Weathering thestorm


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Weathering thestorm

  1. 1. Weathering the stormHow standards can help keep customers in the downturn www.bsimembers.comraising standards worldwide™
  2. 2. raising standards worldwide™As economic conditions grow tougher, it’smore important than ever to hold on tocustomers, and find new ones. Retainingaccess to current standards through BSIMembership can help you do just that.Important factsThe ability to demonstrate your organization is using the most currentstandards is critical in terms of:P Meeting contractual requirementsP Ensuring you are compliantP CertificationP Winning new business tendersBSI Membership is the best way to keep up-to-date with the lateststandards, and provides an easy, cost effective way to purchase.For more information please visit:
  3. 3. As markets shrink, you’ll need new customers to makeup the shortfall – and standards can help secure them.It’s probable that certification to a standard or standardswill differentiate your company from the competition.Even your adherence to current standards sends a messagethat your company cares about producing a quality productor service – an attribute which is likely to be attractive topotential customers, anxious to spend wisely.These factors alone give you a competitive advantagewhen it comes to securing new business.In addition, your standard-compliant products andprocedures make you an easier company to do businesswith. You work to proven methodologies and standardspecifications. It takes some of the pain out of tenderingand contracts.And potential customers are reassured that yourproducts are going to be interoperable and compatiblewith other components, reducing hassles and meaningyou’re quicker to market.In highly competitive markets, standards give youan edge.Standards help keep customersStandards convert new customersIt’s likely that many of your customers came to youbecause you use British Standards. Keeping thesecustomers is often dependent on your continued useof current standards.This can be because your customers are reassured byyour product quality, reliability and consistency –because you use standards.More specifically, it’s often because your customers need toknow that what you supply meets requirements. This maybe a condition of doing business - in some sectorscompliance is an absolute requirement. Continuedcompliance may also be a contractual obligation.BSI Membership makes it easy to complyWithout the access to current standards at discounted rateswhich BSI Membership gives you, the route to compliancebecomes much more complicated and expensive.And failure to comply may mean the loss of existingcustomers to the competition – something which fewbusinesses can afford in the current economic climate.In addition the PLUS service alerts you to any changesto the standards that your business uses.Don’t lose customers by losing access to standards.“Compliance for our organization is essential, not just for us but for our clientswho rely on our organization to ensure that the services we offer are alsocompliant with current UK legislation. The benefits of being a BSI Memberare numerous, being kept up to date with our particular area is critical.”BSI Member, Jan 2009“Our customers insist on the highest standards of service, capability andcompetence. Being an accredited test facility speaks volumes for thebusiness and proves to our customers we deliver goods on time andmeet their stringent requirements.”Alan Breese, Abtest LtdVisit: contact: +44 (0)20 8996 7002 or email
  4. 4. All customers are good, but we all know that some arebetter than others. To weather the storm well you canutilize your BSI Membership to work with the best.Better customers want to work with firms that sharetheir values and commitment to high service levels andhigh quality products.Through being a BSI Member you demonstrate yourcommitment to both. Working with standards alsoenables you to deliver effectively. And certificationin particular acts as proof of your ability to do so.You also embrace customer-focus and best practice, andattract others who do the same.They will be the companies that are more interested ina partnership approach, longer term commitments andstable operations – all factors which help to sustain andmaintain your margins.They are also the most likely to pay your invoices, on time.Be the best to work with the best.“Membership of BSI and accreditation through theirservices has proved to be useful in demonstrating thequality of our service at the highest level to all ourdemanding customers.”David Rushton, TS Technology ServicesStandards attract better customers
  5. 5. raising standards worldwide™“We are a young business operating in the oil & gas sectorwhere certification and standards are essential. BSI enablesus to meet these requirements in an easy to reach, onlineway, which has made our business more efficient,knowledgeable and credible with our customers such asShell, BP and Statoil. Where would we be without BSI?Not as far as we are now for sure. Thanks BSI.”Andrew Stuart, Improtechnics Ltd
  6. 6. Top 12 standards for weathering the storm:BSI Group Headquarters389 Chiswick High Road London W4 4AL UKTel +44 (0)20 8996 9000Fax +44 (0)20 8996© BSI copyright 2009raising standards worldwide™Any questions?Our BSI Membership team is available online or by phone toanswer your questions on the benefits of BSI Membership.Visit our website at: www.bsimembers.comContact: +44 (0)20 8996 7002or email membership@bsigroup.comThese standards are available at Members receive a 50% discount.1. BS 7671Necessary for electrical installationcompliance2. BS 25999Delivers best practice businesscontinuity planning3. BS 31100How to implement and maintaineffective risk management4. BS OHSAS 18001To eliminate accidents at work andcomply with H&S legislation5. BS EN ISO 9001Embeds quality, efficiency andcustomer satisfaction6. BS 8847Benchmarks good customer service anddifferentiates from the competition7. BS EN ISO 14001Implements best practice environmentalmanagement and compliance8. BS 8555An incremental approach to compliantenvironmental management9. BS ISO/IEC 27001Defines a compliant best practiceinformation management system10. PAS 2050Measures the lifecycle GHG emissionsof goods and services11. BS 9999Recommendations and guidance oncompliant fire safety12. BS 8888The bible for technical productspecification documents