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BSG (UK) - Reflections on 2012 IIBA BA survey version 1


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Reflections on the 2012 IIBA BA survey

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BSG (UK) - Reflections on 2012 IIBA BA survey version 1

  1. 1. INSIGHTSBSG’s reflections on the UK IIBA BA Survey 2012 BSG BA’s reflect on the results of the UK IIBA’s industry survey For the second year running, the UK International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) published the results of an industry-wide Business Analysis survey []. For that same second time round, the BSG BA team, many of whom completed the survey questionnaire, reviewed the results and discussed some observations. As a basis for comparison, BSG uncovered the US IIBA salary survey for 2010 [] which, besides salary information, also collated and reported on demographic information elicited from the 4,100 respondents from the US and internationally, of which 75% were BAs. Using this data as a point of comparison where relevant, there are some interesting observations regarding the state of BA as represented by the 2012 IIBA survey results. Reflections on 2011 Taking a look back at our 2011 reflections []; there are 3 highlights to pick out based on the year-long evolution of the profession:  Are we still misunderstood? There is an increase in the 10 years plus experienced respondents but a fall in those that feel the BA role is recognised - only a lowly 40% believe that we are understood.  The times they are a-changin? As agents of change, we’d still like to see more BAs involved in change management activities. The amount of BA’s not involved and low figures in techniques and tools we believe reflect a lost opportunity to drive meaningful change.  Consistency in process; not in process modelling. There was no real change on the technique front from last year. Interestingly, 77% of BA’s identified process modelling as a technique however, none of the tools listed were process modelling tools. Turning our attention to 2012 Are BA’s making other people look good? 73% of BAs take on PM work; On the surface, it seems like there is a mismatch between business analysis and but only 9% have as core project management in the results. 73% of BA’s indicate that they take on PMoffering. Seems mismatched but work and yet only 9% have it as part of their core offering. Arguably, six duties it is part of being a change listed in the ‘BA Duties’ are typical PM duties. There is a great deal of agent! @ukiiba #baot #pmot collaboration required between BA’s and PM’s as well as overlap inherent in the [28 Jan] tasks. So maybe it is worth considering that planning, benefits tracking and other project management activities should really be under the change agent umbrella? After all, a single BA can make a massive difference and may be able to manage themselves! Business Systems Group (UK), Registered in England No. 6150570, 230 City Road, London, EC1V2TT // @bsguk This document can only be reproduced in its entirety. This document does not constitute any form of advice from BSG (UK).
  2. 2. INSIGHTSBSG’s reflections on the UK IIBA BA Survey 2012 In finding purpose, will we find a place? @UKIIBA survey - where does In the survey, it was observed that there is no conclusive answer as to where the BA sit? If we are BA team is placed within the organisation. The more we considered it, the more #changeagents does it we wondered, does the placement of the BA team in an organisation drive other matter? So long as we feel conclusions such as feeling valued, job satisfaction and/or de-risking projects? valued and we de-risk Ultimately, perhaps controversially, does it matter? Let’s get out there and focus projects #baot #pmot on the “why” we are BA’s, the change agents, making requirements a reality and [29 Jan] this might give us the context to understand our place in the change delivery cycle. We take the view that a track record of delivery for the BA team will make the consideration of organisational placement immaterial. Is that grass always greener? @UKIIBA survey insight 3 - On the surface, BA’s seem quite bullish regarding job prospects in the UK market, BAs job confident despite particularly in the financial services industry. This seems to fly in the face of the economic downturn; FS BAs current market conditions, but our take is that quality BA’s are always in demand. esp so. US IIBA 2010 survey Especially, so in a changing regulatory environment where everyone is having to reflects positivity amongst do more with less (people, money and time). US BA’s also seem confident. BAs [30 Jan] Can projects be harmed by BA work? @UKIIBA survey insight 4 - If 12% of BAs feel their work is not de-risking projects this is a real 88% of BAs believe their work disappointment for our profession. BA’s should be about adding value, improving de-risks projects & 5% dont clarity and driving change. If project risks are exacerbated by the work of a BA know. Other 7% feel they then something is missing. Arguably, even the 5% who don’t know have a increase project risk! [31 Jan] responsibility to quickly find out if they work is helping or hindering the change initiative in which they are involved. Is the UK Financial Services industry the primary domain of UK based BAs? @UKIIBA survey insight 5 - For both years of the UK survey being run, FS has been the largest sector 47% of BAs work in FS field in employing BAs. In the 2010 US results, the US and Rest of World (RoW) data have UK; US IIBA survey data is FS as a significant sector in the employment of BAs in those markets - US = different. Let’s reach out to 33.1%; RoW = 24.8%. These figures, although large, are radically different from other industries :) #baot the 47% FS employer figure for respondents in the UK IIBA survey. Factors #pmot [1 Feb] contributing to the difference may be the membership profile of the UK IIBA, London’s position in the FS market and the UK’s position as a financial centre in Europe. BSG (UK) At BSG we are passionate about BSG is passionate about being a proactive force for positive change. We partner design and delivery of change with our clients to deliver change projects taking roles as business analysts and that makes a difference for our project managers. Our approach is rooted in being benefits oriented, pragmatic customers and their customers. and obsessing about execution. A collection of BSG (UK) BA practitioner // @bsguk insight can be found at +44 20 3416 6400 Business Systems Group (UK), Registered in England No. 6150570, 230 City Road, London, EC1V2TT