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Class 6 Technical Analysis of Stocks and Markets


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Technical Analysis of Stocks annd Markets

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Class 6 Technical Analysis of Stocks and Markets

  1. 1. Class 6
  2. 2. PAC
  3. 3. SPY Opening Range Breakout 5-min chart current
  4. 4. Tails-PAC Daily Chart-Aug 2007-Present
  5. 5. OIH Descending Triangle 5-min chart
  6. 6. SPY Triangle Failure 1-min chart-today
  7. 7. MDR Bear Flag/Pennant Weekly Chart 2007-Present
  8. 8. MDR Ascending Wedge-Bear Flag 1-Hour Chart-Dec 2007-Present
  9. 9. DIA H&S TOP
  10. 10. NYSE vs. A/D Line NYSE 2/8-Present Hourly Chart
  11. 11. QQQQ vs. A/D Line QQQQ 2/8/08-Present Hourly Chart
  12. 12. SPY vs. NYSE A/D Line 1-min Chart-Today
  13. 13. ADX Signals a Bull Trend in Gold (GLD) Weekly Chart April 2004-Present
  14. 14. ADX Signals a Bull Trend in GOLD (GLD) Daily Chart Dec 2007-Present
  15. 15. ADX Signals a Bearish Trend Daily Chart Nov 2007-Present
  16. 16. DJ-20 Broadening Formation Weekly Chart 2004-2008