Lydia and Eva Fairtrade Work


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Lydia and Eva Fairtrade Work

  1. 1. Fair Trade Some Examples Of Fair Trade Products Are: Flowers- Roses, Carnations Chocolate- Dark, Milk, White, Fruit and Nut Cotton- Clothes, Home ware, Beauty Items Coffees- Roast and Ground, Espresso, Teas- Black, Green, Herbal, Decaf, Roobios Juice & Soft Drinks- Orange, Tropical, Apple, Smoothies Hot Chocolate- Drinking Chocolate, Instant, Cocoa Fresh Fruits- Bananas, Pineapples, Mangos, Coconuts, Grapefruits Dried Fruit- Apricots, Raisins, Sultanas, Apples, Mangos Cocoa- Drinking Chocolate Cakes and Brownies- Chocolate Cakes, Fruit Cakes, Christmas Pudding Biscuits- Cookies, Shortbread made with Fair Trade sugar Cereals and Bars- Muesli, Flap Jacks, Fruit Bars Sweets- Toffee, Fudge, Mints Honey- Set, Clear and Organic Beer and Ale- Made with Fair Trade certified Sugar Wines and Spirits- Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, Rum Definition of Fair Trade: Fair Trade pretty much means exactly what it says. It is all about making sure that products exported internationally from “developing” countries to “developed” countries are produced under fair conditions. That means promoting the payment of fair prices, safe and healthy working conditions and responsible environmental practices. Production Line: Advantages of Fair-Trade • To the farmer, Fair-Trade is seen as a way to getting better prices guaranteed with a Minimum Price and Fair-Trade premium. • Fair-Trade makes it possible for farmers to cover their production costs, make profits and be access the necessary tools, inputs and
  2. 2. implements for re-investment and then be able to pay school fees, medical fees and meet also the household basic needs. • Farmers are always interested in preserving and protecting the environment. This is partly done by planting and replanting with shade trees, mulching for soil and water. • We also believe that Fair-Trade is the answer to bringing sanity in the coffee sector because every actor in the supply chain must be transparent. • Farmers believe that by joining Fair-Trade, they are assured of organizational building to which they have a sense of belonging for social and economic gains. • Fair-Trade is also seen as a movement that is socially influencing the behaviour of the mainstream market players for the betterment of the farmer within the conventional trade. Why Should We Buy Fair Trade? We should buy Fair-Trade for several reasons one being Unfair wages And to make it even worse, the farmers in Africa and India who made that coffee are getting a tiny percentage of the fortune the sellers are making. To help, you can just buy fair trade items. Fair trade give the farmers the right amount of money.