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Sunderland & Associates slide Presentation

  1. 1. Sunderland &<br />Associates, LLC<br />
  2. 2. Who are we?<br />Sunderland &Associates , LLC. is a value-based firm. Its strategy is to achieve optimum results needed by our clients. The company thrives on bringing a competitive and passionate environment; excellence in execution; and, the devotion to strong, repeatable performance results. Sunderland &Associates , LLC. is located in Bethalto, IL. 30 miles east of St. Louis, Mo. Led by its Owner, William (Bill) Sunderland, President; Joyce Sunderland, and SVP; Heather Greenlee. The company focuses on value-based strategies to immediately accelerate revenues. Among the areas of focus are: (1) altering culture, attitude, and energy to form a highly competitive internal environment and reducing cycles-times in achieving results, (2) aligning internal processes to customers mission critical objectives –perfecting internal operations, Purchasing, Quality, and Engineering to eliminate impediments, and (3) the immediate acceleration of revenues by directing and intensifying the sales effort, saturating current customer opportunities (decrease the average dollar purchase), building lasting long-term customer relationships (increase the frequency of purchase) and diversifying revenues across many marketing platforms (increase the # of new customers). Do supplier surveillance and management, provide Quality guidance for corrective actions, supplier ratings, supplier audits, and ISO 9000 guidance. Provide Purchasing guidance for part cost reductions, new supplier processes, PPV issues, negotiating supplier contracts, cost reductions, and inventory reductions, cost avoidance measures such as supplier maintained in-house inventory or consignment, and internal inventory audits. Sunderland &Associates , LLC. has a network of highly successful seasoned veterans. Our team of players have experience in, large prime contracts, pricing specialists, incentive-based pay systems, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, process redesign, industrial operations, certified quality engineers, and more. The team’s work experience includes but not limited to contracts to companies such as but not limited to: Aerospace (both commercial and defense) industry, Commercial and consumer based industries : Boeing, General Dynamics, Lear, Litton, Parker Hannifin, The Aerospace Company, SAIC, Circor Aerospace, Pratt Whitney, GE, Sikorsky, Honeywell, Aveos, UTC, Broan, Whirlpool, and many others. <br />For additional information contact Bill Sunderland at 618-444-1949<br />
  3. 3. Mission Statement<br />Our goal is to provide to our clients on-site qualified and experienced professional personnel to resolve issues created by personnel, supply chains, engineering constraints, quality, manufacturing or procurement by:<br /><ul><li>Temporarily augmenting client personnel as needed, eliminating the need to add additional permanent personnel and added cost.
  4. 4. Gain plan support from Client and identify required resources for success.
  5. 5. Enlist resources to resolve constraints that are impacting success.
  6. 6. Act as a project liaison to ensure plan fidelity and adherence.
  7. 7. Assist and train, as required, in the successful execution of the plan.
  8. 8. Recommend short and long-term measures that must be taken to eliminate re-occurrence of previous issues based on best practices and sound theoretical logic .
  9. 9. Follow-up with audits to ensure actions have been implemented and are maintained.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br /><ul><li>Product line analysis and re-positioning
  10. 10. Strategic and global sourcing
  11. 11. Supply base reduction and transition
  12. 12. Facility evaluation and closure
  13. 13. Facility performance evaluation, improvement and turn-around
  14. 14. Metrics development, deployment and measurement
  15. 15. Inventory modeling and turns improvement
  16. 16. Personnel recruiting
  17. 17. Make/Buy analysis, recommendation and sourcing
  18. 18. Apply cost avoidance and consignment initiatives
  19. 19. Quality/Continuous improvement evaluation
  20. 20. Engineering/cad requirement evaluation
  21. 21. Supplier searches for potential cost savings
  22. 22. Personnel evaluations in all areas
  23. 23. Procurement assistance
  24. 24. Out sourcing, both domestic and overseas
  25. 25. MRP/ERP evaluation
  26. 26. Manufacturing evaluation
  27. 27. Facility transitions and product line moves
  28. 28. Supplier surveillance
  29. 29. Purchasing / Procurement Expertise
  30. 30. Managerial skills assessment
  31. 31. Quality Program review</li></li></ul><li>Purchasing<br />Perform Supply chain Management to regulate on-time delivery<br />Policy and procedure reviews to ensure robust purchasing practices<br />Strategic and Tactical Sourcing – determine alternative source of supply to reduce costs and/or improve supplier performance.<br />Search for cost reductions of current material by sourcing new suppliers<br />Check PPV( purchase part variance) to standard cost, if no standard institute standard costs to compare: the variance between the standard cost, to the current purchase cost to the invoice cost<br />
  32. 32. Quality Initiatives<br />Cost of Quality optimization<br />Develop internal and external quality control metrics to support business initiatives.<br />Guidance through ISO implementation.<br />Supplier Audits to company standards or ISO requirements<br />Supplier surveillance and delivery issues<br />Quality department setup where needed<br />Quality Assurance inspection defining both incoming and line or product inspection<br />Inspection methodology (how to inspect and what with)<br />Gage calibration setup<br />
  33. 33. Bios<br />Bill Sunderland<br />Throughout his forty years of manufacturing experience, Bill Sunderland has held a variety of positions. He currently operates an independent consulting firm, Sunderland &Associates , LLC. As an independent consultant, his current area of expertise is in the procurement disciplines. As Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at Jakel Inc., his responsibilities included domestic and multi-national sourcing, purchasing, negotiating supplier contracts, cost reductions and inventory reductions. Bill is well known for his ability to maintain effective supplier relationships. As a Corporate Quality Manager, Bill’s responsibilities included complete staffing and administration of all Quality functions for six facilities. Additionally, he administered all departmental procedures for ISO-9001 registration. His work has extended to include, successfully completing additional ISO requirements for UTC Carrier Q+, Whirlpool, Broan, Nutone, GE, Goodman, and other customers. Bill also held technical positions of Design Engineer, where his responsibilities include the design, construction and servicing of manufacturing equipment, and design of OEM consumer products. Brief list of positions held:<br />V.P. Strategic Business Development for a manufacturing firm, Director of Operations Mid-West region for a consulting firm, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement for large manufacturing OEM, Corporate Quality Manager for large OEM, Product design Engineer for large OEM, Design Engineer for custom packaging equipment. <br />
  34. 34. Bios<br />Jim Miller<br />Jim Miller is currently operating an independent consulting firm serving the aerospace, consumer products, and petroleum industries. He has held the positions of; Director of Materials at Plews Edelmann, and V.P. Operations for a major hardware manufacturer. Jim’s responsibilities included managing supply chain, purchasing, production planning, and customer service operations. He has more than 17 years of experience in managing manufacturing operations. He was the Director of Manufacturing at ABC Supply Company. In this capacity, he was responsible for planning and implementing the manufacturing start-up. Jim has also performed market research and designed products for lean manufacturing. He has managed contract negotiations regarding contractors, equipment, and material vendors. Jim has managed the implementation of multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. He holds a BS in manufacturing and an MS in Industrial Operations from Bradley University, along with the distinction as a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE).<br />
  35. 35. Bios<br />Richard Steinback<br />Rick Steinback is currently operating an independent consulting firm serving the commercial/military aerospace, energy products, and consumer plastic nutraceutical industries. He has held the positions of Director of Strategic Sourcing at Jakel Inc, and V.P. Supply Chain for a global designer, manufacturer and integrator of modular substrate flow systems. Rick’s responsibilities include managing global supply chain, purchasing, production planning, and model shop operations. He has more than 19 years of experience in managing manufacturing operations. He was the Director of Asian Joint Ventures at CII Technologies, Inc. In this capacity, he was responsible for identifying, negotiating, and implementing the manufacturing start-up of Joint Venture operations in China and India. Rick has also implemented and managed 5S for lean manufacturing. He has extensive experience in vendor management, strategic planning, and national/international outsourcing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in manufacturing. <br />