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A current overview of the Marketing and Communications Department

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  • Meet Our Team Slide
  • The Marcomms team is responsible for developing a strong brand, and creating meaningful messages through words, images, ideas that communicate the organisation to all our stakeholders: students, officers, SU staff, Uni staff, external partners, clients. We operate a variety of mediachannels to ensure BSU messages are delivered consistently and appropriately. We work to ensure we understand our evolving audienceTo add value, to generate income linking commercial clients to the student market.
  • About Us Slide
  • Our Service SlideWebsite, blogs, calendar, eBulletin,
  • Communications ConsultancyIn house communications consultancyThe purpose of the new consultancy model is to give greater purpose and structure to our communications allowing project managers to become confident communicators. We will focus onA. Strategy and planning B. Communications channels and governance, C. Project commitment and skills through project manager guidance, coaching and communication toolkits D. Messaging and copywriting. Use of an appropriate tone of voice, key message planning, audience mapping, creating engaging content that students want to read Communication platforms design and deliveryDevising and supporting delivery of communications strategiesUsing and monitoring social media tools to enable effective communication Core brief production Team talk facilitationAudio channelsProject film/video useEvent & conference managementCommunication protocols & sign-off procedures 
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  • Where are we now
  • Our Benefits Slide
  • ToolkitsSlide
  • Slide
  • Web platform Slide
  • Social Media Slide
  • Social media Slide
  • Social Media why it worksSlide
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  • BSU_Marcomms staff_induction_final

    1. 1. Brighton SU Marketing & Communications COME & SEE
    2. 2. watch information Meet the team Sales Products & Clients Brighton SU Where are we now? Where are we going? Website Phone: (01273) 642876 | Supporting Services Social Media
    3. 3. Meet the team Jackie Rana Helen Robinson Enterprise Development Manager Communications Manager 4 days per week 3 days per week Grand Parade Grand Parade Sales & Partnerships Coordinator (to be recruited) Paul Cooke VP Campus and Communications Cross campus Grand Parade Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    4. 4. SU Marketing & Communications What the service offers – BSU Strategy 2012 -15 Market Brighton SU: Develop and implement a strong BSU brand Create meaningful messages through words, images and ideas Communicate the organisation to all our stakeholders: students, officers, SU staff, Uni staff, external partners, clients, the community. Promote student engagement Communications:develop fit for purpose communication channels, create easy to use staff and officer toolkits, Using a consultancy approach,assist officers and staff members to create effective comms plans, access and use BSU channels to promote services and campaigns Sales & Partnerships: To add value, to generate income, to engage with the community and stakeholders Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    5. 5. about us MarComms strands Key areas of our work. Brand building to engage students and stakeholders, add value and purpose to what we do Brighton SU Sales & Partnerships raise income and create new opportunities for students. Communications Consultancy Develop comms channels, create toolkits, provide expertise and guidance Phone: (01273) 642876 | Engagement students, officers, SU staff, UoB support & academic staff, community
    6. 6. Communication channels Helping our departments Website, blogs, calend ar, eBulletin, members hip data, ecommerce Building community through social networks Developing Mobile apps Campus/hall distribution service University channels Google calendar, studentcentral Media Federation: Verse, BURST BrightonTV Brighton SU Utilising valuable partnership channels Vimeo, Youtube Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    7. 7. Communications Consultancy Tailored, appropriate, focused. Creative strategic ideas with thoughtful implementation A range of toolkits and manuals Coaching and guidance Audience Mapping ! Copywriting for print and web Marketing your project Creating Comms plans Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    8. 8. Generating Income our products Freshers Adverts, SU Publications, Mailout, Ba gs, Freshers stalls Promote NUS Extra and NUSSL products Sept – June Flyers, posters, web banners, ebulletin adverts, onsite stalls, plasma screens Package Services & Social media Opportunities Brighton SU Partnership projects offering income and opportunities Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    9. 9. Where are we now? Developing a new approach Marketing Communications Consultancy ● New Essential Guide tailored to each site New Web platform Rebranding ● Toolkits and Manuals Coaching and guidance Creating effective comms plans Enabling confident communicators Sales &partnerships Communications ● RelauchedFacebook Page New fortnightly ebulletin tailored to each campus - segmentation Staff resources online Brighton SU •New staff appointment. Product review - site specific sales, new business & relationships Ents contract Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    10. 10. 3 year plan Supporting student engagement & participation A range of toolkits and manuals Responsive and evolving website Active authentic social media ! 18 month SU calendar Rebrand Partnership Development Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    11. 11. SU Communication Toolkits creating consistency Toolkits &Manuals (Dept Docs) SU Brand Manual (Corporate style guide - Dec 2013) SU Communications Toolkit Social Media Guidelines Press Campaigns Toolkit Halls/Campus Distribution Toolkit Marketing Toolkit Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    12. 12. Web platform Developing and evolving
    13. 13. Web platform Brief: Streamlined web platform Solution: Offering students & staff a dynamic information hub Phase 2: service development 22,000+ blogs members videos Brighton SU Calendar photos Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA Promoting community in social networks
    15. 15. Brighton SU Social media Brief: creating authentic engaged student communities Solution: staff and officers empowered to engage Result: increased engagement 22000 5300 3200 members likes followers Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    16. 16. Social media Fast, fun engagement Facebook Officer accounts integrated into the SU Facebook page, building networks with students. Interact and engage on a daily basis to maintain and build a profile across the University. Twitter Tweets are short and sharp –140 characters to get your message across. Twitter is great for instant updates on-the-go and for fast sharing of information use tiny url links, include photos. Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    17. 17. Officer Blogs Keep students informed Why – keep students updated about what their officers are doing, officers can document their personal journey, highlight issues. The blog provides a central platform to convey individual personality What – content generally documents campaigns and events officers are working on, how they are effecting change and making student life better When – officers aim to post a new blog once every week Where – blogs feed through to the website homepage Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    18. 18. social media Why it works 3 in 1 Active community Contact • Communications • Information sharing • Connection • Accessible engagement • General context • Reciprocity • Community • Training Brighton SU Efficiency • Performance • Quick response • Quick return • Active engagement Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    19. 19. social landscape Integrated media channels Websitesince 1st Sep 2013: - 56 656 visits - 33 071 unique visitors - 292 599 page views - 3 minutes 18 seconds – average visit duration Facebook5300 likes Twitter3300 followers. Freshtivalchannels 330 0 56 656 5300 Website Brighton SU Facebook Phone: (01273) 642876 | Twitter
    20. 20. twitter growth analysis 3300 followers Currently 100+ New followers each month Tweets and retweets throughout the day with links and pictures @subrighton #marktopicsandkeywords Track your hashtag to see Who's talking about it, what’s trending Brighton SU Phone: (01273) 642876 |
    21. 21. facebook growth analysis 5300 Likes Nov ‘13 2551 Likes Oct ‘11 78.7% likes From 18 – 24 year olds Brighton Students’ Union Brighton SU Males 40.5% likes Phone: (01273) 642876 | Females 58.8% likes
    22. 22. THANK YOU! Please book in to meet with a member of the team at any time!