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Business Continue Plan

  1. 1. Helping you to assess yourBCM plan to BS ISO 22301BSI Business ContinuitySelf-assessment Tool
  2. 2. BSI Business Continuity Self-assessment ToolHelping you to assess your BCM plan to BS ISO 22301BSI’s Business Continuity Self-assessment Tool has been updated and now includes several additionalbenefits. This tool provides expert guidance enabling you to assess your BCMS across multiple sitesand assign responsibilities to multiple users. It does this by allowing you to systematically work youthrough your BCMS.Many organizations consider themselves prepared forinterruptions, only to discover shortcomings at the last minute.The updated Business Continuity Self-assessment Tool gives youthe confidence you need to know that you are fully prepared forthe worst.The Business Continuity Self-assessment Tool contains questionsthat take you through each clause of the latest internationalrequirements standard for business continuity managementsystems – BS ISO 22301.BS ISO 22301 provides requirements for a BCMS that will enableyour organization to prepare for disruptive incidents that mightotherwise prevent you from achieving your objectives.The standard can be used to assess your organization’s abilityto meet continuity needs and obligations. It can also help youestablish a BCM policy that provides a framework forimplementing effective business continuity arrangements.• It saves time by allowing you to work smarter as you reviewyour business continuity management system (BCMS)• It provides guidance on designing a BCMS from strategy tooperations and external audit following the internationallyrecognised standard BS ISO 22301 or the British StandardBS 25999-2 it replaces• It allows you to assess risk within your organization as awhole or in separate departments• Create a powerful framework for reviewing and assessingthe system’s effectiveness under pressure• Identify elements that are working well but also elementsthat need attention or have been omitted• It enables you to compare different parts of your organizationfor benchmarking purposes• It provides cost-effective expert guidance and presents aneasy-to-use tool for staff to work with at a time that suitsthem best• Smooth the path towards certificationWhy subscribe to BSI’s Business Continuity Self-assessment Tool?Fact: Every year, thousands of organizations experience disruption to theiroperations lasting longer than five working days.Fact: Disruption takes many forms, from the unexpected departure of akey member of staff to a large-scale terrorist attack.Fact: Evidence has shown that the share price of businesses with auditedbusiness continuity management systems (BCMS) in place recoversfaster after disruption than those without.
  3. 3. • Single user price valid for one year £795 +VAT• Five (5) user price valid for one year £1,995 +VAT• Enterprise licences and consultant packages also availableFor a tailored quote for your organization please contact usTo subscribe, obtain a quote or sign up for a FREE trial, pleasefill in the online form at:Tel: +44 20 8996 9001Email: much does it cost?What does the new Business ContinuitySelf-assessment Tool contain?Use the Business Continuity Self-assessment Tool to workthrough the requirements of BS ISO 22301 or BS 25999-2,making sure you have best practice in place.The revised kit includes:• The latest international requirements standard for businesscontinuity management - BS ISO 22301• Reports to identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses• Self-assessment questionnaires around BS ISO 22301and/or BS 25999-2• Means to create instant reports based on your BCMS• The market leading Business Continuity standards– BS ISO 22301 and BS 25999: Part 1 and Part 2Updated online library to include well respected guidancefrom BSI such as:• PD 25111 Guidance on human aspects of business continuity• PD 25222 Guidance on supply chain continuity• PD 25666 Guidance on exercising and testing for continuityand contingency programmes• PD 25888 Guidance on organization recovery followingdisruptive incidents• The Route Map to Business Continuity Management• The Business Continuity Exercises and Tests bookHow do I use the Business ContinuitySelf-assessment Tool?The BSI Business Continuity Self-assessment Tool is a self-contained online resource that you access with a user nameand password. It allows you to allocate responsibilities with timeschedules and manage user access to sensitive information.It also provides the means to create instant reports based on yourBCMS, which means you can document improvements over time,view differences in compliance and identify gaps in your BCMS –at a glance.You will find help on specific requirements, including contextualguidance for each question. Once you’ve answered the questions,you can generate various automatic reports. These include:• Summary report – including graphs showing progresstowards completion• Detailed report – showing the list of questions plus answersand comments• Customized reports – design your own reports to showspecific information, such as outstanding actions orunanswered questions
  4. 4. BSI (British Standards Institution) is the UK’s nationalstandards organization, recognized globally for its independence,integrity and innovation in the production of standards andinformation products. BSI works with businesses, consumersand government to represent UK interests and to make sure thatBritish, European and international standards are useful, relevantand authoritative.BSI has been instrumental in the creation, development andpromotion of instantly recognizable and well-renowned standards:BS IS0 22301 for business continuity managementBS ISO/IEC 27001 for information security managementBS EN ISO 9001 for quality managementBS EN ISO 14001 for environmental managementBS OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety managementBSI is a global organization that equips businesses with thenecessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habitsof excellence. Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first NationalStandards Body and a founding member of the InternationalOrganization of Standardization (ISO). Over a century later itcontinues to facilitate business improvement across the globeby helping its clients drive performance, reduce risk and growsustainably through the adoption of international managementsystems standards, many of which BSI originated. Famed forits marks of excellence including the instantly recognisableKitemark®, BSI’s influence spans multiple sectors includingaerospace, construction, energy, engineering, finance, healthcare,IT and retail. With over 64,000 clients in 147 countries, BSI is anorganization whose standards inspire excellence across the globe.To learn more, please visit bsigroup.comAbout BSIBSI Group389 Chiswick High RoadLondon W4 4ALUnited KingdomTel +44 20 8996 9001Fax +44 20 8996