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Jose Rizal in Dumaguete


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Rizal life, works and writings

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Jose Rizal in Dumaguete

  1. 1. Sir Penn Tulabing Larena AB,CPS,MPA
  2. 2.   What was the reason why Rizal stop by Dumaguete?  What made Rizal dubbed Dumaguete as “ Land of Gentle People  What was the first time experiences of Rizal?  Who are the people met Rizal in Dumaguete? Objective
  3. 3.  First stop over July 16,1892
  4. 4.  Burgos Street is said to be the street where national hero Rizal walked from the pier to the Church & Bell tower while on his way to exile in Dapitan. July 16,1892 and reaching Dapitan on Sunday ,the 17th of July, at 7:00 in the morning
  5. 5. Aug 1,1896
  6. 6.  Adios Dapitan July 31,1896
  7. 7.  Rizal travel to Dumaguete
  8. 8.   It was said that on his way and coming back from Dapitan from exiled, he set foot in the shores of Dumaguete for the first time and described Dumaguete as a town of gentle people. This is difficult to prove for now as there's not much time to dig the archives on that. But yes, I always hear from many Dumaguetenos that it was Rizal who coined the phrase. Rizal sa Dumaguete
  9. 9.  Casa Tribunal Dumaguete
  10. 10.   The port of Dumaguete is an important transit port between Cebu and Western Mindanao, dating back to the 1800s. Espana, one of the steamer boats that docked in the port, brought Rizal to the shores of Dumaguete in August 1896, his second time. Dumaguete
  11. 11.  Dumaguete Locsin House
  12. 12.  Dumaguete in Sunrise
  13. 13.   He met Mariano Pinili and group of Masonic at his Farm house in Tacolobo , from whom I learned about many cases and things concerning provincial etiquette. It turned out that while I was going to visit my friend and former classmate Mr. Faustino Herrero Regidor, the provincial judge, the eye operation for a person was set for that afternoon. Meeting of People
  14. 14.   Rizal, Dapitan, 14 March 1895 || To Mr. Mariano Pinili  The machine will arrive from America within two months. Dapitan, 14 March 1895 Mr. Mariano Pinili My dear Sir, I received your letter and I have the pleasure to inform you that I have already sent money to America about two months ago for the machine that you want. As that country is far, I expect that the machine will be here within two months. Without anything more, command your attentive servant who kisses your hand. José Rizal Rizal letter to Don Mariano Pinili
  15. 15.   Sr. Ignacio Gonzalez  Spend breakfast with Rizal Meeting People
  16. 16.   Meeting with the women in Dumaguete Meeting People
  17. 17.   Ramona Ramos Gonzales Wife of Don Lorenzo Bruno Gomez a sugar baron of Bais and Tanjay Photo by : Martin Burgos & Baena La Familia Meeting People
  18. 18.   Don Clemente Diago y Gil Eye Patient of Jose Rizal in Dumaguete PHOTO Collection of Vicenting Diago Alcázar Meeting People
  19. 19.   Prequit & Ybanez the two families that Rizal met after Lunch  Young Ladies Natalia Moras & Rufina Ybanez  Juan M.Valdivia-Milagros Saavedra Periquet  Photo by : Casa Larena Bais Meeting People
  20. 20.   It was the break of dawn when I arrived from sea. From a comfortable distance, the waxing moon hanged low in the mountains. These mountains called Cuernos de Negros stand in the backdrop of the town. The sea was as black as silk. The sight and sound and the familiar air that day of my arrival still lingered. Jose Rizal First Time
  21. 21.   The first time I set foot in Dumaguete. I was immediately smitten by its small town charm. And so was Rizal. In his diary, he wrote about visits to the Governor Regal, The Provincial judge and one house where a beautiful piano music was played. Rizal wrote: First Time
  22. 22.   The observant Calamba Joe added: "...the people of Dumaguete are fond of decorating their houses with plants and flowers."  Still holds true today. Everywhere in Dumaguete, there are always pockets of garden. First Time
  23. 23.   There are big houses, some with galvanized iron roofing. The house of a lady, whose name ( Natalia Moras) I have forgotten, was outstanding. It is occupied by the government and another one, just begun with many ipil posts.  Rizal First Time
  24. 24.   Mexican Adobo Manok with Bisol First Time
  25. 25.  Rizal BLVD. built 1916
  26. 26. Campanario de Dumaguete Dumaguete una ciudad con gente de encanto con un buen corazón
  27. 27.   1. Rizal visited the Rufinas, Prequit and Pinili Family  2. Rizal want to meet some Mason ,Revolutionaries and Political Leader in Negros  3. Rizal to met his Business partner Mariano Pinili  4. Rizal to do an eye operation to Don Clemente Diago y Gil and Mariano Larena  5.Rizal hear about this beautiful coastal town. Reasons why Rizal visited Dumaguete
  28. 28.  Dumaguete a town with charm people with a good heart & Soul
  29. 29.  Rizal as a Student
  30. 30.  150 Birthday
  31. 31.  Rizal Marker
  32. 32.  150 Birthday
  33. 33.  150 Birthday in 2011
  34. 34.  Jose Rizal Boulevard 100 years 1916-2016
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Thank you Dumaguete a place of Endless Discovery