Fly Fishing-Get Some Lessons To Get Started Right


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Fly Fishing-Get Some Lessons To Get Started Right

  1. 1. There are many types of fish, such as saltwater fish, or trout, that you can catch when you are fly fishing, a fun and even additive sport. When you are out in the stream,pitting your skills with the fish, you will be in contact with nature, and may even get out-smarted by the fish. The guidelines well be sharing in this article can help youchoose the right gear, locations and habits when you go fly fishing.
  2. 2. When you are hunting, you need to not scare off the game, and when you are fly fishing you need to also notscare off the fish. One of the mistakes beginners at fishingoften make is to not realize that the fish are aware of their presence. It is easy to think that fish live in anotheruniverse, but they can hear and see you as well as you can see them. As you are walking along the river bank, you need to do it quietly. If youre with anyone else, keep conversation to a minimum. Stay behind the fish, so they wont see you. When you wade through water, avoid splashing, as fish are extremely sensitive to vibrations.
  3. 3. With fly fishing it is necessary to tie knots, and for most people who are just starting out, mastering that area isthe most challenging. Lubricating the line with your saliva, or by dipping it in water, will make it slide into place better, making the knot easier to tie.
  4. 4. When you finish the knots make sure they are plenty tightand will hold properly, by pulling on the line to test them. You need to make sure that you dont damage theknot, when you cut away any excess material that was leftafter you tied the knot. There are different knots that you can learn how to tie, through books, videos, and websites, but only by practice will you get any good at it.
  5. 5. The next thing to consider are your lures (flies). The ones you choose and use will be the determining factor in yoursuccess or failure as a fly fisher. Dont forget that when the fish come towards the surface to eat, they will only go after your fly if it resembles the normal insects they are used to finding at that time of day. The lure you use will, of course, change with the area in which you are fishing, the season, and what type of fish you are targeting. When you know where you will be fishing, buylures that match - color and appearance - the live flies thatare around at that particular time. There are different flies and insects that the fish feed off of during the different seasons of the year. Therefore, its a good idea to have a variety of lures to match the conditions you are in. By practicing whenever you can, you will master quickly the
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