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Energy management-brochure


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Energy management-brochure

  1. 1. BSI Energy Management Self-assessment OnlineHelping you to become more energy efficient and to implementthe new energy standard BS EN 16001:2009 standards worldwide™
  2. 2. Are you aware of how much energy your company uses?Do you want to improve your company’s energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills?Ensuring that an effective Energy Management System (EnMS) is in place can bringsignificant benefits to your company and its customers.As consumers become increasingly concerned with energy consumption and environmental issues, it isimportant that you can demonstrate that you are taking steps to improve your resource efficiency and reduceyour greenhouse gas emissions. BSI Energy Management Self-assessment Online has been developed tohelp organizations implement an EnMS in accordance with the new European Standard BS EN 16001:2009.What’s in it for me?Financial perspective:Reduce costs, drive efficiency, and increase your profits.Environmental perspective:Reduce your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions.Organizational perspective:Involve your workforce in your drive for energy efficiency.Improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gasemissions are priorities for UK government. Under the CarbonReduction Commitment (CRC) which is due to start in April2010, large organizations will need to show that they aretaking steps to save energy and reduce their CO2 emissions.This will help reduce the country’s carbon footprint anddeliver the ambitious emissions reduction targets set inthe Climate Change Act 2008.How does it work?BSI has developed BSI Energy Management Self-assessmentOnline, a tool to help you implement the new EuropeanStandard BS EN 16001:2009 Energy management systems.Requirements with guidance for use.BSI Energy Management Self-assessment Online takes youthrough the various aspects of planning, implementing,operating, checking and reviewing, recording and reportingon your EnMS system. You can use the tool to work throughyour EnMS, testing its strengths and probing for weak spots.The tool provides you with practical guidance on the moredifficult aspects of implementing an EnMS. The onlinetool will also tell you how much of the EnMS you haveimplemented and the steps that you could take tomake improvements.BSI Energy Management Self-assessmentOnline will:• Provide practical guidance to help you implement an EnMS• Save time by allowing you to work smarter as you reviewyour EnMS• Guide the design of your EnMS from strategy to operationsand external audit, in accordance with the recognizedEuropean Standard, BS EN 16001• Manage self-assessments across a number of sites, with theability to allow/restrict access to each self-assessment forany user• Provide guidance throughout the EnMS design processincluding tips for improving performance• Create a powerful framework for reviewing and assessingthe system’s effectiveness under pressure• Identify elements that are working well but also elementsneeding attention or missing altogether• Benchmark across your organization with comparison reports• Show differences in compliance between sites, or reportprogress over time• Provide cost-effective, expert guidance• Present an easy-to-use tool for in-house staff to work withat the time that suits them best• Enable you to show you are taking energy consumptionseriously.BSI Energy Management Self-assessment OnlineHelping you to become more energy efficient and to implementthe new energy standard BS EN
  3. 3. The tool will allow you to…• Access the full set of energy management self-assessmentquestions with answer options and comment fields, coveringthe requirements of BS EN 16001 with importance/priorityratings identified• Get practical guidance for each question, written byindustry experts• Access the reference library including key standards andguidance material• Create reports:– Summary report - including graphs showing progresstowards completion– Detailed report - showing the list of questions plusanswers and comments– Customized reports - design your own reports toshow only what you need, e.g. outstanding actionsor unanswered questions.What does BSI Energy ManagementSelf-assessment Online include?The BSI Energy Management Self-assessment toolkit is aself-contained online resource that will also give you accessto a reference library including:• BS EN 16001:2009 Energy management systems.Requirements with guidance for use• Energy Management Principles and Practice -A Companion to BS EN 16001.Who should use it?This tool should be used by those concerned with energyconsumption, environmental impacts and related cost reductions.BSI Energy Management Self-assessment Online has beendesigned to be implemented across all types of industry ofvarying sizes. It can be used as the first step towards certification,as well as keeping your costs and energy consumption down.Subscribe nowBSI Energy Management Self-assessment Online can provide you with theconfidence that your organization has implemented BS EN 16001 and thata system is in place to reduce energy consumption and costs.Single user price valid for one year £695 + VATTo unlock collaboration features and fully integrate into your organization,or for more information on multi-user licences contact us info@bsigroup.comTel: +44 (0)20 8996 9001Enterprise and consultant packages are also available on request.
  4. 4. About BSIBSI is the UK’s national standards organization, recognized globally forits independence, integrity and innovation in the production ofstandards and information products that promote and share bestpractice. BSI works with businesses, consumers and government torepresent UK interests and to make sure that British, European andinternational standards are useful, relevant and authoritative.BSI has been instrumental in the creation, development and promotionof instantly recognizable and well-renowned standards:BS EN 16001 for energy managementBS 25999-1 and BS 25999-2 for business continuity managementBS 10012 for data protectionBS ISO/IEC 27001 for information security managementBS OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safetyBS EN ISO 9001 for quality managementBS EN ISO 14001 for environmental managementFor further information please visitshop.bsigroup.comBSI Group is a global independent business services organization thatinspires confidence and delivers assurance to customers with standards-based solutions. Originating as the world’s first national standards body,the Group has over 2,250 staff operating in over 100 countries throughmore than 50 global offices. The Group’s key offerings are:· The development and sale of private, national and internationalstandards and supporting information· Second and third-party management systems assessmentand certification· Product testing and certification of services and products· Performance management software solutions· Training services in support of standards implementationand business best practice.For further information please visit www.bsigroup.comSign up to free e-NewslettersTo keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your sector,sign up to receive our sector-specific newsletters standards worldwide™09/09BSI Group: Standards • Information • Training • Inspection • Testing • Assessment • CertificationBSI Group Headquarters389 Chiswick High Road London W4 4AL UKTel +44 (0)20 8996 9001Fax +44 (0)20 8996© BSI copyright