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BSI Brochure: Customer Contact Association Global Standard - Your partner for accreditation


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CCA Global Standard
Created by the UK’s professional body, the Customer Contact Association (CCA), the CCA Global Standard© has been developed in conjunction with the industry. The standard provides a framework for best practice in contact centres, predominantly in the UK, but it has also been implemented internationally too.
Accreditation to CCA Global Standard demonstrates to clients, staff, suppliers and trading partners an organisation’s commitment to maintaining quality processes and meeting customer’ expectations.
The standard is applicable to contact centres of all sizes, scopes and sectors. It can be implemented as a stand-alone system or integrated with existing management systems such as ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 10002 Complaints Management.

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BSI Brochure: Customer Contact Association Global Standard - Your partner for accreditation

  1. 1. Customer Contact Association Global StandardYour partnerfor accreditation TMraising standards worldwide
  2. 2. CCA Global StandardCreated by the UK’s professional body, the Customer ContactAssociation (CCA), the CCA Global Standard© has beendeveloped in conjunction with the industry. The standardprovides a framework for best practice in contact centres,predominantly in the UK, but it has also been implementedinternationally too.Accreditation to CCA Global Standard demonstrates toclients, staff, suppliers and trading partners an organisation’scommitment to maintaining quality processes and meetingcustomer’ expectations.The standard is applicable to contact centres of all sizes, scopesand sectors. It can be implemented as a stand-alone system orintegrated with existing management systems such as ISO 9001Quality and ISO 10002 Complaints Management.For more information on the standard, visit the CustomerContact Association web site at
  3. 3. Why choose BSI as your assessment Companies who have chosen BSIpartner?BSI has a long standing relationship with CCA since the inception Tesco Stores Ltdof the Global Standard and is committed to helping improve the Student Loans Companyindustry’s standards, reputation and profitability. BSI is one of only three Limitedselected accreditation bodies authorised to provide assessment andaccreditation to the standard by CCA. Highways Agency Information Linel Over 90% of our clients – tell us how satisfied they are with the BSI assessors; how the assessment process identifies Office for National Statistics improvement opportunities and the way findings are explained Diageo Ireland to them post assessment.l Pioneers in management system standards – we lead the Capita Life & Pensions way in developing management system standards and have Regulated pioneered the top six: including BS 5750, the forerunner to Southern Housing Group ISO 9001. This makes us an ideal partner should you wish to extend your Liverpool Direct Limited use and application of best practice standards and frameworks Siemens IT Solutions into other disciplines and activities within your organisation. Lloyds Banking Groupl Global experience, local knowledge – as one of the world’s leading certification bodies, our clients range from FTSE 100 or British Gas Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses. Our extensive Heineken UK global network offers you local resources that add real value to your business regardless of its size, sector or scope. Prudentiall Our people – we aim to work proactively, in partnership with National Australia Group, your organisation by allocating full-time client managers to work Europe with you. These specialists have in-depth knowledge of your Plantronics B.V. business sector and can match our range of services perfectly to fit your requirements.l After sales service and customer satisfaction – our commitment to you doesn’t end with a certificate or assessment. We will invite you to events and regularly send you updates on the latest developments in management system standards and training.
  4. 4. Why do I need CCA accreditation? Enhanced brand reputation and credibility – accreditationl “BSI is always provides industry recognised assurance that you and your staff are operating a centre of excellence extremely professional and thorough. Thel Saved time and reduced costs – assessment identifies gaps and weaknesses to ensure effective and efficient processes exist action plans that the across multi-site operations assessor left werel Improved staff morale and retention – training and really valuable and we development ensures that all parts of the business are have already taken communicating effectively and consistently both internally steps to address the and externally issues.”l Improved customer satisfaction – accreditation validates processes to ensure that they are effective and result in improved service deliveryl Reduced attrition – management systems promote consistency of operational practices across all sites and functions and highlights areas for developmentl Improved risk management – assessment helps comply with legislative requirements and aids contingency planningl Ease of integration – CCA accreditation can be fully integrated with other existing management standardsOver 95% of BSI’s existing CCA clientswould recommend us to others forCCA assessments
  5. 5. How do I get accreditation?If you’re new to BSI, don’t worry - it’s a simple process. 1. Make contact “In keeping with Get in touch with BSI and tell us what you need, so we can sort out the the last visit I found best services for you. Together with CCA, we can help you through the process. BSI’s assessment professionals very 2. Apply to CCA approachable, In order to achieve accreditation, you’ll need to apply for CCA membership by completing an application form. Visit www.cca-global. easy going and com or contact a member of CCA team for assistance. knowledgeable of 3. Complete your application the contact centre As a CCA member you will be able to apply for accreditation to the industry. The assessor’s standard. Once your application has been received CCA will send it to ability to put the us and we will contact you directly with a detailed proposal of costs and time involved in a formal assessment. agents at ease while listening in and 4. Assessment On acceptance of our proposal we will assign you a Client Manager, observing made the who will be your main point of contact through the process – and visit a lot easier to beyond. They’ll know your area of business well and will support you as you move forward to accreditation of your customer contact conduct.” management system. 5. Accreditation and beyond Once the assessment has been successfully completed, we’ll recommend accreditation to CCA. The CCA Accreditation Panel is responsible for a approving our recommendations. The annual partial reassessment will support you in the continual improvement of your contact centres’ operations.For further information please call us on:(+44) (0)845 080 9000.
  6. 6. BSI: Your one-stop-shop for accreditation As well as offering assessment and accreditation to management system standards, did you know that BSI also offers a complementary range of services that can help your business maximise its potential?Training solutions StandardsBSI offers a comprehensive portfolio of standards- As the UK’s National Standards Body BSI works withbased and business improvement training courses. businesses, consumers and the Government toTraining delivery methods include open scheduled make sure that British, European and internationalcourses, in-company training, eLearning modules standards are useful, relevant and authoritative.and distance learning qualifications. Product testing and certificationEntropy Software BSI offers CE marking and direct testing for a wideBSI’s web-based management system software range of products to national and internationalsolution is used by leading organisations at over standards. In addition, Kitemark certification14,000 sites around the world to improve their demonstrates independent proof of product testingbusiness performance and manage their risks. and is the UK’s premier symbol of quality and safety.To find the right solution for your business call +44 (0)845 080 9000BSI BSI/1546/0711/JVKitemark Court,Davy Avenue,Knowlhill,Milton Keynes MK5 8PPT: +44 (0)845 080 9000F: +44 (0)1908 228 BSI certification mark can be used on your stationery, literatureand vehicles when you have successfully achieved certification.BSI Group: Standards • Information • Software • Training • Inspection • Testing • Assessment • Certification