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BSI - Avios CaseStudy ISO9001


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BSI - Avios CaseStudy ISO9001

  1. 1. BSI Case Study Avios ISO 9001 Quality ManagementIndependent endorsement of best practice puts global rewardscompany in strongest position to continuously provide Avios UKmembers outstanding customer serviceCustomer needs• Demonstration of continualimprovement in customerservice for Avios members,staff and travel and collectionpartners• Streamlined document controland simplified businessprocesses• Framework for effectivelymanaging the business andconsistently meeting customerrequirementsCustomer benefits• Independent endorsementof best practice, helpingdifferentiate the organizationwithin its marketplace• Enhanced brand reputationand strengthened ‘green’credentials• Improved education acrossteams in the Avios UKcustomer contact centre“We’re very proud that, byachieving ISO 9001 certificationwith BSI, we’ve confirmedour commitment to our staff,members and travel partnersand confirmed we give Aviosscheme members outstandingcustomer service.”Emma TickleAvios CC Global Support DivisionalManager, Avios UKAvios CS.indd 1 16/03/2013 21:35
  2. 2. Why certification?Avios is a global leader in travel rewards. Theyrun the Avios UK travel rewards programme,which has over two million members whocollect and spend Avios.Members spend Avios on rewards like flights,Eurostar™ trips, tour operator holidays,cruises, hotels, ferries and car hire. Plus UKdays out at favourites like LEGOLAND®, AltonTowers and Chessington World of Adventures.“Avios has been successfully creating andrunning travel reward programmes for 22years,” says Emma Tickle, CC Global SupportDivisional Manager.“Although we excel at what we do, we quicklyrecognized that the implementation of aquality management system and certificationto ISO 9001 for the Customer contact centre.would boost our brand reputation andsend a clear message to our stakeholdersand customers that we are a companycommitted to high standards and continualimprovement.”This management system has provideda trusted platform to achieve companyobjectives like customer and partnercommunications. The best practiceframework provided by ISO 9001 hasembedded customer focus and continualimprovement within the culture of Avios.Implementation“Our overall objective was to integrate themanagement system into what we didalready,” continues Emma. “The key to successfor us was to ensure that any new ways ofworking felt like business as usual, rather thana bolt-on. We made sure that we used ‘Avios’language and purposely did not distributethe standard itself widely as we felt there wasa lot of jargon which would potentially putpeople off.”“We initiated project teams and appointed achampion for each of the Customer contactcentre areas. When we were ready to launch,we successfully communicated our objectivesand desired outcomes using our staff intranetsystem, e-mail, team meetings and buzzsessions.“Two of our auditors attended the BSI InternalAuditor: ISO 9001 Quality ManagementTraining course. Our internal trainingteam then managed and implementedthe training for members of the sales andservice departments. Every staff member inthe Customer contact centre takes part intraining which is continuously documented.The system has been well received andISO 9001 is now part of the Customercontact centre team members’ working day.”Benefits“Avios has experienced tangible benefits fromadopting ISO 9001,” states Emma. “Withinthe Customer contact centre we now referto the three C’s from a benefits and successperspective, which are: customer satisfaction,consistent delivery and continuousimprovement.Streamlined document control and simplifiedprocesses allow staff to service ourcustomers more quickly and unnecessarypaperwork has been reduced. We haveseen a shift in culture in terms of sharingand understanding different departmentalchallenges and experiences. Working togetherhas simplified areas of the business creatingincreased efficiency. Our new system has alsostrengthened our environmental credentialsas we have moved many of our processesfrom paper to electronic.As a team, we can clearly see the benefitsfrom the ISO 9001 project. There is greaterclarity about who does what and how, whichhas led to evident improvements in customersatisfaction. Our management team appearsto have a ‘much better handle’ on ourbusiness and employee morale is up due toimproved processes, reduced rework andfrustration.”Also on the back of this we have applied andgained certification in ISO 14001 for ourCustomer contact centre in Birchwood andare continuing our focus and work on this tosupport our journey.The futureWe will continue to develop our managementsystem as it has continued to help our focuson the three C’s customer satisfaction,consistent delivery and continuousimprovement says Annette Burton, QualityTeam Manager. BSI Product MarketingManager Kerry Garratt is delighted thatAvios are seeing the performance benefits ofISO 9001 and that they value the on-goingrelationship and assessments with BSI whichare helping Avios on their excellence journey.BSI Case Study Avios ISO 9001 Quality Management©BSIGroupBSI/UK/165/SC/0313/en/BLD+44 845 080 9000certification.sales@bsigroup.combsigroup.com2013Next stepsISO 9001 is a quality managementsystem standard designed to helpan organization focus on customersand drive continual improvementin its internal processes. Almost900,000 organizations are certifiedas being complaint to the standardin 170 countries worldwide.Find out how BSI can help yourbusiness make excellence a habit –visit bsigroup.comAvios CS.indd 2 16/03/2013 21:35