Olz Green
                       GCSE Coursework part A
For my citizenship course work I have chosen to write about my...
Overall I enjoyed the activity but I wouldn’t do it again just for the fact that I’d rather
change the activity to see if ...
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Olz Green Citezenship coursework


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Olz Green Citezenship coursework

  1. 1. Olz Green 10R GCSE Coursework part A For my citizenship course work I have chosen to write about my year seven personal challenge experiences. The activity I was involved in was a charity fund raiser for a charity of my choice. The charity I choose was the RSPCA. The aim of the activity was to raise money for the RSPCA to help animals that are being miss treated by their owners. The activity I choose to host was a betting/guess the height event which people would basically put 50p on a height between 1m and 10m and then at the end of the event or time to pack up which ever came first. The winner would receive an Easter egg. The people that I would try and involve would be anyone of any age as long as they had money to spend on betting and helping the RSPCA.I got involved because of two reasons a. I had to and b. I wanted to help the RSPCA because I think that it’s wrong to miss treat animals. I didn’t have to fill out an application form I just needed to raise money for a charity which I did and this activity was important to me because I think that animals cannot defend them selves against the human attackers. As part of this activity I was involved in everything on my own because I chose to go alone so as to teach myself to meet deadline and not to rely on other people and so this means that I had to do all of the work on my own. The amount of responsibilities I had was immense and I knew I had to work hard to succeed. Some of the responsibilities were preparing a chart for people to bet on, getting the rockets height ‘I had some help form my family’, and getting to the fate on time was another one of my many responsibilities. I didn’t work in a group but it was still important to cooperate with the members of staff at the fate and also my family when they were helping me. I think that the key to success in this stage of the experience was to get my head down and keep working because if I got distracted and started talking to people then I would have lost focus and possibly missed vital parts to my activity. My involvement in this activity helped the RSPCA fund the needs of the abandoned dogs and cats and other animals that have had major misfortune. The RSPCA was affected by this because they got some help for the animal’s needs like food and staff’s wages and these could also be classified as benefits and this probably really helped them. A new skill that I learnt whilst on this activity was how to be gently persuade people to place a bet on the height and ultimately help animals that have been abused. Another skill that I have learned is how to meet deadlines and that you have to think about when to start and predict when to finish and to stick to a plan of what to do when. The main thing that I learned about myself from his activity was that I’m very relaxed about things because when other people are worrying I wasn’t and I also another skill that I learned was that I wasn’t very good to keeping to deadlines and sometimes had to rush bits of the project because I wasn’t prepared for it because I hadn’t stuck to my plan. I overcame this problem by putting in extra effort on the other parts of the project and by putting it in in my spare time. Quite a few things surprised me about the experience one of which was the amount of people that betted on the height just because it was for the RSPCA. The difficulties that I faced whilst on this task were far and few because except for the incident where I forgot to do some of the pictures to go on the stall and I had to quickly do it on the computer and print it but if I choose to remind myself then the quality of the pictures would have been a lot better apart from that no problems occurred
  2. 2. Overall I enjoyed the activity but I wouldn’t do it again just for the fact that I’d rather change the activity to see if I could make more money from another kind of activity like a charity run or one like that. I feel that I could extend this activity by making the prices higher, advertising it maybe and be abit more forthcoming with my approach to persuading people to place a bet and help the animals. I can use the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned to help me with my coursework like this and I could possibly use it if I became a sales person even though that’s not my aim in life.