3 tier architecture in Asp.Net


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3 tier architecture in Asp.Net

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3 tier architecture in Asp.Net

  1. 1. Disclaimer: This presentation is prepared by trainees of baabtra as a part of mentoring program. This is not official document of baabtra –Mentoring Partner Baabtra-Mentoring Partner is the mentoring division of baabte System Technologies Pvt . Ltd
  2. 2. Week Target Achieved 1 18wpm 2 3 Typing Speed
  3. 3. Jobs Applied # Company Designation Applied Date Current Status 1 2 3
  4. 4. 3 Tier structure Asp Dot Net Shavad cv shavadcv@gmail.com www.facebook.com/shavad cv twitter.com/shavad cv in.linkedin.com/in/Shavad cv 8086151588
  5. 5. What is 3-Tier Architecture • A 3 way interaction in a client/server environment. • The user interface is stored in the client • The bulk of the business application logic is stored in one or more servers • The data are stored in a database server.
  6. 6. If the Application tier server is down and caching is sufficient, the Presentation tier can process Web requests using the cache.
  7. 7. 3-Tier Disadvantages Increased Complexity / Effort o In General 3-tier Architecture is more complex to build compared to 2-tier Architecture. o Point of Communication are doubled.
  8. 8. User Interface Layer
  9. 9. Folder Structure for the 3 tier Application
  10. 10. Presentation Layer
  11. 11. • Application layer is the form which provides the user interface to either programmer of end user. Programmer uses this layer for designing purpose and to get or set the data back and forth.
  12. 12. Business Layer
  13. 13. This layer is a class which we use to write the function which works as a mediator to transfer the data from Application or presentation layer data layer. In the three tier architecture we never let the data access layer to interact with the presentation layer.
  14. 14. Data Layer
  15. 15. Presentation Layer
  16. 16. Business Layer
  17. 17. Data Layer
  18. 18. This layer is also a class which we use to get or set the data to the database back and forth. This layer only interacts with the database. We write the database queries or use stored procedures to access the data from the database or to perform any operation to the database.
  19. 19. Thank You
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