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Iso 9001-quality-management-brochure

  1. 1. raising standards worldwide™ Profit from more satisfied customers Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI
  2. 2. ISO 9001 a route to satisfied customers and bigger profits ISO 9001 is the ultimate business growth framework. Why - because to grow, organizations need profits, satisfied customers and more efficient ways of working. ISO 9001 provides these benefits. Don’t just take our word for it - thousands of BSI customers tell us: • 69% improve their customer’s satisfaction • 67% improve operational performance • 52% save money n Why is ISO 9001 so powerful? ISO 9001 is an international standard. It has been written by global experts, with the input of thousands of users, over nearly 30 years. A large number of skilled and experienced people have made the standard as good as it can be. As a result more than a million organizations are certified to it and the number continues growing. No other management system framework has ever had so much input or scrutiny, or been so widely adopted. What is ISO 9001 about? Put simply it’s a framework for managing quality. The standard originally focused on product quality and customer requirements. Following market feedback the standard evolved in 2000 (and again in 2008) to focus on customer satisfaction and continual improvement. This is because all businesses know that satisfied customers buy more, refer more and cost less to look after. ISO 9001 is about keeping customers satisfied. And for organizations to ensure their customers remain happy, they must organize themselves to be as efficient as possible. The result is: • no more duplication of effort • waste is cut out • communication is improved • processes are continually refined So ISO 9001 has the effect of saving and making you money and improving your performance. Look after customers and profit with ISO 9001 Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI2
  3. 3. “We have already had encouragement from large organizations and secured business that we could not have obtained prior to certification.” Tony Peters, Sales and Marketing Director, Shades of Comfort “In particular our reject reduction programme results clearly show the long-term benefits of implementing ISO 9001.” Steve Parry, Director of Development and Quality, Metflex Market advantage with ISO 9001 certification Build a business that will grow with ISO 9001 “Certification gives us a clear competitive advantage. We have reduced costs by approximately 5-10% and have been able to maintain a challenging annual growth target of 34%.” Jack Bowie, QSHE Director, DB Construction Ltd. As ISO 9001 is so well-known and so highly regarded, organizations that are independently assessed as using the standard correctly (certification) have a market advantage. More customers will come to you when you have ISO 9001 certification – especially from BSI. 64% of BSI customers have been able to sell to new customers or retain existing ones as a result of being certified to ISO 9001 with BSI. Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI BSI Quality ROI Calculator – showing the financial benefits of ISO 9001 certification ISO 9001 can help you save and make money and BSI’s new, unique and free Return on Investment (ROI) calculator can show you how. The tool is based on the findings of independent academic researchs which shows that organizations with ISO 9001 certification financially outperform those without. Such financial benefits are supported by the experiences of thousands of BSI’s customers. The tool enables you to compare the cost of certification with the financial benefits you could expect from it. Support your business case for investing in ISO 9001. Request a FREE ROI calculation from BSI. Call 0845 080 9000 now. 3
  4. 4. Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI Why BSI? We have the knowledge, expertise and pedigree to help you get the most out of ISO 9001. Whatever your objectives and position on your journey towards quality best practice, BSI has the solution. Why BSI gets results: • We’ve earned our clients’ trust for over 100 years. • We already look after more than 66,000 global customers. • We have an unrivalled international reputation for excellence. • We are the global leaders in getting the most from ISO 9001 • We wrote the original standard and continue to lead its development • No one knows ISO 9001 better than BSI. • No other organization can offer as comprehensive a range of support solutions as we can. • No other organization’s ISO 9001 assessors are better trained than BSI’s. Each and every one is continually educated and regularly assessed so that they’re equipped to deliver genuine value to our customers. • No matter where you are on the ISO 9001 journey, BSI has the tools and people to deliver value. “I have found the BSI assessment visits to be extremely valuable and I am always left with helpful suggestions for improvement.” Mrs Katie Randall, AXA PPP Healthcare “I continue to be most impressed by the fact that our relationship with BSI and our client manager remains more than just external auditor and client but more of a partnership where two parties who believe in the same ultimate goal can make significant progress at every visit towards it.” Mr Stuart Wylie, DORMA UK Ltd Why do our customers choose BSI? • 80% BSI reputation • 50% quality of service • 19% range of productss 4
  5. 5. BSI gives you the information to succeed Up-to-date information is vital to organizations implementing and maintaining ISO 9001. Put yourself in the know with the people who know best. BSI’s publications draw on a wealth of expert knowledge from across industry. Standards and publications can be purchased individually, as a kit, or as part of an annual subscription. The key ISO 9000 publications are: ISO 9000 – describes the fundamentals of quality management ISO 9001 – the core standard specifying the requirements for a quality management system. ISO 9004 – provides guidance on achieving sustained success with a quality management approach. These standards and other invaluable guides and publications are available from our online shop at Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI - Assessment - Certification QUALITY MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICE - ROI Calculator ISO 9001 a roadmap to happy customers and bigger profits From beginners through to advanced users, BSI has a broad range of Quality solutions 5
  6. 6. ISO 9001: the sky’s the limit... 6
  7. 7. BSI’s workshops and training Everyone can be an expert BSI workshops Get started with BSI’s facilitated and interactive workshops, delivered on your premises. These enable you to form the direction of your quality management system independently. The key output is an implementation plan which ensures that your quality strategies and plans are quickly put in place and shared throughout your organization. BSI training An effective ISO 9001 management system can create a quality culture within your organization. But engaged people are vital to power and make them work. No matter how robust the system, your teams need training to help realise the full potential of ISO 9001. BSI will assess your training requirements against the current level of understanding within your organization. Training courses range from a basic introduction, through to the implementation of ISO 9001 and onto auditing, review and improvement. For added flexibility a variety of courses to suit different learning styles are available: choose from tutor-led classroom courses, qualifications by distance learning or online refresher courses. Build team responsibility Through BSI training, we will ensure that your staff are competent and skilled to implement a truly effective ISO 9001 quality management system. Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI 7
  8. 8. Maximise the value of ISO 9001 This intuitive web-based software can be implemented easily to enable you to make performance improvements faster. No more paper forms, juggling spreadsheets or inconsistent data from various sites. Entropy Software provides instant and consistent data and schedules actions to drive improvement. Because it’s online, it is readily and easily available anywhere in your organization. BSI’s unique self-assessment online toolkit The starting point for many clients is a self- assessment exercise. Then, working with our independent assessment service, you can progress to full certification depending on the requirements and drivers within the organization. Our Self-assessment Tool enables you to plan, implement and review your ISO 9001 system. It enables you to review and benchmark system performance across different departments and divisions within the organization. BSI assessment and certification services – manage, monitor and maintain excellence. Independent assessment and certification from BSI enables you to show the world that you have implemented ISO 9001 effectively. With BSI certification you become members of a global club of organizations that embody excellence. Before the formal certification assessments, BSI can run a gap analysis to help identify the areas that need addressing to achieve certification. When certification has been achieved you can be assured that your BSI certificate will be recognized worldwide. Your BSI certificate will: • put you alongside some of the biggest brands in the UK • be recognized instantly • be acknowledged globally. Call one of our advisors now on 0845 080 9000 to find out how BSI can help you embed the world’s best business growth framework. BSI’s Entropy® Software, Self-assessment Tool and assessment services Once you have decided to invest in ISO 9001 you need to think about how you will manage the system to maximise the value. Entropy Software BSI's management system software solution is used by leading organizations at over 14,000 sites around the world to improve their business performance. Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI8
  9. 9. ISO 9001: Bringing out the best in everyone Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI 9
  10. 10. Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI BSI quality options for small businesses We recognize that small businesses face particular challenges when taking on a project such as ISO 9001, so BSI has developed a range of solutions that makes the process simpler These include: Starter kits Everything you need to get you moving quickly. The kit includes the ISO 9001 standard, other useful publications, and discount vouchers worth over £650 off a gap analysis day, training courses and Entropy Software. Quick start workshop Will get you moving and can be delivered on your premises. Get the senior team and those involved in the project up to speed quickly and develop an action plan for certification that will avoid the common pitfalls and engage everyone. Free webinars Access to BSI’s online library of webinars that cover such subjects as: ‘What makes a good management system’, ‘ISO 9001 - an introduction’, ‘ISO 9001 in small businesses’ and much more. Case studies Read how other similar organizations have implemented ISO 9001 and the benefits that they have gained. Plus: • free customer networking events • checklists and outline project plans • regular newsletters and updates Call one of our advisors now on 0845 090 9000 to discuss your objectives and find out how BSI can help. Take care of the future ISO 9001 makes your business better, customers happier and profits bigger raising standards worldwide™ ISO 9001 Quality Management Business case checklist Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI raising standards worldwide™ ISO 9001 Quality Management How it works Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI raising standards worldwide™ ISO 9001 Quality Management Project planning guide Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI raising standards worldwide™ ISO 9001 Quality Management Self-assessment checklist Profit from more satisfied customers with BSI BSI EasyPay Investing in ISO 9001 has never been easier; ask about our BSI EasyPay payment scheme: • Fixed prices for 3 years • No hidden extras • Monthly Direct Debit payments If you are a single-site business, with less than 65 employees call 0845 080 9000 today for your personalised proposal. Download your free information pack today which includes a comprehensive ISO 9001 product guide, self assessment checklist, business case checklist and project planning guide. Visit: 10
  11. 11. Meeting customer requirements Certification to ISO 9001 has given Warnerbus national recognition as a customer focused organization that consistently builds high quality vehicles. Also, according to Jo Sinfield, Director and Quality Manager: “We have seen dramatic improvements to our build quality, including efficiency and cost-savings.” Using ISO 9001 Warnerbus now knows the cost, pricing and profit margins of its vehicle builds. Quotations are far more accurate than before and the organization knows how much money it is making. Warnerbus has also started to dual source from suppliers. It can negotiate better prices for components and offer greater choice to customers. Also, by having a ‘back-up’ supplier, Warnerbus will still be able to offer the parts. “Additionally, since the majority of motor manufacturers now insist on a quality management certification, Warnerbus is well prepared for impending legislation within the industry,” says Sinfield. ISO 9001: Real success for small businesses Consistently high quality The Mileage Company has been successfully creating and running travel reward programmes for 22 years. That said, the organization recognized that ISO 9001 would boost its brand reputation, and send a clear message that the organization was committed to the highest standards of customer service. “ISO 9001 gives us a framework for effectively managing the business and consistently meeting customer requirements,” says Emma Wood, Customer Service Divisional Manager. “Certification is independent endorsement of our best practice, helping differentiate us within the marketplace. Our management team appears to have a much better handle on our business, and employee morale is up due to improved processes, and reduced rework and frustration.” The implementation was made easy by ensuring that any new ways of working were integrated into current business practice. Streamlined document control and simplified processes now allow staff to service customers more quickly, and unnecessary paperwork has been banished. 11
  12. 12. The BSI certification mark can be used on your stationery, literature and vehicles when you have successfully achieved certification. BSI Group: Standards • Information • Software • Training • Inspection • Testing • Assessment • B BSI/GM/50/0611/E/BG British Standards Institution PO Box 6221 Kitemark Court Davy Avenue Milton Keynes MK1 9EP T: +44 (0)845 080 9000 F: +44 (0)1908 228180 E: ©Copyright 2011 The British Standards Institution * BSI customers who reported cost savings from using ISO 9001 (Source: BSI Client Survey 2010) n 2011 BSI Customer Survey results s Financial benefits of ISO 9001 have been shown by BSI customer research and independent research papers published by Management Science; V. 51; Journal of Business & Economics Research; V. 6; International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management; V. 19; managent Science; V. 47; Accident Analysis & Prevention; V. 39 Journal of Operations Management; V. 24; Total Quality Management/University of Houston, Texas.