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Bt idc event cloud adoption in ireland


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Where are cloud services in Ireland today? Based on ‘Cloud Services Report in Ireland 2014’ this presentation will examine the current preferences for cloud infrastructure services in Ireland and the reasons underpinning these preferences. In addition this presentation will look at why and how the cloud model is set to develop over the next 18 months. It will encompass its opportunities, threats and challenges:

How and why Irish organisations view private verses public cloud services, and how these solutions are evolving.
Management of the cloud infrastructure (network, compute and storage) by service providers
A review of the key business drivers and the ever-growing dependence on IT to drive fundamental changes in the market model

Security in the Cloud

Cloud Security is a multi-faceted and wide ranging subject to get to grips with. In his presentation Gareth will work through a two phase customer case experience that will examine the following security challenges and demonstrate how they have been addressed.

Regulatory and legal requirements with regard to the capture/ handling of customer data and data protection
Cloud vulnerabilities
Identity and access management
Data movement

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Bt idc event cloud adoption in ireland

  1. 1. Aviva Stadium, Dublin 25th November 2014 #btbizcon
  2. 2. Welcome Anton Savage – Managing Director of Communications Clinic #btbizcon
  3. 3. Agenda 0800hrs Registration & Breakfast 0830hrs Keynote Speaker, Jamie Snowden, IDC 0900hrs Gareth Price, BT 0930hrs Panel Discussion 1000hrs Close #btbizcon
  4. 4. Jamie Snowden – European Research Director, IDC Cloud Services in Ireland #btbizcon
  5. 5. Understanding Cloud Maturity in Ireland Jamie Snowdon Research Director, IDC November , 2014
  6. 6. © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 6 Universal CIO Priorities "Our strategy going forward is simple. First, end-to-end process simplification. Second, reinvest the savings into growth." (UK-based financial services group) "Our IS organization has to do three things: innovate, accelerate and simplify." (Global pharmaceutical company) "The keys words are: simplification, acceleration, innovation and information security." (Global automotive related manufacturer)
  7. 7. Address the IT Challenges in Ireland More use of technology, automation, innovation, agility Integration of systems Upgrading systems, refresh Improve technology for customer interaction Provide data for decision making © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 7 40% 40% 20% 20% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Expansion Greater dependence on IT Standardization and consolidation Integration driven by expansion 13% 13% 7% 7% 20% 40% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Provide cost effective technology Main challenges What are the challenges facing your organization that provide a context for your IT plans for the next 12-18 months. What is being done to resolve this? Please describe the role you see IT playing in addressing these challenges?
  8. 8. How important are the availability of upfront automation or self-provisioning to your willingness to use IaaS services in the next 12-18 months? © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 8 Demands on Cloud in Ireland Automation & Self Important 34% Provisioning Don't Know 13% Not important 53% Flexibility of cloud seemingly not needed by many Quick / immediate 27% 2-5 days 13% 1-2 weeks 27% Vague / time scale not relevant 20% Supplier issue 13% Urgency How quickly would you require access to the infrastructure following order placement? Respondents timeframe for extra resources was relatively long in most cases
  9. 9. Buyers in Ireland Are Demanding of Suppliers • Vendors must prove Vendor selection Criteria © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 9 References Global Capabilities Existing Relationship Low Importance High themselves • Experience and proof points count How important are the following when choosing an IaaS vendor?
  10. 10. © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 10 Status of Cloud Ireland Location – EU is enough Patriot Act Low demand for public IaaS Use of dual sites for data resilience Little appetite for bursting
  11. 11. Inhibitors of cloud adoption in Ireland © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 11 • Security tops the list of concerns • Broader concerns are uniform Which of the following do you consider to be important inhibitors for your organization in considering Public Cloud services or Private Cloud technologies? 80% 43% 43% 40% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Security concerns Regulatory or compliance issues IT governance issues Response time & User downtime Source: IDC IT Trends and Expenditure in Ireland, 2015 n=221
  12. 12. Two Elements to Cloud Maturity • Where current market offerings sit on the potential of cloud – technology and service. We are still seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of range of services • Where companies are within the current range of what’s possible • Current bleeding edge of offers touch enterprise class • Balance of adoption in ad-hoc / experimental phase © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 12 Ad hoc experimental Some enterprise class offers Many enterprise class offers Broad range of enterprise class offers True ubiquitous mass adoption
  13. 13. Where We Are Within the Range of Opportunistic Managed Optimized Ad Hoc Repeatable Cloud is part of IT Assembler, broker, integrator Leader/expert on back-end Supporter/adviser on front-end Mandater/enforcer of architecture Attack Expand to hybrid cloud Deliver business transformation New business models emerge Institutionalize Consolidation Strategic use of cloud Streamline IT delivery and support Refine Identify tactical opportunities Lower infrastructure costs Pilot private cloud Change Experimental Understanding the cloud Limited SaaS deployments Learn “The Possible” UK RoI
  14. 14. Current and Planned Cloud Usage in Ireland © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 14 High Medium Low Now 18 Months
  15. 15. Cloud is a Tool, Not a Goal • Cloud is a facilitator for change in the way businesses work – Creating efficiency by transforming existing IT – Supporting new initiatives with new applications and collaboration etc. • Cloud may create flexibility, agility and cost reduction • 75% invest in cloud, expecting to get business and IT improvements • 85% see their expectations fulfilled or exceeded © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 15
  16. 16. Assumption That Cloud Forces Choice between Old and New © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 16 Traditional IT Choices New IT Choices On-premise V Off-premise Secure, compliant V Self-service, flexible Complicated V Simple Traditional apps V SaaS, mobile Fully integrated, universal suite V Non-integrated agile process-specific application
  17. 17. Merging New Values with Old: The True Power of Hybrid © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 17 Traditional IT Choices Hybrid New IT Choices On-premise & Off-premise Secure, compliant & Self-service, flexible Complicated & Simple Traditional apps & SaaS, mobile Fully-integrated, universal suite & Integrated agile process-specific application
  18. 18. A New Role for the IT Department Today = Internal supplier & policeman • Hands-on tech builder • Direct IT provider • Lead sourcer & domain expert • Mandater/enforcer of rules and products Tomorrow = Advisor, architect & integrator • Assembler, broker, integrator • Leader/expert on back-end, but ... • Supporter/adviser on front-end • Mandater/enforcer of architecture © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 18 “Now, we're right in front of the business, and they want to talk to us. But if you don’t do something for them, they'll do it themselves". (Financial services company)
  19. 19. Time for the cloud in Ireland? • Wait for cloud to be a no brainer? • Get the benefits as quickly as possible? • Low adoption lowers urgency – but no early agility / flexibility gains © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 19 Adopt Now  Tools are now enterprise ready  Future proof and roll back solutions are possible  Flexibility / agility now  Make room for future innovation  The cloud is already here (Dropbox, etc..) Wait & See  My work loads aren’t a good fit – lots of custom non x86 – big investment in apps  Urgency not there yet  Tools will get even better  Delay the risk of a betamax situation
  20. 20. Cloud Challenges – From the Frontline [Working with the business]…… is the most difficult challenge of them all (Enterprise architect, UK Financial services company) © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 20 "IT has to constantly evolve, change and update systems. The core decisions of the business are now being based on IT data which wasn't the case before" (Group IT Manager, MNC, Ireland) There is no 100% security and if you want change you must be willing to take risks. But it is not an IT decision – it is a business decision (Enterprise architect, global bank) It’s all about data management. We need the overarching service management solution that enables us to see it all. Until we can integrate the cloud usage into our IT landscape we will not use public cloud, only marginally (CTO, global bank) Cloud is a journey, not a project. We need to take calculated risks - but we also need to work with a provider that has tried it before. We can’t risk the daily operation. (Chief security officer, international food manufacturer)
  21. 21. Five Things to do to Prepare for the Cloud Facilitate cloud adoption with the business 21 Drive Innovation Embrace new role for IT and the CIO Build skills and knowledge The basics – business case, risk, governance, roadmap
  22. 22. Thank you Jamie Snowdon 22
  23. 23. Gareth Price – Security Consultant, BT Ireland Cloud Security #btbizcon
  24. 24. From Paper to Pad
  25. 25. Bringing Sales in from the Cold
  26. 26. #btbizcon
  27. 27. Thank you #btbizcon
  28. 28. Panel Discussion - The Customer Experience Malcolm Thompson – COO, TotalMobile Ltd Jamie Snowden – European Research Director, IDC George Glass – Chief Systems Architect, BT Gareth Price – Security Consultant, BT Ireland #btbizcon
  29. 29. Research available for download cloudservicesinireland_event_land.html #btbizcon