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Bulx Vendors


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Bulx Vendor Information

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Bulx Vendors

  1. 1. love your home
  2. 2. love your homeHigh-end home improvement brands at up to 70% off retailShort duration (4-days), private (log-in), no brand advertisingGilt Groupe (online sample sale) for home improvement brands
  3. 3. love your homeCUSTOMER : DIY & BIY, remodelers, contractors, small buildersMARKET : $271.8 billion in 2010, projected to be $336.6 billion by the year 2014PROBLEM : high-end overstock brands liquidated to low market retailers causes disruption of retail cycle
  4. 4. love your home Short duration private online sales, notified through a daily email Mitigated disruption to retail distribution channels & cycle Maintains brand integrity by showcasing overstock product in high-fashion presentation
  5. 5. love your homeWHO | BULX + YouWHAT | What We’re Looking ForWHERE | The MediumWHY | The Big OpportunityWHEN | Timeframe & LogisticsHOW | Making It Happen
  6. 6. love your homeBULX + YOUBULX, the Internet’s first private sale site for high-endhome improvement products, is looking to partner withmanufacturers, distributors, designers and brandswho want to showcase their products to thousands ofnew online customers each is currently the only private sale website on theInternet offering home improvement products. BULX has builta mailing list of 500,000+ emails which is growing every day.BULX will generate millions of visits and impressions for yourproduct, all in a safe non-disruptive environment.
  7. 7. love your homeWHAT WE’RE LOOKING FORBULX is looking to offer a wide range of fixtures, furniture,lighting, hardware, flooring, décor, bedding, rugs, storage,accessories and more for every room in the home - includingthe kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and patio.
  8. 8. love your homeTHE MEDIUMBULX offers products via our private sale site - various partnerships and marketing efforts, thousandsof visitors log into each day to see what productsthey could use to improve their homes.Selling your product line through BULX ensures the discounted priceour Members see will not be stored or distributed across the web(due to our login process).This gives you the opportunity to move overstock or discontinuedproducts discreetly without damaging your brand or violatingminimum advertised pricing (MAP) with other distributors.
  9. 9. love your homeTHE BIG OPPORTUNITYBased on recent BULX Member feedback, BULX is looking toexpand the variety of home-based products we sell on ourwebsite.Due to the “timed” nature of our sales, this means we are inconstant need for the best brands in home improvement,furnishings & décor, and the most popular seasonal itemsthroughout the year.BULX Members are a very design- and price-conscious bunchand have come to appreciate and expect quality products for saleeach day. By hosting a sale through BULX, your brand will befeatured alongside some of the top brands in home improvement.
  10. 10. love your homeTIMEFRAME & LOGISTICSBeginning October 1, BULX will begin accepting vendorsubmissions to be featured in upcoming sale events.Depending on the availability of open online events, new productpartners can expect to have their lines featured within two to fourweeks from initial contact.In less than a month, your overflow and liquidated product couldbe in front of hundreds of thousands of new customers througha platform that will supplement your standard distribution chain.
  11. 11. love your homeMAKING IT HAPPENIf you are interested in having your brand and/or product line featuredon BULX, please contact support@bulx.comTo learn more about BULX or to view our current sales, visit us at HOW