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Build a network to thrive in the Digital age


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Discover how to unlock the full potential of the cloud by developing a wide-area network (WAN) that brings your business into the digital age.

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Build a network to thrive in the Digital age

  1. 1. #NetworkLikeNeverBefore Build your network to thrive in the digital age Welcome to your webinar
  2. 2. #NetworkLikeNeverBefore Build your network to thrive in the digital age. Discover how to unlock the full potential of the cloud by developing a wide-area network (WAN) that brings your business into the digital age. A BT Ireland/Current Analysis webinar with: • Steve Coakley, Head of Network Propositions, BT. • Joel Stradling, Research Director, Business Network & IT Services, Current Analysis. • Keith Langridge, VP Connect Portfolio, BT.
  3. 3. 3#NetworkLikeNeverBefore The digital age quantum computing artificial intelligence robotics The Internet of Things autonomous vehicles 3-D printing nanotechnology biotechnology materials science energy storage We’re only now starting to understand the implications of the digital era. Steam, water, mechanical production equipment. Division of labour, electricity, mass production. Electronics, IT, automated production. Cyber-physical systems. First Industrial revolution. Second Industrial revolution. Third Industrial revolution. Fourth Industrial revolution. Source: World Economic Forum
  4. 4. 4#NetworkLikeNeverBefore Source: The BT CIO report 2016 - the digital CIO.
  5. 5. 5#NetworkLikeNeverBefore Every organisation is becoming a digital organisation …but it’s not easy. • The pace of technological change is driving significant disruption in IT departments in Ireland. • 62% of all CIO/IT Leaders are finding it difficult to keep pace with technological change and are underestimating the level of change to their role. • 61% reported a growing demand to demonstrate greater impact and business benefits from IT. Nearly half reported that change to their role is being driven by board level decisions. Source: research by BT Ireland/Amárach, December 2015
  6. 6. 6#NetworkLikeNeverBefore You are telling us that you... …require more bandwidth at lower cost. …want convergence of voice and IP, whilst still managing legacy. …need to comply with legislation and regulation. …have a growing demand for a mix of private and public networks. ...need to innovate and take advantage of the latest technologies such as NFV / SDN in order to meet your business challenges. …want to take advantage of cloud services. Organisations require an intelligent hybrid network.
  7. 7. Networks for the Digital Age by Joel Stradling
  8. 8. Agenda • Evolution of Corporate IT and Networks • Changing Challenges & Demands on the WAN • Digital Transformation and the Move to Virtual IT • Executive Summary
  9. 9. Evolution of Corporate IT & Networks All departments now have budget IT departments still need to fix it if it goes wrong Democratized IT Spend There can be a lot going that is not even approved! Consumer behaviour-driven Shadow IT
  10. 10. The Democratization of Technology IT Budget 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Solely the IT organization Individual business units with IT guidance Combined decision by all affected parties CEO/CFO Entities Involved in Purchasing Decisions Cloud Voice/Video/ Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Network and Security Big data and Analytics Source: Kable ICT 2016 study
  11. 11. Evolution of IT & Networks (Cont.) Everything-as-a- Service Public/Private Cloud (strong on-going adoption & shifting boundaries) Big Data Analytics APIs (enabling IT evolution) There is a strong appetite for...
  12. 12. 0% 20% 40% 60% Removal of Spanning Tree Layer 4-7 service chaining Enabling DevOps Improved multi-cast/broadcast End to end data center to campus LAN SDN End to end campus LAN to cloud service SDN Campus LAN network virtualization Over the top remote office networking (SD-WAN) Network slicing/Network isolation Network orchestration/automation Improved fault tolerance/fault recovery End to end data center to cloud service SDN Hybrid cloud Inter-data center SDN Private cloud Data center network virtualization IT process automation Use Cases for SDN SDN Adoption Data Center and Cloud Services lead SDN implementation areas; IT process automation is the top cited immediate use case: Campus: 31% Cloud Service: 65% Data Center: 69% WAN: 47% Planned SDN Implementation Areas Q: In which areas of the organization does your organization use or plan to use SDN? Base: Companies that are in production of or plan to implement SDN n = 438 Q: What are your top immediate use cases for SDN? Choose all that apply Base: Companies that are in production of or plan to implement SDN n = 438 Source: Kable ICT 2016 study
  13. 13. Outsourced IT functions • Application function most likely to remain in house, followed by infrastructure • Management function most likely to be outsourced • Of those that keep service desk in house, over half are considering outsourcing the function in the next 2 years Source: Kable 2016 ICT Survey
  14. 14. Cloud solutions in use, and prioritised for investment • Significant interest in hybrid in the near future IaaS SaaS Private Cloud PaaS Hybrid Cloud Have Now Next 2 Years Source: Kable ICT 2016 study
  15. 15. Demands on the WAN • There is ever growing demand for bandwidth – Drivers: video, collaboration tools, transactions, etc... • Companies need the flexibility to expand/contract operations – With such activities comes potentially complex integration tasks
  16. 16. Demands on the WAN (Cont.) • Some apps will be jitter/delay sensitive – For example moving to certain hosted voice solutions may be a perilous IT journey without sound WAN engineering • Democratization of IT spend means many apps can get deployed in a less controlled fashion – Does the WAN have the appropriate mechanisms to manage all the apps? – Might shadow IT decisions compromise security?
  17. 17. Future: SDN, NFV, SD-WAN Concepts Merge Management & Orchestration SDN NFV SD-WAN Management & Orchestration Management & Orchestration Where they merge Shared management and orchestration
  18. 18. SD-WAN Merges with SDN & NFV (Cont.) • Applications management coordinated with underlying data plane(s) • Single interface to manipulate all layers of the network stack for optimized services SDN + SD-WAN • Virtualized devices handle agnostic access, management, app control and other functions • Deployment of service features within hybrid clouds NFV + SD-WAN
  19. 19. Enterprise WAN Recommendations • Choose a hybrid WAN solution that will give you app visibility and control; including in public clouds • It is less about raw network performance today (i.e. avail., packet loss, jitter) and more about a secure end-to-end user experience and & individual app response times – Congestion and slow app response can damage your business’ revenue • Design the hybrid-cloud-WAN for heavy cloud usage from the out- set – Taking into consideration shadow IT environment – Ready to support growing hosted video and collaboration • It is a good time to have early conversations with your provider about possible small scale SD-WAN implementations
  20. 20. Evolving your hybrid WAN by Keith Langridge
  21. 21. 21#NetworkLikeNeverBefore Cloud computing is becoming the norm for enterprise IT delivery.
  22. 22. 22 Making the Cloud of Clouds work for you. Cloud is all about choice. BT facilitates choice and puts you in control.
  23. 23. 23#NetworkLikeNeverBefore Customer scenarios. BT was selected to reduce risk and provide an optimal connectivity solution: • A PCI compliant connection to cloud-based CRM • A model for future connectivity into services such as Azure, O365, HP Helion and Oracle Cloud. A financial services company needing a compliant connection to the cloud. A retailer seeking to incorporate the internet into their WAN architecture. BT designed a Hybrid WAN solution combining MPLS and business-grade internet connectivity to deliver secure connections to web-based services plus offer a secondary connection to the data centre, providing resiliency.
  24. 24. 24#NetworkLikeNeverBefore Our customers are looking to bring together the benefits of performance, security, scale and cost savings within the network. Performance and agility Security Scale Cost optimum The wrong balance will impact an organisation’s ability to drive cost savings or improved performance. Intelligent Hybrid Network – it’s a question of balance.
  25. 25. 25#NetworkLikeNeverBefore ABB chooses BT to transform and secure its global communications services. Challenge. Single global partner to standardise and manage network- related services around the world. Solution. End-to-end responsibility for quality and performance of WAN and LAN serving 700 locations with BT Assure Cyber protection and managed firewall services. Value. Collaboration, innovation and business transformation for over 140,000 ABB employees in more than 100 countries. Case study: ABB. The alignment with BT will enable us to move to a globally- consistent, high-quality network. Andy Tidd, Chief Information Officer, ABB.
  26. 26. 26#NetworkLikeNeverBefore The next step in your Hybrid WAN evolution. NFV / SD WAN – Network function Virtualisation / Software Defined WAN. Part of our CPE Network function Virtualisation capability. A single piece of equipment, with functions that can just be turned on such acceleration and optimisation. Management layer. Market-leading service provider multi-tenant platform. BT Connect Intelligence IWAN. Managed IWAN with BT gives... Application visibility. • Know what is happening with your network almost in real-time. • Monitor, control and improve business critical application performance. Look at what’s going on. WAN traffic balancing. • Utilise any and all of your connections governed by your policy. • Ensure applications run on the best path based on real-time understanding of the situation. • Traffic-independent VPN. Send traffic the right way. WAN Optimisation. • Compression of data and acceleration of applications. • Improve user experience without costly WAN upgrades. • Reduce branch-office footprint through server and service consolidation. Optimise and accelerate your end-user experience. Application experience. • Akamai – local level caching means no buffering on devices, no jitter and faster playback. • Cisco and Akamai provide a unique capability that mitigates the impact of uncontrolled software updates in a BYOD environment. Localise content to speed up delivery.
  27. 27. 27#NetworkLikeNeverBefore Walgreens Boots Alliance with businesses in the UK and in around 20 other countries taking advantage of BT’s service reach and scalability to support their international operations. Case study: Walgreen Boots Alliance. Solution. A fully managed Connect Intelligence IWAN service which includes comprehensive design, set-up and configuration. Monthly reports from an Application Specialist on how their network and applications are performing, with recommendations on how to improve performance. Value. Optimal performance for apps, improving productivity, security and user experience. Challenge. To reduce costs by securely interconnecting remote sites over hybrid network options and to securely transfer information.
  28. 28. 28#NetworkLikeNeverBefore In conclusion - you need to: • Take advantage of the latest cloud services without compromising on enterprise-class performance and service levels. • Evolve your global WAN, to regain control of the cost performance balance, wherever you are. • Use application visibility and control to make informed business decisions and operate with the agility your business demands. Network like never before
  29. 29. Questions. #NetworkLikeNeverBefore Contact: Joel Stradling Research Director, Business Network & IT Services Mobile: +34 (0) 672 766060 E-mail: Contact: Keith Langridge VP Connect Portfolio, BT E-mail: Contact: Steve Coakley Head of Network Propositions, BT Mobile +353 (0) 86 8386270 E-mail: