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Zimmertwins Presentation


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Published in: Education, Travel, Technology
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Zimmertwins Presentation

  1. 1. ZIMMER TWINS – D4.6 to D6<br /><ul><li>Ashok Modi
  2. 2. August 9, 2009
  3. 3.</li></li></ul><li>AGENDA<br /><ul><li>Introduction
  4. 4. About Zimmer Twins
  5. 5. Why Upgrade?
  6. 6. Why Drupal 6.X?
  7. 7. Upgrading the Site</li></li></ul><li>INTRODUCTION<br /><ul><li>About zinc Roe Design
  8. 8. Based in Toronto.
  9. 9. Make websites (and web games) aimed primarily at youth and non-profits.
  10. 10. Site at
  11. 11. About me (BTMash)
  12. 12. Systems programmer.
  13. 13. Work at California Institute of the Arts.
  14. 14. Primarily help with patches and upgrades for contrib modules on d.o.</li></li></ul><li>ABOUT ZIMMER TWINS<br /><ul><li>ZT was created in 2005 as a show on Tele-Toon
  15. 15. The show provides a starting story line….
  16. 16. And kids create an ending
  17. 17. Best videos are given production value and broadcast on television
  18. 18. ZT was entering its 3rd season
  19. 19. It is currently shown in Canada-Tele-Toon, USA-NBC/Qubo, & Australia-ABC
  20. 20. Over 500, 000 members
  21. 21. Over 1.2 million user contributed nodes (or movie clips)
  22. 22. Over 1.1 million comments
  23. 23. Want to add new features to the site.</li></li></ul><li>WHY UPGRADE THE SITE?<br />New Features<br /><ul><li>Award participation points
  24. 24. Award badges based on total number of points
  25. 25. Create contests where users could vote on best content chosen by site editors
  26. 26. Improve workflow for switching homepage animations
  27. 27. Change method for choosing crowd pleaser movies.</li></ul>Better security<br /><ul><li>Current version of drupal unsupported on (last update was in January, 2007!)
  28. 28. Fairly easy to spam.
  29. 29. Did not know of exploits until too late.</li></li></ul><li>WHY UPGRADE THE SITE? CONT’D<br />Use work from community<br /><ul><li>Nearly all modules (core and custom) were maintained internally
  30. 30. Modules that were from community were no longer supported (and in case of our newsletters, had broken throttling mechanisms)
  31. 31. Easier to build on work done by community to reach the goal.
  32. 32. Drupal core has improved by leaps and bounds.
  33. 33. Drupal community also grown by leaps and bounds (many excellent modules)</li></li></ul><li>WHY DRUPAL 6?<br /><ul><li>Any Drupal version would have required a lot of work
  34. 34. Upgrade path in D4.7, D5, and D6 were equally large so to narrow down which to use…</li></ul>D4.7 - was older (security issues, better, and custom modules were needed)<br />D5 - had gained a lot of support from the community<br />D6 - number of enhancements:<br /><ul><li>Memory management
  35. 35. Theme registry (use theme devel module to figure out override theme calls/templates which was very useful)
  36. 36. Views and CCK (moreso CCK) were not necessary for our site at that time (Views would be helpful but main modules would still require lots of work)
  37. 37. Finally, we wanted to get ourselves familiar with D6 so the site upgrade was a good opportunity to see what it can do!</li></li></ul><li>BIG Q!<br />HOW DID WE UPGRADE THE SITE?<br />
  38. 38. UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Strip Down:<br /><ul><li>Contributed modules and themes that is…
  39. 39. The old code was not going to work so you don’t want something enabled that might cause some funny behaviour
  40. 40. See how much change is necessary in the database from D4.6 to D6</li></ul>Upgrade the database<br /><ul><li>Upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7, then from 4.7 to 5, and finally from 5 to 6
  41. 41. Upgrades build on top of old versions
  42. 42. Safest way to ensure core data is safely upgraded and accounted for</li></ul>Steps 1 & 2 took approximately 2 weeks to iron out other steps in process <br />
  43. 43. UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Development:<br /><ul><li>Once data upgrades were completed gracefully (the ungraceful parts will be mentioned near the end)
  44. 44. See which modules can be used from d.o, what contributed modules needed to be upgraded, and which ones would be custom modules
  45. 45. Ongoing process as more modules were actively upgraded by rest of community
  46. 46. Started by upgrading / creating the smaller sets of modules
  47. 47. Modules that didn’t rely on the movie saving / creation.
  48. 48. Quick to create functionality that didn’t yet rely on look / feel.</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Old site:</li></ul>-about -abuse -bad words<br />-block -blog -cache exclusion<br />-extras -favourites -filter<br />-flexiblock -help -legal<br />-locale -menu -movie<br />-node -page -path<br />-rating -search -send to friend<br />-site stats -sponsor -statistics<br />-story -subscription -system<br />-telepicks -user -watchdog<br />-watchlist -taxonomy -phplist<br /><ul><li>Fairly small list but keep in mind D4.6 was unsupported & most of these weren’t available on
  49. 49. We had to customize, develop and maintain these ourselves</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Converting smaller custom modules:<br /><ul><li>sendtoafriend
  50. 50. sponsor
  51. 51. site_statistics (custom zimmertwins stats)
  52. 52. about & extras converted into pages</li></ul>Converting larger custom modules:<br /><ul><li>Core movie module with frontpage animation settings, movieclipnodetype, and moviestarternodetype
  53. 53. Moviepicks (select additional status for movies)
  54. 54. movie_search module (converted to module so we can disable in case of large load on site)
  55. 55. abuse
  56. 56. watchlist
  57. 57. sponsor</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Notable Improvements:<br /><ul><li>very easy for theme developer to override series of my un-designed templates
  58. 58. Easy to override core modules (override user module)
  59. 59. Adding AJAX (AHAH) functionality was simple (abuse module uses jquery and ahah for moderating content on site)
  60. 60. Use drupal_system_listing(directory_path) and drupal_parse_info_file($file) to create your own set of custom drupal files to parse for specific settings!</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Contributed modules<br /><ul><li>Google analytics
  61. 61. Userpoints
  62. 62. Userpoints basic
  63. 63. User badges
  64. 64. Cache exclude
  65. 65. Legal
  66. 66. Login toboggan
  67. 67. Login destination
  68. 68. Favorite_node</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />More contributed modules<br /><ul><li>Votingapi
  69. 69. Very flexible (can be used for more than simple ratings)
  70. 70. Hooks to use for other stats
  71. 71. Fivestar
  72. 72. Messaging
  73. 73. Frameworks
  74. 74. Token
  75. 75. Simplenews</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Influence of Drupal conference:
  76. 76. Midway through development timeline, attended Boston Drupal conference.
  77. 77. Attended a seminar on messaging and notification frameworks
  78. 78. Goal was to create module and api to get rid of the 100+ modules that provided bits and pieces of such functionality
  79. 79. Opted to use framework over building own large module to perform same functionality
  80. 80. Created module (comment_notifications) to email user when comment added to their node.
  81. 81. We were able to get back email news letter functionality through a module called simplenewsand ‘pretty’ emails via small modifications to the mimemail module (which has now been properly upgraded by the maintainer – need to upgrade our module)</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Using Form Alter Hook – userpoints_badges:
  82. 82. Userpoints& user badge modules
  83. 83. Userpoints has api and hooks to create additional rules on when to award points
  84. 84. Userbadges can award badges either to roles or to single user (though single user addition has to be either manually or through rules
  85. 85. Created a bridge module that alters user badges form
  86. 86. Contains extra field where you can specify minimum number of points to get badge (leave blank or 0 to discard check)</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Using form alter hook – node_css:
  87. 87. Needed functionality to provide extra css info for a particular node (so our ‘credits’ page could take on extra css rules)
  88. 88. Felt providing an ID for a given node was the easiest way to go.
  89. 89. Module allowed you to create a specific id for a given node (altered node form to add a css id)
  90. 90. With this could create additional design particular to one type of page or a series of pages with that particular id</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Custom modules<br /><ul><li>Movie userpoints voting module:
  91. 91. Votingapi hook implements check to give movie a ‘crowd-pleaser’ status if it meets requirements in total ratings and average rating.
  92. 92. Awards extra userpoints to users on positive change in movie status
  93. 93. Comment_spam_control
  94. 94. Throttles number of comments an authenticated user can post (1 per minute…which stopped them from spamming a user to watch their movie)
  95. 95. Comment_list
  96. 96. Provides a strict list of comments a user select to post from.</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br />Custom modules<br /><ul><li>Contest
  97. 97. Allow users to vote on a particular movie
  98. 98. Vote as many times as a user wants during the contest (free-for-all)
  99. 99. View current tally of votes (or black out for regular users)
  100. 100. Refresh page with random set of contestants after vote (using ahah functionality)
  101. 101. Can choose if contest should be based around users or nodes and admins enter the uid/nid of the content they want as part of contest.
  102. 102. Module wasn’t around at time (currently versus and another module named contest have been contributed – came out around same time we finished work on this module)</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Modules for D6X:</li></ul>-abuse -watchlist -blog<br />-comment -contact -help<br />-locale -menu -path<br />-php filter -search -statistics<br />-taxonomy-update status -upload<br />-block -filter -node_css<br />-system -user -mime mail<br />-simplenews-simple mail -comment notification<br />-notifications -cache exclude -comments spam control<br />-googleanalytics -legal -login destination<br />-login toboggan -token-userpoints<br />-user points basic -user points-userpoints badges<br />-fivestar -voting API -contest<br />-favourite_node -movie -moviepicks<br />-movie pics voting user points -movie search -node css<br />-send to a friend -site statistics -sponsor<br />-messaging -user badges<br />
  103. 103. END of Talk on Modules!!!<br />
  104. 104. UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Hurdles
  105. 105. Migrating data
  106. 106. Site was under latin1 encoding
  107. 107. Drupal 5+ moved towards utf-8 encoding
  108. 108. Tough due to size of data.
  109. 109. Strip out character encoding of file created from mysqldump (so characters are not saved in utf8 format and garbled.
  110. 110. Replace instances of latin1 with utf8
  111. 111. Ensure content will migrate to database in utf8 format
  112. 112. run perl -pi -w -e 's/latin1/utf8/g;' <sqldumpfile>
  113. 113. 90% of issue was resolved</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Hurdles
  114. 114. Issue with users table and usernames
  115. 115. In utf8,eva seen to be equal to éva so users who had ‘duplicate’ names would not be inserted into the database
  116. 116. Login was painfully slow
  117. 117. Usernames entered by user were compared with lowercase version of all names on site – check in mysql alone took nearly 3 seconds.
  118. 118. Choices
  119. 119. Keep table in latin1 encoding and deal with character encoding discrepancies
  120. 120. Keep name column in utf8-binary encoding (so eva is not same as éva but deal with slow login.
  121. 121. Opted for the latter
  122. 122. Found issue on d.o dealing with slow login (
  123. 123. Login much faster now </li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Actual upgrade of site:
  124. 124. Tested out ability to upgrade site multiple times
  125. 125. Large dataset
  126. 126. Needed to document full upgrade path.
  127. 127. Created a migration script so data from deprecated modules (about, extras, favourites and more) would migrate over to the new in-use module (page, favourite_node, etc)
  128. 128. Needed to see time to complete upgrade.
  129. 129. Took approximately 18 hours to fully upgrade the site. </li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Things We Learnt
  130. 130. Ensure new site is under correct encoding or you'll pull your hair out!!!
  131. 131. Don't always go for the latest and greatest
  132. 132. many modules had not been ported over to D6 when we started on the project--as an easy example, no views or cck at the time.
  133. 133. That said…was a great opportunity for us to help out with upgrading the modules.
  134. 134. Use the Drupal overrides to your advantage.
  135. 135. Take advantage of drupal’s multisite
  136. 136. Previously all modules were in core module directory, site structure was in such a way that zimmertwinsaustralia and zimmertwins USA had to run from separate directories
  137. 137. Now fixed so lower memory usage
  138. 138. Don’t call contributed module functions from a theme (or atleast don’t call them unless you check the the particular module is enabled).</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Things as they are now
  139. 139. Site performs very well under load
  140. 140. Maintenance on modules is easier (even though there are now 55 modules versus 31, actively maintaining at most 15 modules as opposed to over 20)
  141. 141. Newsletters actually work
  142. 142. Recently sent out approx 150k email newsletters without any glitches
  143. 143. Recently upgraded the Australian version of the ZT site to D6 as well
  144. 144. Upgrading the theme and testing took a little over 1 week and running through the migration took a little over 4 hours.</li></li></ul><li>UPGRADING SITE CONT’D<br /><ul><li>Planning for future
  145. 145. Integration with views
  146. 146. Look into search technologies (sphinx, lucene) and possible ways to using it on site
  147. 147. Caching via memcached/apc/files/??? (cacherouter)</li></li></ul><li>Questions for Discussion?Thank you!!!<br />