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BYTE Workshop Work Package 5: Foresight Analysis


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Author: Claudia Werker (TUDelft)
Presented at: BYTE Workshop Work Package 5: Foresight Analysis

Published in: Technology
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BYTE Workshop Work Package 5: Foresight Analysis

  1. 1. Claudia Werker BYTE Workshop Work Package 5: Foresight Analysis
  2. 2. Claudia Werker 2 Session 1: Review of Previous Findings The Cases Health – Rachel Finn (TRI) Smart cities – Sonja Zillner (Siemens) Shipping – Erik Stenstrud (DNV) Oil & Gas – Rajendra Akerkar (UiO) Environmental data – Lorenzo Bigagli (CNR) Crisis – Rachel Finn (TRI) Culture – Rachel Finn (TRI)
  3. 3. Claudia Werker 3 Session 1: Output Aimed At a joint understanding about the cases, particularly on the external forces (outside the influence of the actors)
  4. 4. Claudia Werker 4 Session 1: Open Questions Emerging •legal framework, e.g. privacy and security concerns or IPR issues •Political changes, e.g. open access to data •Technological challenges, e.g. set-up, use and access of common platforms, collection of data •External factors, such as environmental changes •Develop new business models based on Big Data: • Changes in competition: monopolies • Changes in strategies • Investment in data infrastructure •Relationship between private and public sector
  5. 5. Claudia Werker 5 Session 2: Identifying Objectives and Structuring Problems Questions: 1. What are the objectives regarding Big Data in the EU? 2. How does the EU perform regarding the objectives (see measurements on the case templates)? 3. Are opportunities emerging from Big Data for the EU used sufficiently to meet the objectives?
  6. 6. Claudia Werker 6 Session 2: Groups groups are formed according to following criteria  one coordinator:  SMEs (Claudia)  large companies (George)  policy (Els)  consumers (Scott)  at least one person from the board  at least one person from one of the consortium members (if more than one please from different consortium members)
  7. 7. Claudia Werker 7 Session 2: Steps of groups’ work 5 minutes for each step 1. brainstorm about measures • take the perspectives of actors’ group • start from the case templates 2. make measures operational by units and direction 3. group similar objectives and develop an objectives hierarchy 4. move up and down the hierarchy 5. prepare presentation
  8. 8. Claudia Werker 8 Session 2: Groups’ Results • SMEs • large companies • policy • consumers
  9. 9. Claudia Werker 9 Session 2: Problem Structuring Questions: 1. What are the problems? 2. Why are they problems? 3. Who would want to solve them? 4. Who can solve them and how?
  10. 10. Claudia Werker Information