July Newsletter 2011


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July Newsletter 2011

  1. 1. THE FLY PAPER JULY 2011 SHOWALTER FLYING SERVICE The Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) 400 Herndon Avenue Orlando, FL 32803 It’s History! A couple months ago I was looking at the HJ High Construction Company newslet- ter and noticed the first picture that is included in this article. It immediately took me back to a picture (the second photo) I remembered of Showalter’s original build- ing at this airport. They were so strikingly similar. I sent the two on to Steve High, friend and long time based customer and we commented on the very humble begin- Special points nings of both companies. Starting with Steve’s dad, Harlem John High, their com- of interest: pany has had an airplane based with us for the better part of 55 years! It’s History! Our companies have crossed paths in more than just aviation. HJ High built a por- tion of the OEA terminal building that Showalter had offices in for many years. When it was torn down in 1998 and we were able to construct our first dedicated facility, Steve came to me and offered his company’s help. I had no commercial construction experience, have always put my faith in a relationship over a bid and started to fight the fight that would have required us to bid the job out and accept the lowest bid. Our terminal building is a result of that decision and I will be everInside this issue: grateful to Steve, Robert (his son and now company president) and HJ High Con- struction.Are you Con- 2 HJ High Construction is 75 years old this year! We treasure our relationship withnected? them as we do the relationships we have with so many of you. While the value in relationships doesn’t seem to drive companies as it once did, it is still what bringsPilots N Paws 2 us the most pleasure in our day. Someday when you’re at the airport take a minute to look at the plaques that areC-414A & T-210 2 ramp side of the terminal. One is the plaque from the dedication of the originalPartnerships terminal building. The other is the plaque dedicating this building to the foundersLodi’s Lowdown 2 of both HJ High Construction and Showalter Flying Service. It reads, “These individu- als are proud to have participated in the construction of two terminals and in the development of General Aviation at Orlando Executive Airport”. And by the way, the glass blocks under both of these plaques are from the original terminal build- ing. ~Kim ShowalterContact us:Phone: 407-894-7331Fax: 407-894-5094E-mail:jenny@showalter.comWeb:www.showalter.comFollow us on: HJ High’s original office building pictured Showalter’s first building at KORL in 1948. circa 1947.
  2. 2. The Fly Paper Page 2 Are you Connected? I am a very reluctant user of social media. I joined Facebook a couple years ago, but spent my first year as a voyeur checking out the activi- ties and posts of my “friends.” I rarely posted anything myself believing that no one in their right mind would care about what I’m doing or thinking. Then, my two best out-of-town friends started drifting away from our weekly email up- dates and began to post more on FB. If I wanted to know what they were doing all I had to do was check out their most re- cent posts and pictures of their kids on FB. This eventually led to occasional posts of my own (although I still believe no one wants to know what I’m do- ing) and a greater comfort with how to use Facebook to stay connected with my friends.1/3 Partnerships Available: On a rainy Wednesday in early June I made my commitment to expand my Cessna 414AW Ram VII social media outreach to include a Twitter and LinkedIn account, something that all of us at Showalter are making an effort to do. Let me tell you that Conversion or a LinkedIn was an absolute breeze and I’ve been shocked to see my connec-Cessna T-210 fully loaded. tions grow in a short time to include many industry friends and acquaintan- Contact Dan Drummond ces. Twitter is another story. I am struggling to understand the phenome- 407-404-3470 non of everything starting with an @ and the concept of # hash tags.dandrummond@mac.com What??? And, while tweets and retweets have me thoroughly confused, I http://cessna414a.com know that this is the new face of business. If we don’t step out of our com- fort zone and try new things, we’ll be left behind. I found myself at home late the other night in the comfort of my living room with my iPhone in hand. My dad had just sent out one of his first tweets in response to something my BFF (Best Friend Forever...ugh) had posted. With butterflies in my stomach I typed in my reply and hit send. It hurt, but only for a minute. And if I did it wrong or embarrassed myself, no one was around to laugh at me! ~Jenny ShowalterPilot’s N Paws Follow me on Twitter at @JSShowalterOn June 8th, Showalter was proud toplay host to a special delivery. One of Lodi’s Lowdownour favorite aviation related charities, Lodi’s Lowdown for the month of June was correctly answered by NicholasPilots N Paws, flew in two service dogs Musashe. The aircraft model that hangs over Jenny Showalter’s desk is a JNfor adoption by two wounded U.S. sol- 4-Jenny Thanks for answering!diers. To read more about Marley and The question for July:Deuce’s adoptions and learn about Pi- What three buildings located at KORL were constructed by ourlots N Paws, visit www.pilotsnpaws.org. friends at HJ High Construction? Please email your answers to jenny@showalter.com. Happy 4th of July God bless America!