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Nation and Nationalism


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Rizal life ,Works & Writtings

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Nation and Nationalism

  1. 1. Nation and Nationalism Josefino Tulabing Larena Jr, CPS,MPA
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • Define nationalism in relation to the concept of nation,state and nation state • Appraise the development of nationalism and naation-building at present
  3. 3. KEYWORDS
  4. 4. • Bayan –indigenous Filipino concepts of community and territory that may be related to nationalism
  5. 5. • Nation –a group of people with a shared langauge,culture and history
  6. 6. • Nation building –a project undertaken with the goal of strengthening the bond of the nation
  7. 7. •Nation –state- a state ruling over governing a nation
  8. 8. • Patriotism –a feeling of attachment to one’s homeland
  9. 9. • Sovereignty-the authority to govern a polity without external interference /incursions.
  10. 10. Nation -State • Nation ( People/ Community) • State ( Territory )
  11. 11. Nation and Nationalism • Primordialism- it argues that a national identity has always existed and nations have “ ethnic cores” • Modernity –this line of thinking suggests that nationalism and national identify are necessary products of the social structure and culture brought about by the emergence of capitalism ,industrialization, secularization, urbanization and bureaucratization.
  12. 12. “imagined communities” • Benedict Anderson argues that nations imagined communities (2003).He traces the history of these imagined communities to the enlightenment when European society began challenging the supposed divinely-ordained dynastic regimes of the monarchies.This idea was starkly exemplified by the industrial revolution and the French revolution
  13. 13. Nation and Bayan • Nation-building is a continuing struggle up to the present. • First anti-colonial revolution in Asia led by Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan.scholars note the important work of the propagandists like Rizal in the sustained efforts to build the nation and enact change in the Spanish colony.
  14. 14. • The indigenous intellect movement like Sikolohiyang Pilipino and Bagong Kasaysayan • Introduced the concept of Kapwa and bayan
  15. 15. Thank you so much