February 2011 Fishing Forecast for Clearwater, FL


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February 2011 Fishing Forecast for Clearwater, FL

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  5. 5. As we transfer into February, the drinking water temperatures have been colder than standard in the Clearwater fishing and Dunedin fishing places. We havebeen consistently under sixty degrees. Chilly fronts are ok, but the fish like a warm up to get in their wintertime mood.
  6. 6. Commence drifting for trout through the many grass flats that dot Clearwater Bay and St. Joseph Seem waters.Continue to be in about two to four toes of drinking water. The fish will transfer up on these flats to catch some sunshine and ideally a meal at the same time. Give each grass area a tiny time and if nothings biting, move on. Search all around the spoil islands during the bay. For the duration of the winter season months the trout seem to congregate close to these islands to continue to be warmand feed. Not all of these islands will maintain fish, so test as many as you can till you identify the trout.
  7. 7. Most of the time on my wintertime fishing charters, casting with artificials is the very best way to track down the fish. I will be working with a 1/eight or 1/16 oz. jighead with a dark coloured plastic tail. Mister Twister has a handful of root beer coloured plastics I use a whole lot.Dont forget to bounce it alongside the bottom and move it authentic slow. The winter months trout are not really lively and dont want to transfer far for their food items. Carry some stay shrimp so you can change in excess ofafter the fish are located. Fishing the shrimp on a float set up close to the bottom will catch some large trout.
  8. 8. Searching for redfish may be a time consuming affair. The fish will be scattered close to the again waters and mangroves if you care to research. Last February I identified a school of about fifty to 75 redfish and they hung out in the similar place for two months.
  9. 9. We caught very a several slot measurement fish free ofcharge lining reside shrimp. After you track down a facultyof redfish, use a stealth tactic since they will be extremely skittish.
  10. 10. Dodging the cold fronts and getting out fishing in February, can be very productive. It could consider a tiny additionallooking than usual, but it will shell out off when you locate the fish.
  11. 11. http://fishingadvices.net/