July Newsletter


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July Newsletter

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July Newsletter

  1. 1. THE FLY PAPER JULY 2009 SHOWALTER FLYING SERVICE The Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) 400 Herndon Avenue Orlando, FL 32803 97 Years! As I write this it is who don’t do this any- deliver. But more than 22:00 on the evening of more. What they would- that, we remarked the last Orlando Magic n’t see is that Wednes- about how much fun we home game in the play- day night the five peo- still had doing this and Special points offs. Thanks to the ple that were here had a how so many people of interest: playoffs, this is would miss the the third night fact that it was • 97 Years! this week that fun. It beat the • Summer AVGAS Sale several of us have heck out of work- been lucky ing. We are more enough to stay well-rounded as a late and attend to company now the aircraft com- than we have ever ing and going for been. Hard times Inside this issue: the game. At first do bring some blush someone might combined service of 97 good things. The chal- Weather 2 think that Showalter years! I’m very proud lenge is not to lose had all of the “office” of that. Imagine the what you have gained. help here to work these service that kind of ex- ~Kim Sales Department 2 Update games; all of the people perience was able to NBAA is Coming 2 Summer AVGAS Sale Back By Popular Demand Lodi’s Lowdown 2 What a tough time to fly discount for the third chases! a piston powered air- year. Each Saturday It’s pretty simple. Fuel craft! 100LL prices are between now and Sep- must be pumped and rising again and keep- tember 5th, you will re- paid for on Saturday. ing many of you Based customers will grounded. That nega- receive this discount tively affects both of instead of their regu- 75¢ OFF Contact us: us. lar discount when Knowing that we they request fuel Phone: 407-894-7331 can’t make the on Saturday. Fax: 407-894-5094 prices go away, and Please take advan- E-mail: jenny@showalter.com we can’t lower them tage of this deal and tell Web: every day, we have de- all your flying friends. www.showalter.com cided to bring back our ceive a .75¢ dis- Our goal is to keep you “Pump & Pay” Saturday count on 100LL pur- flying!
  2. 2. The Fly Paper Page 2 Wow! What’s Up With the Weather? We know that you must be tired of hearing our summer weather warnings we have been featuring in The Fly Paper. But, since our last issue went to press, we have received countless inches of rain, several lightning strikes on the air- port, heavy wind and hail. When these storms hit, our line service op- eration is suspended for the duration. In many cases of late, this has meant several NBAA 2009 hours at a time that we have been unable to service your needs. We appreciate your pa- NBAA 2009 is coming to tience with mother nature and our policy. Orlando this October 20- The fact that you value our employees as 22nd! Our seasoned based much as we do means a lot! customers know that NBAA does have an impact on The Sales Department’s Phone Has Been Ringing! the airport traffic and your ability to fly during the We wanted to report that an encouraging sign to week of the convention. us has been an increasing number of calls to the You also know that we do Sales line here at Showalter, along with the sale everything we can to mini- of two and one half aircraft in the past mize the inconvenience to month! We sold a partnership interest in a Piper you . Twin as well as two Beech Bonanzas that had been on the market for just a couple of In the coming months we months. While prices aren’t what they might will be calling or emailing have been , they were acceptable to the owners all of our based customers and the deliveries and payments went smoothly. to determine your flying plans during the week of This brings up the fact that while this may be a NBAA. Please let us know good time to consider selling your airplane, it is what you need and expect a FANTASTIC time to be a buyer in this mar- so that we can better serve ket. We are seeing quality aircraft sell for prices that give wonderful value now you during this unusually to the acquirer, while giving the new owner a real opportunity to have his net busy time. cost of ownership be quite small, as many feel there will be appreciation in the coming years from these current low valuations. Feel free to contact Sandy Showalter or Bob Showalter at the office to see if we can help you sell or help you find your aircraft! Our reputation for compe- tence and integrity is a major reason our phones have been active! Lodi’s Lowdown The question for June was correctly answered by Nicholas Musashe and Teri McLean! The members of the Florida Aviation Trades Association Entrepreneu- rial Excellence Hall of Fame are: Bump Holman, Bill Sowell, Jack Hunt, Gary Jones, Dick Bennett, and Bob Showalter. July’s question is: Where is the oldest, continually active seaplane base in the U.S? Please submit all answers to jenny@showalter.com or call 407-894-7331. Thanks for playing!