  9. 9. Recruitment • Your College • Job fairs • Strict no from friends as employees initially
  10. 10. Selection (Test and Interview) • Machine test is mandatory • Ask questions on what you want him to do and not what he might know. Don’t think that we can teach him everything and he will be a good resource. At least he must know 50 % of what you are planning to do. Take one day out for initial hiring. • Whoever attends interview must know why he was not selected.  Very difficult and someone might even ask if you don’t want to hire that is OK don’t come to teach me.
  11. 11. Final HR round • Be clear how much you can pay him. Increment in 3 months, 6 months and 12 year period.
  12. 12. A solution for your problems • This solution is applicable only for IT company – Ask for baabtra profile. If they don’t score at least 50 %, don’t take them. – Tell baabtra what you are looking for. Forward the resumes. Make us authorised recruiter. – Currently authorized recruiter for Sesame, Kozhikode
  13. 13. Contact Us Emarald Mall (Big Bazar Building) Mavoor Road, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Ph: + 91 – 495 40 25 550 Start up Village Eranakulam, Kerala, India. Email: info@baabtra.com NC Complex, Near Bus Stand Mukkam, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Ph: + 91 – 495 2229 5 550