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Business Analysts make the best Project Managers


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Business Analysts make the best Project Managers

  1. 1. Business Analysts make the best Project ManagersToo often, project managers talk about how a delayed deliverable affects a Gantt chart or a projectplan. The leap from project administration to project management comes with an ability to understandhow change affects the ability to deliver the benefits promised rather than merely raising exceptions tomanage budget, scope or resource. It is our experience that business analysts are often best placed toinform this type of decision making and therefore play this role more effectively.THE BSG (UK) APPROACHBSG (UK) takes a benefits driven view of projects. Our project managers and business analystscontextualise deliverables into the change that the project needs to deliver to meet the business case. Thisunderstanding informs all decision making. Additionally, all of our consulting practitioners are PRINCE2®accredited. This blend allows us to offer a skill set which balances the need to drive out business outcomesfrom a project with the relevant rigour in the governance structures.At the outset, we use our in-house PRINCE2® tailoring tool to ensure that an appropriate and reasonablelevel of governance is applied to all projects. Project decisions will be considered in the context of theoutcomes the project needs to deliver, rather than simply the deadline set at the project’s initiation. At theproject close, project managers typically setup benefits tracking mechanisms which monitor whether theoutcome delivered the benefits that the business case required. Define ownership Confirm benefits case THE BSG (UK) APPROACH Schedule work, Confirm milestones, Publish high- Gain buy-in benefits strategic fit level plan and through formal Identify of work and distribute for acceptance initiatives; alignment review and sign-off Define budgets clearly of benefits and tolerances define scope and objectives Identify dependencies and high-level risks For more information about our // @bsguk service offering, please visit our +44 20 7390 8674 website or contact us Business Systems Group (UK), Registered in England No. 6150570, 230 City Road, London, EC1V2TT // @bsguk
  2. 2. BENEFITS OF THE BSG (UK) APPROACHDecision making informed by business need: By knowing and understanding the project business drivers,decisions are driven by the need to achieve project outcomes rather than simply manipulating scope,budget or resources.Reduced planning risk: Planning aligned to outcomes allows the project manager to manage risk in termsof impact against realisation of benefits rather than merely against the plan or the budget. This approach,coupled with BSG (UK)’s many years of experience in planning across a number of different clients andindustries, enables our consultants to build achievable plans, based on realistic assumptions.Cost control: A benefits approach to cost control means always being mindful of the cost to deliver thebenefit rather than simply the cost to deliver a specific project plan. Identifying up front what needs to becompleted in order to achieve the goals of a project means there is a far greater chance of the overalldelivery running according to budget with fewer unexpected costs.EXAMPLEThe output from a detailed planning exercise is delivered as a combination of a descriptive plan documentand a detailed project schedule. This approach demonstrates BSG (UK)’s understanding that effectiveplanning is about much more than simply scheduling tasks. The examples show an excerpt from a plandocument table of contents, as well as the accompanying detailed project schedule. A collection of BSG (UK) BA // @bsguk practitioner insight can be found +44 20 7390 8674 at Business Systems Group (UK), Registered in England No. 6150570, 230 City Road, London, EC1V2TT // @bsguk