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Being an agent of change (Business Analysis infographic)


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Some collective reflections on Business Analysis gathered across our project engagements.

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Being an agent of change (Business Analysis infographic)

  1. 1. BSG is passionate about being a proactive force for positive change. We intend to make a difference in the lives of others by positively impacting 100 million of our clients’ customers over the next ten years. // @bsguk Being an agent of change Design practical change projects to execute the change Collapse the silos Take a customer centric perspective “The e-commerce re-platforming project was successfully implemented and allows our 1.6 million customers in 32 countries to more easily search our 500k products to find what they want. ” “BSG were passionate about helping my team improve their own analysis skills. BSG worked with us to develop a tailored methodology, deliver training and coach my team using the project as a live example.” 1 2 Consumers expect ongoing innovation (shorter business cycles) Business change is often about integrating existing capabilities Evolving techniques BAs need to understand new technology forces Skills shortage Collaborative & visual tools increasingly popular Fatigue due to many years of change projects Difficulty identifying cause and effect within the organisation Preconceived notions about potential requirements Project teams speak to the wrong people The business case is treated as a single deliverable rather as a tool Benefits realisation continues long after the project is completed Temptation to do too much too soon rather than being more lean Understand the change from the perspective of different stakeholders (customers, regulators, operators, etc.) Understand the relationship between people, process and technology Moving from a business role to a project role doesn’t qualify someone to be a Business Analyst! Natural tension between ‘operate the business’ & ‘change the business’ There is a growing body of regulations across all industries3 IT should be rather than the T about the I How we make this possible FREQUENT STUMBLINGBLOCKS