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Philippine Spanish Literature


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21st century Literature Philippines and the World

K to 12 Program

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Philippine Spanish Literature

  1. 1. Philippine Literature Spanish Period
  2. 2. Notable Works DoctrinaChristiana Ang Barlaan at Josaphat Ang Pasyon Urbana at Felisa IbongAdarna Floranteat Laura
  3. 3. Doctrina Christiana The First Book Printed in the Philippines The Physical Description printed in Gothic letters and Tagalog characters signed Juan de Cuellar
  4. 4. AngBarlaan at Josaphat buong pamagat ng aklat ay “Aral na tunay na totoong pag aacay sa tauo, nang manga cabanalang gaua nang manga maloualhating santos na si Barlaan ni Josafat” Inilathala ng Lacompania de Jesus sinulat ng isang monghe sa monasteryo ng Sabbas na malapit sa Jerusalem.”
  5. 5. AngPasyon isang naratibong tula ng Pilipinas, na nagsasaad ng buhay ni Kristo unang Pilipinong sumulat at kumanta ng pasyon sa Tagalog ay si “Padre Gaspar Aquilino de Belen” Halos lahat ng pasyon ay nasusulat sa quintillos
  6. 6. Urbana at Felisa a novel written in 1938 by Modesto de Castro The story relates the importance of purity and ideal virtues that married people should practice and enrich.
  7. 7. Ibong Adarna isang koridong isinulat ni Jose dela Cruz di nagtagal ay itinanghal na ito sa mga entablado maraming nag-aakala na ang Ibong Adarna ay katutubo mismo sa Pilipinas.
  8. 8. Florante at Laura Kabuuang pamagat ay “Pinagdaanang búhay ni Florante at ni Laura sa kahariáng Albanya” May 50 taong gulang na si Francisco Baltasar nung ginawa ito. written in a literary form called Awit
  9. 9. Recreation PLays Tibag Lagaylay Cenaculo Panunuluyan Salubong Carillo Zarzuela Sainete moro-moro Karagatan Duplo Balagtasan Dung-aw Awit Corrido
  10. 10. Tibag tibag means to excavate This ritual was brought here by the Spaniard to remind the people about the search of St. Helena for the Cross on which Jesus died.
  11. 11. Lagaylay this is a special occasion for the Pilareños of Sorsogon during Maytime to get together
  12. 12. Cenaculo Panuluyan this is a dramatic performance to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Cenaculo is written in octosyllabic verse This is a presentation of the search of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph for an inn wherein to deliver the baby Jesus. this is presented before 12:00 on Christmas Eve
  13. 13. Carillo Salubong The Salubong is an Easter play that dramatizes the meeting of the Risen Christ and his Mother. this is a form of dramatic entertainment performed on a moonless night during a town fiesta or on dark nights after a harvest. This shadow play is made by projecting cardboard figures before a lamp against a white sheet.
  14. 14. Zarzuela Sainete it is a musical comedy or melodrama three acts which dealt with man’s passions and emotions like love, hate, revenge, cruelty, avarice or some social or political proble. They were exaggerated comedies shown between acts of long plays and were mostly performed by characters from the lower classes.
  15. 15. Moro moro Karagatan This is performed during town fiestas to entertain the people and to remind them of their Christian religion. This is a poetic vehicle of a socio-religious nature celebrated during the death of a person.
  16. 16. Duplo This is a poetic joust in speaking and reasoning. It is usually played during wakes for the dead. Balagtasan This is a poetic joust or a contest of skills in debate on a particular topic or issue. This is replaced the DUPLO and is held to honor Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar.
  17. 17. Awit at Corido Dung aw This is a chant in free verse by a bereaved person or his representative beside the corpse of the dead. It is personalized and usually deals with the life, sufferings and sacrifices of the dead and includes apologies for his misdeeds. Some use these two interchangeably because distinction is not clear.
  18. 18. The End Sources and references: Wikipedia Google Images