Do Not Go Hiking or Camping Without This One Thing!


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There are many things people like to take with them when hiking or camping, but one relatively new thing is quickly becoming an absolute must for all hiking and camping trips. What is it? Find out.

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Do Not Go Hiking or Camping Without This One Thing!

  1. 1. Do Not Go Hiking or Camping Without This One Thing!There are new hiking and camping gadgets brought out all of the time with eager sales people trying toconvince you that each one is a ‘must have’ product. There is one item, however, that is rapidlybecoming a very useful thing to carry. In fact, it has so many uses and is so small and light it could almostbe called ‘the technological Swiss army knife’.So, what is this important, “must have” thing?So, what could be so important? I refer, of course, to smartphones. Regardless of whether they areApple or Android, these devices are revolutionizing hiking and camping trips. Sure a smartphone won’treplace your camping gear, like a camping tent...yet, but they are incredibly useful. The key to gettingthe most use from a smartphone is in the apps you install. Let’s take a look at some of the things thatthe average smartphone will do and how it helps the hiker and the camper save weight and space intheir packs.Reason #1: GPSThe first and most obvious benefit is that most smartphones are also fairly sophisticated GPS devices.Coupled with the amazing Google satellite maps, these can take the place of a map, compass and GPSunit. You can pin point your position within a yard and also use an app to plot your route.Reason #2: WeatherThe weather is an important factor when hiking too and there are many apps that deliver up-to-the-minute weather bulletins direct to your phone. In winter, this could literally be a life-saving app if badweather is suddenly closing in.Reason #3: GuidebooksMany guide books and field guides are now being published in digital format. You could carry a wholevirtual library of informative information on your smartphone. For this feature, you would not evenneed a reliable signal connection as they would be stored on the phone’s internal memory. Leading onfrom field guides, there is even an app that will identify bird calls. This means you can be aware of thebirdlife around you without actually spotting the bird in order to identify it.Reason #4...and 5 and 6 and 7 and...For campers, one thing you often need is a reliable torch or camp lantern. The flashlight app is a greatback up should your normal one fail. Then, if you want to know if a snake you found in your tent ispoisonous, which berries you can safely eat or how to proceed if you lose all of your food & water, theUS Army Survival app is a reassuring addition to your smartphone.Then, when the fire has died down on a clear night and you are lying down looking up at the stars, youcan impress your fellow campers by pointing your smartphone to the sky and an app will map out all ofthe visible constellations, stars and planets. Oh, and while you do this, you don’t need to worry aboutmosquitoes either. There is an app that produces a sonic repellent ensuring you remain bite-free.
  2. 2. There are dozens of reasons a smartphone has become the “must have” for hiking and camping todayand those reasons are growing as new apps come out with even more interesting features.Author Bio:Barry Rodgers is an outdoors enthusiast. He has a love of the outdoors lifestyle and has hiked in the USA and manyEuropean countries. Currently living in Greece, he is often found hiking and camping in the mountains and on thebeaches of southern Crete with his camping gear, a camp lantern, a tent and good friends.