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ENGL220 Odyssey Books XV-XIX


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ENGL220 Odyssey Books XV-XIX

  1. 1. Book XV
  2. 2. Athena arrives in Sparta
  3. 3. She lies to Telemachus to get him home
  4. 4. Telemachus heads to Ithaca, accompanied by the exile/seer Theoclymenus
  5. 5. Odyssey XVI
  6. 6. Penny scolds the suitors.
  7. 7. Book XVII
  8. 8. Telemachus goes home
  9. 9. The maids are glad to see him
  10. 10. Then Telemachus goes to the assembly Athena makes him extra good- looking.
  11. 11. He gives the gifts he got from Menelaus to his friend Piraeus for safekeeping
  12. 12. Telemachus takes Theoclymenus home, and Theo tells Penelope that her husband is on Ithaca
  13. 13. The suitors have been frolicking in the courtyard
  14. 14. They break for dinner.
  15. 15. Ody goes to beg at his own home
  16. 16. Argus by Alexander Pope WHEN wise Ulysses, from his native coast Long kept by wars, and long by tempests toss'd, Arrived at last, poor, old, disguised, alone, To all his friends, and ev'n his Queen unknown, Changed as he was, with age, and toils, and cares, Furrow'd his rev'rend face, and white his hairs, In his own palace forc'd to ask his bread, Scorn'd by those slaves his former bounty fed, Forgot of all his own domestic crew, The faithful Dog alone his rightful master knew! Unfed, unhous'd, neglected, on the clay Like an old servant now cashier'd, he lay; Touch'd with resentment of ungrateful man, And longing to behold his ancient lord again. Him when he saw he rose, and crawl'd to meet, ('Twas all he could) and fawn'd and kiss'd his feet, Seiz'd with dumb joy; then falling by his side, Own'd his returning lord, look'd up, and died!
  17. 17. Telemachus shames the suitors into giving the new beggar food
  18. 18. Antinous refuses, and throws a stool at Odysseus
  19. 19. The suitors throw out the new beggar
  20. 20. The swineherd and Penelope rue the treatment of the elderly guest, but are ignored
  21. 21. Book XVIII
  22. 22. The beggar Iros arrives
  23. 23. Athena showers grace on Penelope
  24. 24. Penny scolds the suitors, and tells them if they want to be taken seriously they must bring her gifts.
  25. 25. The suitors send their servants off to get wonderful gifts
  26. 26. The suitors and the maids continue to abuse the old beggar
  27. 27. Odyssey XIX
  28. 28. Odysseus tells Telemachus to lock up all of the weapons
  29. 29. Meanwhile, the maids are locked in their rooms by Eurycleia
  30. 30. After Telemachus goes to bed, Penelope comes downstairs to interview the beggar
  31. 31. Penelope tells the “stranger” her troubles
  32. 32. The beggar assures Penelope that Odysseus will soon be home
  33. 33. Penelope asks Eurycleia to wash the beggar’s feet
  34. 34. Eurycleia recognizes the scar on Odysseus’ thigh
  35. 35. Odysseus swears his old nurse to silence
  36. 36. The beggar interprets a dream Penelope tells him she had
  37. 37. He foretells the destruction of the suitors
  38. 38. Penelope explains the bow contest she will hold
  39. 39. Then Penelope goes up to bed