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C&W | PICOR - Thanksgiving 2013


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What we're thankful for

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C&W | PICOR - Thanksgiving 2013

  1. 1. “I’m thankful for God, Jose, family, and my job” Rebecca Fuentes “I AM VERY THANKFUL for my family, our health, our jobs and all the blessings that my family and i have been blessed with.” Maria Ayres “I’m thankful for my faith, family, friends, good health and cinnamon rolls.” Tom Nieman
  2. 2. “ I am thankful for..... Family, Health, Chocolate” Tina Olson “I'm thankful for my good health and the good health of my son and family. Good Health = Happiness” Maria Pier “Thankful to have cool kids and great family. Thankful for the troops who protect us.” Greg Furrier
  3. 3. “I am thankful for having a happy and healthy family!” Rob Tomlinson “I’m thankful for LIFE ---- and everything and everyone that is in it ” Denisse Angulo-Badilla “I am thankful for my husband-Tom, daughter-Lindsay, grandson-Evan and son-in-law to be-Adam.” Gail Davis I’m thankful for “My family, Friends and U of A Basketball” Allan Mendelsberg
  4. 4. “I am Thankful for my Grandkids and my 97 year old Grandmother. There are a lot of other things that I am thankful for – like my mother and brother who 2 years ago along with Savannah got diagnosed with cancer and are still here with us. But I really, really love my Grandkids!!” Veronica Campa “I am thankful that I have a great team of co-workers and my cube buddy is simply the best! (Dana).” Jon Conyers “I’m thankful for my family’s enduring sense of humor .” Mary Utermohlen I’m thankful for “kids, family, friends and health” Aaron LaPrise
  5. 5. I am thankful for “Sophia and Chuy” Linda Montes-Cota “I am thankful for a loving and healthy family, for the freedoms we are afforded, to be part of a free enterprise system and to contribute to the economy. I’m thankful for art and music. I’m thankful not to be an elected official. I’m thankful for peanut butter, sunrises, God’s grace and snowy ski runs. Barbi Reuter “I am thankful for all of the people that help and support me in so many small and big ways every day.” Peter Douglas
  6. 6. “I am thankful for …” Sarah Rushing “I am truly thankful foremost, for my daughter Lindsey. Family and friends. My job, and the health insurance it provides.” Debbie Ramsey “I am truly thankful for being able to wake up every morning with a brand new start on life and living, and for the love of my family, friends, and family coworkers. I feel very blessed all the time. Peace and Joy!!” Estella Armstrong “I’m thankful for my family” Brandon Rodgers
  7. 7. “Lots of things to be thankful for…” Steve Cohen “I am always thankful for health, family and friends…..and now grandbabies!” Mike Hammond “I'm thankful for my family, friends, and being a part of a wonderful company, PICOR!” Rob Glaser “I am thankful for my amazing son, wonderful fiancé, and 3 great step kids. And, since I now live with a bunch of boys and just as many dogs, I am thankful that my sister’s husband has put together for her birthday in February – a girls only weekend!!” Angie Hall