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NevaCamp 2010 sponsorship package

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NevaCamp 2010 //

  1. 1. The Second International Media Conference in Saint-PetersburgNevaCamp 2010Future Web28th-30th of May Sponsorship package
  2. 2. Partners
  3. 3. Sponsors’ benefits 1 NevaCamp  Involvement with key influential people in the area of IT and Web  Intensive sponsor seminars  Studying and networking  Inspiration for strategic decision making in the sphere of IT and Web300+greate minds
  4. 4. NevaCamp goals 50+ ideas 10+ teamsPlaying the role of idea catalyst and the source During these 3 days NevaCamp will unite The plan is to carry out brainstorming andof inspiration, NevaCamp unites intellectual more than 500 of the best IT and Web generate nearly 50 original ideas forleaders and innovators in their aspiration for community representatives (entrepreneurs, projects and form about 10 teams toopening the powerful potentials of the IT and top-managers, developers, investors, social bring them to life.Web industry. media experts, bloggers, business consultants) in the process of intensive communication and exchanging ideas in IT and Web opportunities.
  5. 5. Media coverageMedia coverage will be held through theparticipants themselves, thanks to uniqueevent methods.The event will have wide coverage in blogsand social media.An international audience is expected.Information about the event will be availablein European, American and Russian blogs.TV and radio will also be invited toparticipate and support the event.
  6. 6. Keynote SpeakerChristian Heilmann Yahoo Developer Evangelist
  7. 7. Target audience Entrepreneurs IT and Web developers: CEOs, Marketing Directors, Technical Directors Designers and experts Advertising and new media experts Innovators Brand managers Business consultants and evangelists Production managers Head of departments of innovative developments Visionaries Art directors Scientists Expert publication editors
  8. 8. TimetableПервый день Второй день Третий день Conference Speakers Conference Speakers Team building Idea Space Holywars Startformers BarCamp Sessions Investor Day City tour Round Tables Startup Workshops Networking Dinner Networking Party Awards presentation
  9. 9. Startformers BarCamp Sessions HolywarsA new format of technological Every participant in the conference can The main task of this kind of presentationentrepreneurship: performing tasks with offer their own subject of presentation is to discuss, evaluate and find weak pointsoutdoor training and a special system of and perform it in any of the 6 parallel in the offered idea, business model, wayparticipants’ motivation. streams. of promotion, sort of product etc. Purpose – search for new ideas and theResult: team building. Result: an opportunity for startup projects and understanding of the essence. A crash test experts to declare themselves, discuss their ideas is an event where experts with the and projects with the public. audience act as critics, and the author of the project acts as a defender. Round Tables Result: ideas of new services, offering differentBeforehand, organized round tables with ways to correct errors.special experts discuss major trends in the Idea SpaceInternet. We have following subjects: All the participants are divided into teams  New Reality (AR, LBS, Internet of things) to work on improving the business projects that were announced at the Investor Day beginning of the conference. Thanks to Investors and startupers solve different  Real-time Web Web brainstorming, experts’ speeches and so cases, workshops.  Semantic on, all the participants are involved in the  City Upgrade process. Result: trainings, investments.  New Marketing  Convergence media Result: support of the startup project withResult: the audiences’ understanding of modern evaluations by independent experts, users and Cultural programtrends, vision forming, and acquainting themselves clients.with experts’ views. Roof, bar, city tours
  10. 10. Возможности спонсоров Логотип включается в рекламные ролики, размещение $ 10 000 информации в самых активных зонах мероприятия, General Sponsor организация спец. мероприятий. Секции генерального спонсора. * Представитель компании проводит секции, открыт свободный вход на закрытые мероприятия. Секции $ 5 000 Gold Sponsor золотого спонсора. * Обеспечивается ротация видеороликов спонсора на мероприятии, упоминание в СМИ и на церемонии $ 3 000 Silver Sponsor закрытия. Секции серебряного спонсора. * Логотип спонсора размещается на сайте и рекламной продукции на стойке регистрации, бронируются ячейки в $ 1 000 Sponsor расписании. Секция любого спонсора, добавляется на сайт заранее. *Спонсор, имеющий более высокий статус обладает всеми привилегиями младших спонсоров.Более подробно условия спонсирования описаны в спонсорском пакете.* Полный список преимуществ для спонсора и специальное спонсорское расписание описаны в отдельном приложении.
  11. 11. ContactsVitaly Vlasovtelephone:+7-905-285-69-96e-mail: vitaly@nevacamp.comOrganization for Innovations, Technologies and EntrepreneurshipOpen and Future Web Foundation