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New research on Irish Contact Centre Marketplace - Aviva Dublin


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BT presents findings of new research conducted by iReach on Irish contact centre market. Results were based on the biggest survey of its kind to date. Colin Taylor of The Taylor Research Group also presents industry insights

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New research on Irish Contact Centre Marketplace - Aviva Dublin

  1. 1. Adapt and Thrive with BT Cloud Contact BT Cloud Contact Evolution Forum 4th October 2014 Aviva Stadium, Dublin #btbizcon © British Telecommunications plc
  2. 2. Evolution Forum WELCOME Eoghan McDermott – Director of The Communications Clinic Head of the Training and Careers Clinics © British Telecommunications plc #btbizcon
  3. 3. Evolution Forum AGENDA 0830hrs Welcome – Graham Fagan, BT 0845hrs Keynote Speaker – Colin Taylor 0915hrs Panel Discussion 1000hrs Close © British Telecommunications plc #btbizco n
  4. 4. Evolution Forum Graham Fagan Head of Contact Centre and Multichannel Proposition BT Ireland © British Telecommunications plc #btbizcon
  5. 5. Natural selection Adapt and thrive Graham Fagan Head of Contact Centre & Multi-channel propositions BT Ireland
  10. 10. Evolve in the Cloud
  11. 11. HAEsa Ctrahnbaellsilseshinninggig nt htghe be iu nrsitigenhleltes fcsot eunanvld icraaotpinoimtnael nt
  12. 12. We can help with the challenges faced around contact centres • Channel equalisation not substitution • Establishing the right foundation • Adapt and thrive.
  14. 14. Demystifying the Customer Experience Customer Experience is all the rage today and highly respected companies have made it part of their DNA…LL Bean, American Express etc. Company teams spend months and millions just defining the Customer Journey, Consultants abound that can help maximize your Customer Experience
  15. 15. The Customer Experience (CX) • Is not new • Is not just for those big firms with big budgets • Is and has always been a key differentiator • The experience a customer has when dealing with us is the Customer Experience, It is influenced by; • How easy we are to reach and deal with (Customer Effort), • How knowledgeable the agents are, • How well we can connect with a customer (rational and emotional), • What the customer expectations are. • Customer Experience really is Customer Satisfaction, with agents empowered to make a difference
  16. 16. Leveraging Customer Experience Boil it down to its bare essentials ◦ Customer expectations ◦ What service we deliver ◦ The way we deliver the service ◦ Where we deliver the service Find the best tools to help the frontline staff get the job done and serve customers
  17. 17. Customer Experience – a Global Perspective •CX is over hyped, especially in the US •CX is like the weather everybody talks about it •Most US centers do not have defined CX journeys or maps •Most US centers still treating CX as CS •In Asia it is further behind the curve
  18. 18. Practical Steps to Improve Customer Experience 1. Rational Connection – Demonstrates Product Knowledge/Company Knowledge 2. Emotional Connection – Helpful, Empathetic, Understanding 3. Customer Effort – Ease of Use
  19. 19. Multi-Channel vs Omni- Channel Multi-Channel – the ability for customer to contact you in a number of channels (voice, email, chat etc.) Omni-Channel- the ability of a customer to contact you in any one of a number of channels, switch channels and retain past history and context “Let the customer pick the channel, and make it easy for them to switch channels”
  20. 20. Multi-Channel – You Need it Now •Live Voice, •Automated Voice, •Email, •Chat, •Social, •SMS,
  21. 21. Omni-Channel, A great tool Consumers don’t want •A solution for a problem not yet seen by most consumers •Acceptance will depend on familiarity
  22. 22. Multi-Channel a Global Perspective •US average center has 2.x channels, •Chat is big for technology vertical •Social is the next big thing; • Facebook, • Twitter, •Telecom and Banking sectors lead in technology spending •Millennials like technology, but still use the phone
  23. 23. Parting Advice Have a realistic understanding of you centers maturity, View all new technologies with a grain of salt…technologies are promoted by vendors or consultants with vested interests, Remember that the keys to delivering a good customer experience are 1. Making it easy for the customer, 2. Ensuring your staff can make a rational connection 3. Ensure you staff can make an emotional connection 4. Offer the services that your customer expect
  24. 24. Questions Colin Taylor @colinsataylor
  25. 25. Evolution Forum PANEL DISCUSSION Joanna Howard - BT Dominic Gray – Magnetic North Stephen Hegarty – Voxpro Colin Taylor – Taylor Reach Group Chris Smartt - BT © British Telecommunications plc #btbizco n
  26. 26. Research available for you to download Thank you © British Telecommunications plc #btbizco n
  27. 27. Adapt and Thrive with BT Cloud Contact BT Cloud Contact Evolution Forum 5th October 2014 The Kingsley Hotel, Cork #btbizcon © British Telecommunications plc