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On campus student-employment_training_nov 13 (1)

  1. 1. Hiring Student Employees Vickie Coale, Associate Director, Employer Relations Anne Evans, Assistant Director, Internships and Student Employment Boise State University Career Center © 2012 Boise State University 1
  2. 2. Where Do I Find Assistance? • On Campus Student Employment Website – http://career.boisestate.edu/information-for-employers/on-campus-studentemployment/ • Contact Us! – Career Center- BroncoJobs – Financial Aid- Work Study – Human Resources – Compensation and Classification © 2012 Boise State University 2
  3. 3. Steps in Hiring a Student • Evaluate your need and prepare a job description • Determine the classification and compensation • Post your opportunity on BroncoJobs • Select candidate, verify eligibility and offer job • EAF process © 2012 Boise State University 3
  4. 4. What do I Need to Know about Compensation and Classification? • It is a self-managed system – You identify the class your job fits into – You choose the hourly rate within the class • Exceptions will be reviewed by a committee • Each Job classification is assigned a paygrade (S1, S2, S3 & S4) © 2012 Boise State University 4
  5. 5. Student Job Titles & Duties • 30 Student Job descriptions have been drafted by Human Resources • General information on the pay level, typical job duties and examples of job titles are located at: http://career.boisestate.edu/studentemployment-classification-schedule/ © 2012 Boise State University 5
  6. 6. Student Compensation Structure Each Job classification is assigned a paygrade (S1, S2, S3 & S4) Grade Minimum Mid Point Maximum S1 7.25 8.13 9.00 S2 7.65 9.33 11.00 S3 8.40 10.45 12.50 S4 10.00 12.50 15.00 © 2012 Boise State University 6
  7. 7. Student Job Descriptions Title Student Academic Assistant 1 Pay Job Level Code S2 Student Academic Assistant 2 S3 Student Academic Assistant 3 S4 Job Duties Performs general academic functions in support of a specific course, professor or department. Would typically assist in lower division courses. Duties typically include: assisting with preparation, distribution, collection of test 49825 materials; applying a template for grading; review of short answer or essay responses for accuracy or completeness; assisting a professor with course preparations, instructional materials, recording of grades. Moderate/limited supervision is provided. Examples of Job Titles Grader; Teacher Aide Performs academic assistant functions in support of a specific professor, or course or section. Would typically assist in upper division courses. Duties may include: conducting lab or work group sessions focused on the review or 49826 application of course materials; grading complex essay assignments and Grader; Peer Advisor; exams; assessing performance or progress. Limited supervision is provided. Writing Center Consultant Performs academic assistant functions at the highest level in support of a specific professor, or course or section. Would typically assist in upper division or graduate courses. Duties may include: conducting lab or work group 49852 sessions focused on the review or application of course materials; delivering Peer Advisor; Writing portions of lectures; assessing performance or progress. Limited supervision is Center Consultant; provided, and the student employee is expected to operate independently in Lab Instructor; the performance of a wide range of duties. Teaching Assistant © 2012 Boise State University 7
  8. 8. Grade S1 Job Duties Entry level student worker. Performs routine tasks with minimal responsibility in a well-supervised setting. Minimum Qualifications No previous experience or training is required. Ability to learn and perform assigned work; ability to work cooperatively with faculty, staff and other students. Notes May require ability to successfully interact with public. © 2012 Boise State University 8
  9. 9. Grade S2 Job Duties Second level of student employee. More difficult tasks assigned and some judgment/decision making required. Works independently with limited supervision. Minimum Qualifications Little or moderate experience. Technical knowledge required, or previous training and experience is needed. Notes Special instruction may be necessary for some aspects of these positions. © 2012 Boise State University 9
  10. 10. Grade S3 Job Duties Senior level student employee performing work with specialized skills. Uses independent judgment /decision making abilities; works with little or no direct supervision. May involve supervision, tutoring, or training of individuals or small groups performing routine functions. Minimum Qualifications Previous work experience at a lower level within the same department or functional area is required. Moderate to substantial experience, technical knowledge, or previous training or certification is required. © 2012 Boise State University 10
  11. 11. Grade S4 Job Duties Highest level student employee. May manage research, analysis, publication, instruction or other special projects or activities of significant scope. May supervise larger groups of student staff or more senior/technical student staff including assigning and reviewing work. Minimum Qualifications Previous work experience at a lower level within the same department or functional area is required. Requires substantial experience, advanced technical knowledge as well as previous training or certification. Notes High level of competency or fluency with specialized skills. Not all jobswill have a S4 level. © 2012 Boise State University 11
  12. 12. Placement in Compensation Schedule • Student employees should be placed within the grade for their job considering: – department budget – employee qualifications and work experience – compensation level of existing student staff • Student employees should not earn more than nonstudent employees doing similar work • Compensation schedule will be applied regardless of funding source © 2012 Boise State University 12
  13. 13. What Do I Need to Know About Posting Jobs? • Jobs that many students at Boise State might be qualified for must be posted on BroncoJobs – You can still use other recruiting methods • There are exceptions – – – – – Rehiring a student into the same position Internal promotional opportunities Graduate or Research Assistant positions Any position that is paid via lump sum or by stipend Any position requiring an extremely specific skill set or set of circumstances – Other exceptions reviewed by a committee • BroncoJobs ID # needs to be included in the new EAF – http://career.boisestate.edu/on-campus-student-employment/ © 2012 Boise State University 13
  14. 14. © 2012 Boise State University 14
  15. 15. Click here to start
  16. 16. Click here to go to log in/registration page
  17. 17. If you do not already have a BroncoJobs account, click here to begin registration If your Department already has an account, we will just add you as a Contact when you register.
  18. 18. Note that you are on the “Register” tab Fill out the fields. * means that field is required This is your Department name beginning with “Boise State”
  19. 19. Fill out the fields. * means that field is required
  20. 20. When finished click “Submit”. Your registration will be approved by the Career Center and an email will be sent to you. This usually happens the same day, but you can call the Career Center to have it done immediately.
  21. 21. To post a job, log in using your username (email address) and your password.
  22. 22. Click here to post a job This is your BroncoJobs home page.
  23. 23. You are on the “Job Postings” tab. Click here to add a new job posting.
  24. 24. Click on “Show Archived” to get a drop down list of job titles to choose from. Some are jobs that have been posted before by you or others in dept. Some may have been pre-loaded by Career Center.
  25. 25. Click on the down arrow
  26. 26. Select the job title you want from this list – you can edit for your posting
  27. 27. Select/Deselect Position Type You can change the Job Title.
  28. 28. Job Function may be preselected. You can change to what is appropriate. You can edit the job description Choose how you wish to receive resumes, etc. Select “Other Documents” for applications, course schedules, etc.
  29. 29. You can choose if you want to display your contact info to students Select/change posting and expiration dates – 30 days is standard. Optional: Desired start date, duration and approx. hours per week
  30. 30. Optional: Select class level Optional: Qualifications Select Major(s) – hold down control key to select more than one Pay Rate: Enter a rate or range. If location is not preselected, enter here. (required field)
  31. 31. You can attach a document (such as an application to have students upload and submit.) When finished, click “Submit”. You can also “Save and Finish Later”.
  32. 32. To check on your posting…. * = not approved and Job Title ***This is the BroncoJobs ID # that goes on the EAF.*** You can deactivate at any time = approved
  33. 33. Position Approved career@boisestate.edu to me Dear Your Name: The following position has been approved: This is the email you will receive from the Career Center when your position is approved. STUDENT ACADEMIC ASSISTANT 1 Students will apply for your position per the instructions on your job posting. If you checked "E-mail" students will upload their resumes on BroncoJobs and the system will send you an email with their resume attached. If you checked "Accumulate on-line" students will upload their resumes on BroncoJobs and you will see an alert on your BroncoJobs home page notifying you that a student has applied. You can then view the student's name and application materials through the "job" tab. If you checked "Other" the student will follow your instructions in the "How to Apply" box (Email or mail resumes, apply on your website, etc.) If you have any questions about your job posting, please feel free to contact the Career Center at (208) 426-1747 or career@boisestate.edu. Thank you for your interest in recruiting our students! Career Center Boise State University
  34. 34. = approved
  35. 35. Click on the “Preview” tab to see how the posting will be viewed by students.
  36. 36. Home Page shows an alert when you receive applications
  37. 37. Student Resumes Tab: To view applicants. You can open up students’ documents by clicking on the icons. *** You can send an email to one, some, or all applicants at the same time. Check box, then “Mail to Checked” ***
  38. 38. After clicking “Mail to Checked” this page appears to prepare your message. Subject is required You can send a copy of the email to yourself.
  39. 39. Write your message here. The system will auto-insert these fields for you. Just click on the one you want when you get to that place in your text. (fname = first name) You can upload a document if you want Click “continue” to review message
  40. 40. To go back and make changes to your message To send your message
  41. 41. You can generate a book of students’ application materials and have it emailed to you. #2: Click “Generate Book” #1: Check the box next to the students names whose materials you want included in the book or click “+” to check all students.
  42. 42. Select the documents you want to include. Submit Request
  43. 43. To finish
  44. 44. To check the status of your request
  45. 45. Resume Book Complete vcoale@boisestate.edu Friday, October 14, 2011, 04:13 pm Dear Your Name, The resume book you requested is ready for you to download. To retrieve, please point your web browser to: http://boisestate-csm.symplicity.com/employers If you have any questions, please contact Career Services. Thank you, Career Services JobApplicantsPacket_rezpacket_2011_10_14.pdf 498K View Download The email you receive with the Job Applicants Packet attached
  46. 46. This is the end of the basic BroncoJobs instructions for On-Campus Department Employers. Home Page will also show when your resume packet is ready
  47. 47. Job deactivated
  48. 48. Hiring Student • Select candidate, notify the ones you did not hire • Verify eligibility -- to be a student employee: – Must be enrolled at least half-time – Can work no more than 30 hours per week while school is in session* – *international students can work no more than 20 hours per week while school is in session © 2012 Boise State University 49
  49. 49. Hiring Process (EAFs) • • • Hiring a Work-Study Student Employee – Work Study Employee Action Request Form, please refer to the new Work Study Resource Site at https://sites.google.com/a/boisestate.edu/workstudy/. Hiring a Non Work-Study Student Employee – Employee Action Form for Students at Employee Action Form for Students – Included on this form is a field for the BroncoJobsID # – Exceptions: please note this in the BroncoJobs ID # field (i.e.: REHIRE, GRAD ASSIST, RESEARCH ASSIST, STIPEND POSITION, etc.) Employment Eligibility (Form I-9) – Federal regulations mandate proof of employment eligibility for all employees – A Form I-9 must be completed on or before the student’s first day of employment © 2012 Boise State University 50
  50. 50. Questions? © 2012 Boise State University 51