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Employer Rights Matt C


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Employer Rights Matt C

  1. 1. Employer Rights The types of discrimination: Sex discrimination Age discrimination Racial discrimination Disability discrimination Religious discrimination An example of an employer discriminating an employee: Not hiring them because of ethnics Firing a person because of their religious background Reducing their pay and rising their work hours If you are discriminated then you shall be allowed to go to an employer tribunal, which will decide if you have been treated fairly or not. Cases are usually heard by a panel of three people - a legally qualified chairperson, and two 'lay members'. The lay members use their employment experience in judging the facts. Different types of racial discrimination in detail: Colour Nationality Ethnic or national origins Types of sex discrimination in detail: Some jobs in single sex schools Jobs in some welfare services Acting jobs that need a man or woman Direct discrimination happens when an employer treats an employee less favorably because of, for example, their gender or race. Indirect discrimination is when a condition that disadvantages one group of people more than another is applied to a job. Damian, I think that you are right as you’re not being treated fairly most probably due to your living area. The evidence for this is not many people are hired if they are from a bad area if they’re allegedly to be known for violent crime and for selling drugs. Your ethnicity could also be a factor as some people rate white people more superior than black people though everybody is equal.