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Big data Opportunities and Societal Concerns


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Authors: Arild Waaler, Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo
Presented at: Abelia Workshop – Er Norge forberedt på Big Data?

Published in: Technology
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Big data Opportunities and Societal Concerns

  1. 1. Abelia Workshop – Er Norge forberedt på Big Data? Big data opportunities and societal concerns Arild Waaler Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo
  2. 2. What do we mean by big data? • Ambiguities about the meaning of ‘big data’ – Often employed to refer to large datasets – Sometimes also encompasses the techniques and the computing platforms employed to process data • Current wave (or ‘hype’) – Exponential growth of available and potentially valuable data – Strong trend across all industries and sectors towards data amassing and analytics – “Data is the new oil”
  3. 3. Why big data? • Some common (and old) data problems – Volume, variety, velocity, veracity, etc. • …and some technological solutions – Batch parallel processing – Semantic integration – Stream processing – Real-time analytics • Collecting and analyzing data creates value – Optimization of current business practices – New products and services based on data
  4. 4. Prototypes of big data start-ups Data generation and analysis Data aggregation as a service Analytics as a service Multi-source data mash-up and analysis Free data collector and aggregator Free data knowledge discovery DDB Framework, Hartmann et al. 2014, University of Cambridge Track & generated data Customer provided data Free available data Aggregation Analytics Data generation
  5. 5. Societal concerns with big data • Public concerns about big data practices • Is the use of big data good for society? + Commercialization of new goods and services + Accelerate scientific progress + Data-driven employment offerings – Distrust of government data-based activities – Private data misuse – Invasive use of information – Competitive disadvantage of newer businesses and SMEs
  6. 6. Case studies to investigate the effects of big data on society • Energy with Statoil – Improve decision making in oil & gas exploration • Culture with the European Library – Open access of heritage data • Environment with the European Spatial Agency – Climate change monitoring • Health with a Hospital in London – Discovery of new genes associated with diseases • Safe ship operations with DNV – Automated, real-time vessel condition assessment • Smart cities with SIEMENS – Energy-efficient city logistics