JCC of America Presentation by Ken DeGilio Brand Journalism.key


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JCC of America Presentation by Ken DeGilio, CEO, LaunchMob Media, Brand Journalism.key

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JCC of America Presentation by Ken DeGilio Brand Journalism.key

  1. 1. Brand Journalism The New Conversation Economy This presentation was presented at: By Ken DeGilio, CEO, LaunchMob Media
  2. 2. Introducing Ken DeGilio...
  3. 3. KEN DEGILIO, M.S.²
  4. 4. What is Branding?
  6. 6. underconsideration.com/brandnew
  7. 7. What is Brand Journalism?
  8. 8. Storytelling 2.0 ๏ Brand Attributes ๏ Brand Voice ๏ Brand Story ๏ Brand Equity
  9. 9. Why Do We Need To Tell Our Story?
  10. 10. “When you tell a story about an apparently trivial incident, it exposes the entire fabric of your character.” Stephen Denning, The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling
  11. 11. Developing Your Story Tell the right story... Tell the story right!
  12. 12. Developing Your Story What’s your style? • Tell the right story • Tell the story right • Use Narrative Patterns
  13. 13. Developing Your Story Sparking Action Communicating Who You Are Transmitting Values Communicating the Brand Fostering Collaboration Taming the Grapevine Sharing Knowledge Leading People into the Future
  14. 14. ๏ Brand Stories provide a way for organizations to tell their customers and employees who they are, create brand experiences, and encourage others to take action. ๏ Companies use a variety of ways to communicate their brand story to their customers. ๏ Brand stories create a shortcut for the customer to become connected with the brand. Brand Stories
  15. 15. Brand Story Examples ๏ Employee Focus ๏ Customer Focus ๏ Product/Advertising Focus ๏ Cause-related Focus ๏ Interactive Media
  16. 16. Brand Stories Employee Focus • How did we get here? Example: Sir Richard Branson CEO Interview • Gives a glimpse of the employee at work Example: Fueled by Ramen • How employees reflect the brand itself Example: PIXAR, IKEA • Real-life story of how employee saved the day Example: FEDEX Employee to the Rescue Mirroring the Brand Hard Work Pays Off
  17. 17. Brand Stories Customer Focus • Demonstrates customer success stories Example: Apple Shake • Uses traditional customer testimonials • Takes the reader to a new experience Examples: Sheraton, Jones Soda • Shows the customer’s viewpoint Example: Wii Success Stories Experiences Point ofView Testimonials
  18. 18. Brand Stories Product/Ad Focus • Tells its unique brand story Examples: American Express, GEICO • Uses a fable or story to define the brand Example: Ariel Investments • Creates memorable ads to tell a story Example: Mac vs. PC and I’m a PC Ad Stories Once Upon a Time Memorable Ads
  19. 19. Brand Stories Cause-related • Tells the story of community Examples: Paul Mitchell, Kenneth Cole,Target • Uses “green” to paint the picture Examples: Clorox, Toyota • Shows its values based on a closely related charity Examples: Silk Soy Milk, Vitamin Water Community Going Green Giving Back
  20. 20. A Brand Story... • Needs to build the brand • Brings to life what is unique about the brand • Creates a stronger connection with the customer and the brand • Identifies the brand promise • Builds a consistent message with the brand identity • Reflects a strong archetype
  21. 21. How Do We Know Our Audience?
  22. 22. Your Agency’s Buyer Persona
  23. 23. Creating Your Buyer Persona Know Your Audience • Do your research • Define a specific “person” • Demographics • Psychographics • Lifestyle • Create a narrative • Everyone on same page
  24. 24. Consumer Mindsets
  25. 25. 4 Main Categories 12 Archetypes
  26. 26. Innocent Explorer Sage Hero Outlaw Magician Regular Guy/Gal Lover Jester Caregiver Creator Ruler 12 Archetypes
  27. 27. The New Media Tools to tell your story... • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Instagram • Pinterest • G+ Hangouts
  28. 28. Content Marketing 4 Tactics You Can Do Right Now... • Know Your Audience • Develop your Editorial Calendar • Assign a Chief Content Officer • Create Quality Content • Become Purpose Driven
  29. 29. Become a Better Writer! • Talk to One Person • Write Great Headlines • Start Strong • Inject Personality • Embrace Brevity • Don’t Ask for Permission
  30. 30. Digital Media Tips • Social • Video • Photography • Copy
  31. 31. AIDAS
  32. 32. Q&A Thank you!
  33. 33. @OrlandoKen #JCCProCon
  34. 34. Have a great conference and enjoy Orlando! Thank you! Orlando Ken