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BTO 2012: There’s nothing like Australia


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BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2012
Day TWO, 30 Novembre
11.40, Main Hall
This land is your land…this land is my land

Internet ha rivoluzionato il mercato turistico. E’ cosa nota. Ma in Italia la domanda è molto più avanti dell’offerta. L’Italia è sempre molto richiesta dai portali delle grandi OLTA. La Pubblica Amministrazione, partita con grande ritardo, come sta affrontando questa rivoluzione? Ed in particolare: come si rapporta con lo sviluppo esponenziale sui Social Media? Quali scelte sul tema della promo- commercializzazione? Quali le strategie per il futuro verso nuovi mercati e nuovi turismi?
Panel discussion

Coordina Roberta Milano, BTO Educational

Video introduttivo in esclusiva per BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2012:
Australia Turismo

Ne discutono:
Emanuele Burioni, Emilia Romagna
Sergio Cagol, Trentino
Gianpiero Perri, ApT Basilicata
Alberto Peruzzini, Toscana Promozione
Giovanni Tarpani, Regione Umbria

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BTO 2012: There’s nothing like Australia

  1. 1. There’s nothing like AustraliaBTO, Florence, November 2012
  2. 2. Tourism Australia case study• TA strategy introduction• Overview on TNLA campaign (phase 1 and 2)• Social media role and strategy• Integration of online and offline communication channels• B2B cooperation
  3. 3. ACHIEVING OUR AMBITIONFROM: TO:A$70 BILLION A$140 BILLIONin overnight spend in 2010 in overnight spend by 2020TOURISM 2020
  4. 4. The world Australia is travels to different, experience compellingly difference so World of mouth is all powerfulOUR INSIGHT
  5. 5. There’s nothing like Australia – Phase 1Together we can show the world why theres nothing like AustraliaCampaign launched in May 2010 by inviting Australians to share their favouritedomestic holiday destinations with the world.Australians responded by uploading nearly 30.000 stories and photos and adaptation of the geolocalized map in Italy with 3500 selected experiencesThe communication platform has been used by 180 Tourism Australia partnersincluding airlines, State and Territory Tourism Organisations, travel distributorsand the Australian industry.
  9. 9. Vision Tourism Australia wants to be regarded as a leader in digital marketing, compared to other NTO’s, by consumers, industry and stakeholders because digital is increasingly the consumers channel of choice to research, plan and book a holiday
  10. 10. Encourage TripEcho• Word of mouth marketing is critical to influencing travel plans• Help stimulate advocacy on digital platforms by creating relationships/marketing partnerships with other influential platforms to create environments that encourage/inspire advocacy.• Facebook app that allows visitors to easily create a dynamic ‘TNLA Australia map’ photo album for those visiting Australia to use and share with friends.
  11. 11. onlinemobileoffline
  12. 12. Digital strategy• Over 61% of Australia’s visitors used the internet for information prior to commencing their trip (Source: International Visitor Survey March 2012). All stages of the buying process• Each holiday has a “before, during and after” stage but the way consumers plan and book a holiday is not linear. They revisit, re-examine and re-define their choices using a combination of search engines and websites (Source: BDA CDP, July 2012).
  13. 13. TA integrated digital activity by channel
  14. 14. Tourism Australia’s web sites – The voice of the consumer at the heart of the campaign – Increased planning capability – Quicker links to products and services – Launched globally July-Dec 2011 – Updated to make more relevant for consumers – Easier to navigate – More localisation, more video – Quicker links to products and services – Launched globally January 2012
  15. 15. Earned media• Consumers share their holiday stories with friends and family. More than 70% of Facebook’s 95 million active users regularly update their status while on holiday posting more than 1,400 photos for friends and family to view on a weekly basis.• Tourism Australia actively encourages consumer advocacy in digital channels through social media and has invested significantly in growing digital advocacy capabilities to capitalise on these opportunities.• In 2011-12 Tourism Australia launched its digital advocacy strategy and framework. The cornerstone of this strategy is a focus on the central management of the Facebook platform. At present over 80% of social resources are dedicated to Facebook to enhance the effectiveness of our digital activities in social media channels. This work has attracted more than 3.4 million fans.• In addition to social sharing sites, Tourism Australia partners with peer-to-peer review sites to give information to consumers in digital channels. In 2011-12 Tourism Australia’s TQUAL, European, UK and USA teams worked with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest peer- to-peer travel site, to engage and inspire more than 56 million site visitors monthly through content, competitions and reviews.
  16. 16. Social Media Platforms• Facebook International – 3.829.642 fans, largest country page on Facebook• Facebook Local Italy – 36.147 fans• Twitter – 33,594 followers following ‘newsy’ informationtweets and link to TA assets• Visiting Opinion Leaders Program – 15 bloggers from 7 countries with a global reach of 1 billion• Global social media campaigns – that include games with avatars, competitions through local social media networks and social media sharing to promote campaigns.
  17. 17. Simplify, inspire and convert The free TA tablet app is available for Android and iOS.The free TA iPhone app in Italian will beavailable in 2013
  18. 18. Direct booking vs. partnership vision Tourism Australia’s role is all about creating the desire to visit the destination, inspiring consumers and helping people to plan and then share thir stories during and after their trip. We strongly believe in our partners and we work hand in hand with them to facilitate the booking conversion.
  19. 19. Co-Operative Partnerships• The Nothing like Australia campaign has been used by over 180 partners globally in digital channels the last 12 months.
  20. 20. Speedo co-marketing• Total value to date: $4 million• 35,215 unique visitors to +80% compared to the same period in 2010.• 1,000 new fans on the Tourism Australia Facebook page in Italy.• 2,000 people entered the competition .• Speedo increased their sales by 20% during the campaign period. Window Display• 53% of the persons who have participated in the contest have downloaded the game on their mobile device.• 225,000 copies of an illustrated map of Australia have been distributed across the stores.• An equivalent media value of more than EUR 1 mio Shop decoration• The promotion included a 2 million Euro media buy by Speedo.
  21. 21. Digital Marketing Partnerships• Creating relationship and partnerships with influential platforms like YouTube, Google, TripAdvisor and media owners to inspire and encourage sharing of our campaign and key messages
  22. 22. THANK YOU